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Learn How to Get Canadian Visa from Dubai with Optimus Corporate Service


Learn How to Get Canadian Visa from Dubai with Optimus Corporate Service

To skilled workers and business people, Canada offers the best immigration prospects. Here you can find helpful information for anyone in Dubai considering relocating to Canada with their family. What follows is more reading. If you’re still on the fence about moving to Canada, consider these five advantages with the help of OCS, BEST Canadian Immigration Consultants in Dubai.

Fantastic Employment Prospects

In Canada, there is a significant demand for workers in engineering, medicine, construction, and others. This is the best option for those seeking employment under the Federal Skilled Workers Program.

No Out-of-Pocket Expenses

Canadians have access to the government-funded universal health care system. The government covers all sorts of medical services, from pharmaceutical to dental to optical.

Excellent Life Satisfaction

Canada’s excellent standard of living can be attributed partly to its great number of national holidays, its casual approach to scheduling, and its generous work-life balance policies.

Accommodating Foreign Nationals

In terms of immigration, Canada is very open. According to the HSBC Expat Explore Survey, Canada has the highest tolerance levels in the world.

Freedom to Establish a Company

After legally settling in Canada, immigrants can pursue entrepreneurial endeavors without fear of legal repercussions. You don’t need Canadian citizenship to start a business in Canada or invest in a franchise.

How to apply for a Visa to Enter Canada?

Applying for a Canadian visa is a simple procedure with Best Immigration Consultants in Dubai. Here are the requirements to apply for a Canadian visa in Dubai:

  • Residence Visa:

To begin, you’ll need a residence visa for the United Arab Emirates that is valid for at least three months to apply for a Canadian visitor visa in Dubai with Best Immigration Consultants in Dubai.

  • Passport Validity

Second, you’ll need to submit your original passport with at least six months of validity to apply for a Canadian visa in Dubai. See if your passport has any blank pages.

  • NOC (Employer)

A No Objection Letter from your company, submitted to the Canadian Embassy, is one of the documents which is required to apply for a Canadian visa in Dubai with Best Immigration Consultants in Dubai. This should include key facts such as your salary, designation, joining date, and the objective of the visit.

Send in your trade license, a letter introducing yourself and your firm along with specifics about your monthly income, and the passport information of any investors or partners involved in the venture.

  • Invitation Letter

You may be required to provide letters of invitation from Canadian friends or family members at the Canadian embassy. For a business visa, an invitation letter is required.

  • Other Requirements

  1. Three recent passport-size photographs with white background
  2. Bank statement for the last six months (authorized by the bank in case you are submitting a copy)
  3. A valid marriage license 

Hotel reservation information is optional but helpful to have. In any event, you will have to show the confirmed return ticket and hotel voucher at the airport during the trip to Canada.

  • Cover letter

A cover letter detailing your identity and financial stability, your visit’s purpose and length, your planned route and lodging, and your promise to return to Dubai at the end of your stay will also be beneficial. A Canadian visit visa from Dubai will need this letter to support the application.

Visas for Canada: What Are My Options?

You need to decide the type of Canadian visa you intend to seek for before you can submit your application. Here are the categories of Canada visas:

  • Visitor visas.
  • Student visas.
  • Work authorization documents.
  • Visas for long-term residence.
  • Business Immigrant visas.
  • Faster visa processing with the Express Entry system.

Pick the justification that speaks most to your heart and gets you excited about a trip to Canada. Short-term Canadian visas allow visitors to the country to remain for a time frame set by the Canadian consulate or border patrol agents (BSO). In most cases, this can take up to six months. However, temporary visas can be either single-entry or multiple-entry visas.

Anyone with a single entry visa to Canada can only enter the nation once, remain for six months, and then return home. Individuals with multiple entry visas to Canada can re-enter the country many times before their temporary stay ends.

1. Types of temporary Canadian visas 

Tourist Visa for Canada

The goal of the Visitor Visa, sometimes known as the Tourist Visa, is to facilitate entry into Canada for tourism

The Canada Super Visa

Parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens and Permanent Residents are eligible for a longer visit to their children and grandkids under the Canadian Super Visa program.

Official and diplomatic Visas

Official and diplomatic visas are accepted. If you are a foreign diplomat or official in need of entry to Canada for official purposes, you must apply for a Diplomatic and Official Visa. If you are not eligible for a Diplomatic and Official Visa but are nonetheless of high status or importance, you may be granted a Courtesy Visa with the best services of OCS BEST Canadian Immigration Consultants in Dubai

The Canada Business Visa

To enter Canada for business purposes, a person or a group of business people must get a Business Visa.

Legal Permission to Deliver a Child in Canada

Pregnant women who wish to give birth in Canada and who meet all other criteria for temporary residence in Canada may apply for this visa. Every child born in Canada is instantly a citizen of that country.

Visa for Hopeful Organ Donors

Anyone planning to enter Canada to donate an organ to a citizen or permanent resident will be granted this visa.

Facilitation Visa 

They were supporting Visa for Canada. Canadian citizens who hold dual citizenship but do not hold a Canadian passport may apply for a Facilitation Visa to travel internationally. Due to the great difficulties in obtaining a Canadian passport, the facilitation visa is stamped on the person’s other nationality visa.

Study Visa

Visas for Canadian students are available. Those who are studying at a Canadian university are eligible to apply for a Canadian student visa. Studying in Canada for almost six months requires a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV), while longer than that requires a Student Visa.

Temporary Work Visa in Canada

 Those who have been offered a position in Canada and stay for no more than six months are eligible to apply for a temporary work visa. An employer-issued letter of employment offer is required to obtain this temporary visa.

Temporary Resident Visa

License to Stay Temporarily in the U.S. Persons who require entry to Canada for reasons other than those eligible for a Temporary Resident Visa may apply for this authorization instead (TRV). If the visitor needs to be in Canada for a specific period (say, two weeks for a workshop), then that is the maximum duration of stay for which It will provide this permission.

The Working Holiday Visa

Young people between 18 and 30 from 30 different countries can apply for the Canada Working Holiday Visa to work and travel in Canada. Since this visa is issued through a random selection process, candidates must submit their information and then wait to see if they were chosen to apply for the work authorization.

2. Permanent Resident Visa for Canada

The permanent resident visa for Canada is a visa that allows the holder to remain in Canada indefinitely. These visas are also called immigrant visas and come in various forms.

Foreign Investors

Benefits for Foreign Investors If you have a net worth of at least $800,000 CAD and want to immigrate to Canada to invest in the country’s economy, you may qualify for the Immigrant Investor Program. The government will repay their initial investment of CAD 400,000 plus interest-free in 5 years.

Startup Visa Program 

A Startup Visa Program is available. Individuals who contribute significantly to the Canadian economy are encouraged to apply for Startup Visas to enter the country. Within three years of arriving in Canada, they will need to have amassed at least $300,000 in liquid assets and demonstrate that they intend to invest at least one-third of their wealth into establishing and running a successful business.

Visa for Individual Entrepreneurs

People with unique business, athletic, cultural, or agricultural abilities may qualify for a Self-employed person visa. It must demonstrate its ability to raise capital and knowledge in this field.

Quebec Selected Skilled Worker Program (QSWP)

Among these include the Quebec Selected Skilled Worker Program (QSWP). The Quebec Skilled Worker Program will allow you to live and work permanently in Quebec, Canada, if you have one of the occupations the province needs and are proficient in French.

Caregiver Assistance Program (LCP)

In-Home Caregiver Assistance Program (LCP). Caretakers certified to provide in-home care for seniors, disabled persons, or children in Canada are eligible for this visa.

  1. Express Entry Visas

The government of Canada has developed an online immigration system called Express Entry. As a result, skilled workers from all around the world can apply to immigrate to Canada.

Included in this program are:

  • Skills Training in the Federal Government (FSTP)
  • The Federal Program for Recruiting Skilled Workers (FSWP)
  • Provincial Nomination Schemes (PNP)
  • Program of Canadian Experience
  • Skilled Worker Training Scheme Administered by the Federal Government (FSTP)
  • Qualified tradespeople qualify for a visa through the Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP).
  • Carpenters
  • Professionals in the Field of Aircraft Maintenance • Mechanics
  • Crew Members 
  • Those Who Operate Cranes
  • Workers Trained to Maintain Large Pieces of Equipment
  • Electricians
  • Machinists
  • Ironworkers
  • Welders

Employment and Training Administration (FSWP)

Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) visas are issued to foreign nationals whose skills are in high demand in Canada. Before applying, you should research the kinds of jobs that are in demand in Canada right now.


Workers with intermediate or lower levels of education who can contribute to Canada’s economy are allowed for this visa under the PNP. The personnel are relocated to the provinces in Canada, where there is a greater need for their skills.

This article presented a complete guide to learn how to get a Canadian visa with OCS, BEST Canadian Immigration Consultants in Dubai. If you are planning to go to Canada, this guide will provide you complete guidance. Hope u will find it helpful.




How To Immigrate to Canada from UAE with Optimus Corporate Services


How To Immigrate to Canada from UAE with Optimus Corporate Services

The good news is that if you are a resident of the United Arab Emirates and you share the Canadian dream, you can make it a reality. The United Arab Emirates is a popular departure point for people seeking to immigrate to Canada. If you have any to immigrate to Canada from Dubai, this blog is for you. Be ready to be astonished at the level of cultural assimilation in the country. Canada and Dubai both offer a wide range of services and lifestyle options to their citizens. Here, we’ll discuss several viable options for relocating to Canada from the United Arab Emirates with OCS best Immigration Consultants in Dubai. Hope you’ll find it helpful.

So, Let’s Start!

Type of Immigration Program

There are three main types of immigration programs available to Emiratis in Canada:

  • Permanent Residency Visa
  • In-country temporary residency
  • Sponsorship for Families

OCS Will sift through each possibility to determine which best meets your needs.

How can I determine if I meet the criteria to immigrate to Canada from Dubai?

While preparing your application for permanent residency in Canada, you should prioritize the following conditions:

  • To join Canada’s Express Entry program, you need 67 points.
  • Possess strong fluency in either English or French.
  • Two years worth of full-time work experience is required.

Prior employment must fall within the following categories of expertise:

  • Capability Level 0 (Managerial Occupations)
  • Competency Level A (Professional Occupations)
  • Level B Competence (Technical Occupations and Skilled Trades)
  • Have enough money to cover the cost of processing your immigration application.
  • Good birth and character certificates.
  • Evaluation of academic records.

Program for Permanent Residence

The vast majority of newcomers to Canada opt for permanent residency. In doing so, you’ll be granted permanent residency and citizenship in the United States. As the US green card would be, so is this.

Canada’s government has made several initiatives available to foreign nationals interested in settling there permanently. Still, here are most of the well-liked Emiratis:

(1) Immigration for Commercial Purposes

The program’s target audience consists of business owners and investors interested in establishing themselves in Canada. As an investor or business owner in the United Arab Emirates, you can immigrate to Canada through the Business Immigrant Stream with the best Canada Immigration Consultants in Dubai.

On the other hand, the following must be faithful to qualify for business-related immigration programs:

  • An established company of sufficient quality is required for participation in the program.
  • A letter of recommendation from a qualifying group is required.
  • You need sufficient funds to pay your Canadian bills before you can expect profits from your firm.
  • Language proficiency is required.

2. Immigration for Work Purposes

Workers with the skills and experience to benefit Canada’s economy are eligible for economic immigration. These are some of the programs available:

Federal Skilled Worker Program

For foreign-trained professionals who want to settle permanently in Canada.

Canada’s Federal Skilled Trades Program offers permanent residency to foreign employees with experience in specific skilled trades. 

Canadian Experience Class:

Skilled professionals who have already worked in Canada for at least a year may qualify for permanent residency under the Canadian Experience Class.


Provincial nominees are people who have the education and professional experience necessary to make a significant economic contribution to a specific province.

Agri-Food Pilot Program:

The Agri-Food Pilot Program in Canada is looking for qualified candidates to fill open positions in the industry.

Express Entry:

Indeed by now, you have heard that Express Entry is a highly recommended method of applying for Canadian immigration in Dubai. That’s a nod to the skilled worker economic immigration initiatives that are the subject of this sentence.

If you are confident that you meet the requirements for one of these programs, you may add your information to the applicant pool by filling out the online application. A detailed ranking mechanism is utilized to order the candidates. The CRS ratings can be traced back to these factors, awarded to those who score highest on the CRS (Invitation To Apply for permanent residency).

The exhaustive evaluation takes into account:

  • Age
  • Education
  • Fluency in another language
  • Real-World Experience
  • Relationship with Canadian Immigrants

So, here are some things to do as an Emirati to improve your CRS score, which in turn increases your chances of being issued an ITA and ultimately coming to Canada:

  • Proceed to Higher Learning.
  • Gain a better command of English and French, Canada’s national languages (English and French)
  • Have more than a year’s worth of job experience
  • Possess a Canadian-based relative already residing there, secure employment in Canada, or win provincial nomination to enter the country.

The Temporary Residence Visa Program

Emiratis are granted temporary legal status in Canada through various residency programs.

Popular routes to temporary residency in the United States include:

International Experience Canada (IEC)

To live and work in Canada for a set amount of time, young individuals from certain countries (including the UAE) can apply for a work permit through this program. Working in Canada temporarily can help you qualify for permanent residency under the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) program. This means that going from temporary to permanent residency is less hassle.

Permit to Study

You can use this strategy if your goal is to settle permanently in Canada. Canada’s government issues “study permits” for international students attending specific Canadian colleges and institutions.

Be aware that student visas only last for your course of study. However, after you become a permanent resident of Canada, your career prospects will improve thanks to your schooling here.

Not only that, but some courses qualify you for work permits after graduation (PGWP). After finishing your education in Canada, you can stay and work legally with this permit. This facilitates a more effortless adjustment to permanent residency.

Sponsorship Within the Family

If you’re currently residing in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), having a family member in Canada act as your sponsor is one of the simplest methods to enter Canada legally. The Canadian immigration program that allows for family sponsorship makes this a real possibility. However, the “sponsor” (the Canadian relative) must be an adult and a Canadian permanent resident or citizen. The sponsor must also agree to offer any necessary financial support for the sponsored immigrant after they arrive in Canada.

Some examples of family members who can be brought to Canada with the help of the country’s family sponsorship program are:

  • One’s conjugal, common-law, or spouse
  • Children who rely on others
  • Parents
  • Grandparents
  • Uncles, aunts, cousins, cousins’ spouses, stepparents, stepchildren, stepchildren’s spouses, stepchildren’s spouses
  • Any other age-eligible relative, as well as the spouse/partner or dependent child of this relative (under certain circumstances)

Reasons To Draw So Many People to Canada From Dubai?

Best Canadian immigration Consultants in Dubai remain a sought-after service for locals. Let’s talk about why more and more people are interested in immigrating to Canada.

The Best Place to Find Fantastic Employment

Canada is your best bet if you care about employment prospects and the worth of your talents and experience. The reason is: the United States provides ample employment and advancement chances for persons with specialized knowledge and training. Canada is a great place to get work if you have a background in engineering, medicine, media studies, or any other field.

Medical Care for All at No Cost

People’s top three concerns are the same no matter where they live in the world: education, health, and food. Thus, Canada is a popular place to settle because of its excellent and universally accessible public health care system. It’s important to remember that in Canada, the federal government foots the bill for essential medical services like prescription drugs, vision exams, and dental checkups.

Superior Quality of Life

Everyone is making an effort to better their standard of living. For this reason, many people in Dubai inquire online about migrating to Canada. Living in Canada is fantastic because it provides individuals with an excellent work-life balance.

Adjustment to New Cultures

Canada is a country that readily embraces cultural differences among its citizens. People in Canada have made newcomers feel incredibly welcome. So, people worldwide go to Canada because of the welcoming culture.

Concluding Remarks

Canada is a multicultural, tolerant society with a good standard of living and plenty of work options for anyone willing to make a move. The country is ideal for settling Emiratis. Praise be to immigrate to Canada, which provides several immigration options for citizens of the United Arab Emirates. Now, you must select the appropriate program and begin the implementation procedure.




Get Canada Work Visa With Optimus Corporate Services


Get Canada Work Visa With Optimus Corporate Services

Want to work lawfully in Canada as a skilled worker? If so, you can apply for a work visa from Dubai. We at OCS Best Immigration Consultants in Dubai, have been assisting talented individuals in Dubai with immigration services for decades, making us the best and most trusted immigration advisors in the area. We have the knowledge, skills, and track record to make applying for a work permit in Canada a pleasant and stress-free experience for you and your loved ones. Since its start, we have assisted thousands of aspiring skilled employees in migrating to some of the world’s most desirable places to reside, including Canada. OCS Best Immigration Consultants in Dubai, can provide expert advice, immigration assistance, and step-by-step guidance for acquiring a Canada work permit from Dubai, whether you have already secured a job opportunity in Canada, received a job contract from a Canadian employer recently, or are settled in Canada and working there without a valid work permit. As one of the most respected visa consulting firms in Dubai, we take a proactive and professional approach to resolving any problems you may have with your work visa.

Finding this page means you are serious about moving forward with your application for a work visa to Canada from the United Arab Emirates. Canada is home to a wide variety of work opportunities across various industries. Canada has over 800,000 job opportunities for all experience levels as of September.

The type of work visa you need to enter Canada depends on what you want to perform there. Get a work visa to Canada with the help of OCS, the top Canadian immigration consultant in Dubai, UAE. 


Canada is an excellent country in which to reside and work because of the boundless possibilities it presents. If you include factors like environmental friendliness, cultural variety, entrepreneurial spirit, economic clout, and quality of life, you’ll find that Canada is in the top two worldwide. Canada’s economy is well-known for its rapid expansion and industrialization, and the good news is that it’s continuing to grow, making the country a fantastic destination for job seekers. The following are many reasons why Canada is the top destination for skilled immigrants.

Canada’s national parks, historical landmarks, and gorgeous scenic landscapes are among the world’s finest. Canada is a country packed with amazing sights and experiences, from pristine wilderness to unexplored natural treasures.

Since its inception, the World Report’s Quality of Life ranking has consistently rated Canada near the top. The robust Canadian economy has allowed its citizens to live comfortable, worry-free lives with a high standard of living.

Canada is a country that is continuously looking for talented immigrants to fill a variety of positions. The government of Canada places a premium on qualified experts and skilled laborers. Those with particular skills are more likely to be granted a work permit Visa in Canada.

The Canadian Health Act serves as the guiding legislation for the publicly funded and provincially governed system. This ensures that all citizens and permanent residents of Canada have access to free medical care, including regular checks (the doctors will send the billing to the government).

Various Categories of Canadian Work Permits

In Canada, there is a sizable population that has reached retirement age. It is home to a large senior citizen population and other inhabitants who do not meet the requirements for many available jobs and careers. This illustrates the widespread skill gap that exists across Canada’s economic structure. Canada welcomes immigrants, skilled foreign workers, trained youngsters, and professionals by issuing them a Temporary Canadian Work Permit or Canada work permit visa to strengthen its economy and resolve labor shortages in industries. It opens the door for talented immigrants and foreign experts to find Work in Canada’s industries. They can receive competitive compensation in Canadian dollars (CAD) and launch successful new lives in the country.

The leading immigration experts in the UAE, OCS, offer a complete service for people who want to get a temporary work visa to Canada. There are two primary types of work permits in Canada.

  • Open Work Permit
  • Employer Specific Work Permit

Open-Work Permit

Professionals, immigrants, and qualified foreign employees can work for any company in Canada, with a few exceptions. For example, those who routinely provide escort services or sensual massages are not eligible. Note that skilled foreign workers, immigrants, international graduates (students), and professionals only receive open work permit visas if they meet all qualifying requirements.

Employer Specific Work Permit

Conditions for employment in Canada for foreign nationals holding employer-specific work permits include, but are not limited to:

  • Your prospective employer’s name,
  •  your company tenure
  • Positioning yourself for Work in a specific locale (if applicable).

How to Apply for a Work Visa in Canada if You Live in the United Arab Emirates

For skilled employees in the UAE who need to obtain work permits to work in Canada, OCS BEST Canadian Immigration Consultants in Dubai are the ideal choice. The following are necessities for acquiring a work permit in Canada:

  • ESDC requires an employment offer from a Canadian employer before issuing a TWP.
  • If you are from the Middle East, processing your application for a work permit may take up to 24 weeks.
  • The LMIA’s approval is needed for some jobs (Labor Market Impact Assessment). The LMIA is a permit that some Canadian employers need to hire foreign nationals.
  • The LMIA will prove that non-native speakers are essential to the business’s success. This will prove that Canada doesn’t have enough skilled workers to fill the position.
  • The LMIA must consent before an employer can issue a work visa. The following qualifications are necessary for workers to obtain a work permit:
  • Job Offer Letter
  • Contract,
  • A LMIA replica
  • LMIA’s designated identification number.

Guidelines for Obtaining a Canadian Work Permit

You may rely on the assistance of OCS BEST Canadian Immigration Consultants in Dubai to guide you through the necessary steps in obtaining a work visa for Canada. See below for information on obtaining a work visa to Canada from the United Arab Emirates.

  1. Companies apply a Labor Market Impact Analysis

Before hiring a foreign worker, businesses may need to undergo a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). LMIAs will prove that you can’t find a qualified local candidate for the job.

To meet the growing demand in a wide variety of fields and sectors across the country’s provinces, businesses in Canada are actively seeking to hire qualified workers, trained youth, and experts from abroad.

Canadian companies seeking LMIA from ESDC must post openings for at least one month in various media, including newspapers, magazines, media outlets, online job boards, and the Canadian Job Bank. If Canadian firms cannot find qualified local individuals to fill employment openings, they may apply for and receive a positive LMIA from Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC). Canada welcomes talented workers and professionals from outside, thanks to the Labour Market Impact Assessment. Canada’s economy, labor market, and industry sectors will all benefit from bringing in skilled foreign employees, trained youth, and professionals, as evidenced by the LMIA. The LMIA (Labor Market Impact Assessment) is usually necessary to secure a work permit visa in Canada unless the position is essential to a charity or religious organization.

Candidates should be aware that if a Canadian employer wants them to work temporarily in Quebec, the candidate will need a Certificat d’acceptation du Québec (CAQ) from the business.

Suppose an applicant meets all requirements and can convince the visa officer that they will contribute to Canada’s economic and industrial progress. Then they’ll get a work visa.

  1. Once the LMIA is authorized, the company will give the employee a provisional offer of employment together with the LMIA document.

Since the skilled foreign worker needs both the LMIA approval letter and the details of the job offer letter to apply for a work permit in Canada, the employer is required to Please remit a duplicate of the signed approval letter to the worker along with the details of the job offer letter once the LMIA is approved. All of the following information should be included in the “Job Offer Letter” or employment contract:

  • Posting Title
  • Job Role Exposition
  • Duties and obligations associated with the position
  • Beginning and ending times and dates
  • Salary ranges and percentages
  • Company’s physical location and name

When Can You Expect Your Canadian Work Permit to Arrive?

Suppose you want your Canada work permit visa application processed quickly. In that case, you need to meet all qualifying criteria and get help from a reliable immigration expert, like OCS. To have a smooth processing period for a Canadian work permit, candidates need to have the following documents on hand: You will need the following to apply for a Canadian work visa: 

  • A completed visa application form 
  • A valid passport
  • Canada’s official job offer
  • A letter of invitation 
  • A copy of your LMIA 
  • Proof of sufficient funds 
  • A medical exam certificate 
  • Proof of your age 
  • Proof of your education 


We have served clients from nearly 40 different countries for many years as a leading immigration agency. Hundreds of individuals receive assistance from OCS every year, allowing them to finally achieve their ambitions. Contact our team of BEST Canadian Immigration Consultants in Dubai to go over your work permit application and determine if Work visa applications are accepted in Canada.




How to Apply for a UK Scale-Up Visa?


How to Apply for a UK Scale-Up Visa?

According to the new initiatives and policies of the UK government, it has launched a new visa called the Scale-Up Visa 2022 to attract the best and brightest minds from across the globe to work for the country’s fastest-growing companies.

You may get a Scale-up Worker permit to work for a rapidly expanding UK company (also known as a “scale-up firm”). To sponsor scale-up employees, your UK firm must fulfill particular conditions.

For the most part, the Scale-up Visa is a “fast-track” “immigration option that doesn’t include the trouble, cost, and accountability of acquiring a sponsoring license to ask someone to come to the nation. The Home Office dropped hints about the Scale-up visa in its policy paper earlier this year, saying, “In Spring 2022, we will also launch a new, unsponsored points-based path to attract the best and brightest to the UK, with a particular emphasis on the very skilled workers. 

In this article, we will shed light on the basic requirements and eligibility criteria to apply for this UK Scale Up visa. Also, you can contact the best immigration consultants in Dubai for making the application process easier and less time consuming for you. 

What Do You Know About the UK Scale-Up Visa?

Migrant employees hired by UK sponsors who possess the necessary skills to support the expansion of that Sponsor’s company may be eligible for this visa, a new points-based pathway for such workers. This visa aims to speed the immigration process for people who have a job offer in the United Kingdom and meet the minimum skill requirements from the certified UK scale-up. The UK government has established this mechanism to attract business immigrants and stimulate the economy.

Scale-up employees are authorized to work full-time at any skill level once the first six months of their leave have passed, but the candidate must be working in the position for which they are being sponsored. Like other employment paths, the scale-up employee will be permitted to bring their dependent spouse and children to the United Kingdom. Assuming they fulfill the criteria for settlement, the primary visa holder and their eligible family members may be able to apply for indefinite leave to stay in the UK.

Businesses in the United Kingdom may now take advantage of a new streamlined immigration scheme called the “Scale-up Visa” to hire qualified workers from all over the globe. Scale-up Visas are available to workers who possess the necessary skill sets.

This work permit UK is for workers sponsored by British employers who want to enter the country. They need at least six months of employment for the sponsoring company. After working for the same company for five years, the worker and their family may apply for permanent leave to remain in the United Kingdom.

Are You Eligible to Apply for UK Scale-Up Visa 2022? OCS Will Guide You

This new immigration scheme comes with a few conditions. This page details the requirements for obtaining a UK Scale-up Immigration. The UK work visa can only be obtained by those working in one of the approved professions. To determine whether your work qualifies, ask your employer for the four-digit occupation code associated with your position.

  • High Growth Companies

Companies seeking to sponsor foreign nationals for employment must prove that they meet the necessary criteria. To qualify, a firm has to show that it has increased its workforce by 20% and has maintained a stable income stream for the last three years. To qualify, the company must employ ten people starting the three-year term.

The Scale Up Institute estimates that over 36,000 companies meet the criteria for being high-growth. The government is considering relaxing the rules so that more businesses may participate with ambitious expansion plans.

  • Qualified Workers

With such a Scale-up Work visa, you may remain in the UK for up to two years. When your visa expires, you must submit an extension application. The United Kingdom has a points-based immigration system, and one of the visas available to foreign nationals is the scale-up visa. This visa scheme is still relatively new, so not all details have been ironed out. But we believe that candidates will be capable of qualifying provided they fulfill the following requirements:

  • A promising career opportunity with a rapidly expanding UK business
  • A yearly wage of at least £33,000
  • Extensive knowledge of, or success in, their chosen area, or the equivalent
  • Proficient oral and written English skills
  • This working visa will also make it possible for foreign employees and their families to move permanently to the United Kingdom

Highly educated workers will be drawn to qualified companies, such as researchers, scientists, programmers, software developers, R&D specialists, economists, architects, technicians, and financial and investment consultants

Nevertheless, skilled individuals must remain employed with the sponsoring firm for the first six months of residence. They may apply for permanent residence in the UK after working continuously for five years.

What are the Requirements to Become Eligible for UK Scale Up Visa

  • Language Criteria

A Sponsored or Unsponsored Application for a Scale-up Visa requires evidence of the applicant’s English proficiency at the B1 level or above on the Common European Frame of Reference for Languages across all four skill sets (reading, writing, speaking, and listening).

Successful applicants for entry clearance or permission to stay as a Scale-up worker must demonstrate that they meet the English requirement by providing evidence that they either:

  • Possess citizenship in a country where English is the primary language
  • Have proven their English proficiency on a secure test
  • Possess a degree from an English-language institution
  • Earned a GCSE, A Level, or Scottish Higher in English during their time in academia in the UK; or
  • Have previously shown proficiency at the B1 level to get entry clearance or legal status
  • Salary Requirements for UK Scale-Up Visa

A salary of £33,000 per year, £10.58 per hour, and the ‘going rate for employment’ are required to qualify for a Scale-up Visa via a Sponsored Application. 

Guaranteed basic gross salary (up to 48 hours per week) is the basis for salary evaluation, not bonus payments or other forms of compensation.

The Agency will provide a list of market prices for Scale-up Visa-eligible profession codes once the route opens. The indicated prices would be centered on a 37.5-hour labor week; rates for different schedules must be adjusted accordingly.

Your work schedule must be considered when determining whether you can make a living at £10.58 an hour.

  • Get a Certificate of Sponsorship (COS) to Apply

If you want to apply for a Scale-up Visa via a Sponsored Application, you’ll need a Certificate of Sponsorship from an employer willing to pay for your UK work visa while you work there. For your Certification of Sponsorship to be valid, your company must be one of the few approved by the Main Office to sponsor Scale-up Employees.

Scale-up Sponsor status requires proof of annualized growth with at least 20% in either revenue or headcount over the preceding three years. In addition, businesses must have had at least ten workers on staff during the three years.

You cannot apply for a sponsored Scale-up Visa if your Certificates of Sponsors are older than three months.

There are specific data that must be included in your Certificate of Sponsorship:

  • Identification information, including full name, employer, and annual pay
  • Your Sponsor’s assurance that you’ll be working with them for at least six months
  • No more than three months from the date of your application for a Scale-up Worker Visa before your intended start date

A statement from the Home Office or the Sponsor states that the Certification of Sponsorship has not been previously used in an application approved or denied and that the Sponsor has not discontinued it.

  •  Provide Reasonable Justifications for Applying to the UK

You’ll need to prove to the Office that you’re being sponsored for a real job before they’ll issue you a Scale-Up Visa 2022. Your application for a Scale-up Visa may be denied if there is evidence that the employment you are being supported for does not occur, is a fraud, or was manufactured primarily to facilitate your visa application.

The UK Government will also want to ensure that you have not agreed to work for a non-sponsoring third party in a permanent or temporary capacity or that you have not agreed to do contract work that entails performing an ongoing regular job or service for a non-sponsoring third party.

  • Job Requirement for UK Scale-Up Visa Applicants

Scale-up Visas are only available via Sponsored Applications and only if the position you are being supported meets or exceeds specific requirements for education and experience. 

The Cabinet Office will announce which jobs qualify for the work permit UK option once the process becomes available.

Occupation codes, job families, and titles will all be accounted for. If the position you’re being nominated for is on the approved list, you probably have the necessary degree of education and experience.

However, it is the Sponsor’s responsibility to choose a valid occupation code. The Home Office may deny your request for a Scale-up Visa if they have cause to suspect that your Sponsor did not correctly select an acceptable occupation code.

The Home Office will determine whether your Sponsor correctly identified your desired profession by reviewing evidence such as the Sponsor’s demonstrated need for the position, your credentials and experience, and the Sponsor’s track record of compliance with immigration law.

Go and check: The list of available jobs through UK Scale Up Visa

What is the Duration of a UK Scale Up Visa?

If your Sponsored Application for a Scale-up Visa is approved, you can enter the country and remain there for up to two years.

If your Unsponsored Application for a Scale-up Visa is approved, you will be awarded entrance permission or approval to remain in the country for three years.

How can OCS help?

Any questions or concerns about the new scale-up visa may be answered by our best immigration consultants in Dubai, who specialize in work visas. If you have questions or would like assistance, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Consider whether the new Scale-Up work permit is a good fit for you. We will help you determine whether any better visa choices are available to you in light of your current situation. Also, OCS Verifies whether your company is likely to meet Scale-Up visa requirements or not. Our experts help you in making a Visa Application for Rapid Growth.




How can I immigrate to Canada through the PNP?

Canada Removing Barriers

How can I immigrate to Canada through the PNP?

One pathway for talented professionals to move to Canada and gain permanent resident status is the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). The program aims to increase economic growth in all Canadian provinces and territories by attracting qualified workers. It is an effective strategy for bringing skilled employees to regions with low immigration rates in the past, such as the prairies and the Atlantic provinces. The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is a way for provinces and territories in Canada to nominate potential immigrants who have an interest in living in their region. More than eighty immigration programs exist at the province level to entice skilled laborers, college graduates, and business owners. Each course of study is tailored to meet the needs of the province’s workforce.

In this article, you will learn a complete guide about the PNP Canada Immigration process in detail, you can apply with OCS, the best immigration consultants in Dubai. Hope you’ll find it helpful.

So, Let’s Start!

What is the Canadian PNP Program?

The Canada PNP program is a fantastic substitute for a federal skilled worker visa in Canada (PR) to immigrate to Canada. Candidates who fall short of the Canadian PR visa’s basic requirements can find assistance through provincial nominee programs. Individuals who do not have a high enough Comprehensive Ranking System score (CRS) are invited to apply to the Express Entry Pool. Except for Nunavut and Quebec, the program is available in all provinces. The parameters for economic immigration to Quebec are determined entirely by provincial discretion.

Permanent Residency Through PNP Programs 

Permanent residency can be obtained through the PNP in two significant ways: the “basic” programs or the “enhanced” programs.

Base Programs

The “basic” programs are the initial selection. In this case, the candidate immediately applies to a PNP program. The province will then check to ensure the applicant is qualified for that program. If the candidate meets all the requirements, the section will issue a letter of nomination, which can be used to apply for permanent residency with Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada.

Enhanced Programs 

The second choice is participating in one of the “enhanced” programs coordinated with the federal Express Entry application management system. An applicant’s odds of receiving an Invitation to Apply (ITA) from Express Entry-managed programs like the Federal Skilled Workers Program (FSWP) or the Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP) are improved by securing a provincial nomination.

Applicants can designate their preferred province of residence in their online Express Entry profile to immigrate to Canada. The provincial government will use this information to evaluate whether or not they are a good fit for the section. In that instance, the region will issue a “notice of interest,” essentially an invitation to submit a nomination application to the area.

The next step is for the candidate to apply to the province if they choose to do so after being nominated. If they qualify for the program, the government will issue a letter of nomination, and the applicant will receive 600 points in the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).

How the PNP, or Provincial Nominee Program works?

Workers who have the knowledge, experience, and credentials to contribute to the economy of a particular Canadian province or territory and who choose to settle permanently in that region may be eligible for this program.

“Streams” (specific immigrant program) and eligibility criteria vary by province and territory. Specifically, governments and territories may direct a program stream toward business students.

What is the process for entering a provincial nominee program?

Canada’s provincial governments do not have authority over immigration matters, which the federal government handles. PNPs involve two stages because of this reason. It would be helpful if you started by applying for a provincial nomination. If the province grants you permanent residency, you must use it again at the federal level.

To apply for a PNP, please follow these steps in order:

  • Learn if you are qualified: Using the PNP Live Tracker, you can check your eligibility for the various programs.
  • Submit an Application to a Provincial Nominee Program: Apply to the state or country where you intend to live.
  • Obtain a Certificate of Provincial Nomination: Once your application has been reviewed, and if you meet the requirements, you will be issued a certificate of Provincial Nomination.
  • Prepare and apply for permanent residence by Making an application for permanent residency with the Canadian government with OCS the best Canadian immigration consultants in Dubai . You can use Express Entry if you’ve been nominated through a PNP that is compatible with it. If not, you’ll need to fill out a paper form to apply.
  • PNP streams accept applications on a first-come, first-served basis and others require interested parties to submit an Expression of Interest form. Additionally, specific PNP streams are not aligned with the federal Express Entry immigration system and are classified as “base” streams, while other PNP streams are.

Provincial Nominee Programs Documentation (PNPs)

What forms of evidence are needed to participate in a provincial nominee program is conditional on the program’s eligibility requirements.

Essential paperwork includes :

  • Primary applicant general application.
  • Dependents and spouses must sign the form.
  • Latest color snapshots
  • Certificate of citizenship or passport
  • Demonstrable evidence of one’s identity
  • Examination of College Educators’ Qualifications (ECA) Report
  • The benefits of language study
  • Documentation of Financial Stability
  • A Statement From Your Doctor
  • Validation of police clearance certificate
  • Proof of a spouse’s or dependent’s financial status.

Provincial Nominee Program Processing Times

The time required to regulate the application process for one of Canada’s Provincial Nominee Programs depends heavily on whether or not it was submitted through one of the streams linked to Express Entry.

Permanent residence applications have two stages: 

(1) the province’s first review and 

(2) the federal government’s final review.

The processing period in most provinces has been reduced to a matter of months, if not weeks. While the federal government has reduced the processing time for Express Entry-linked applications, the average wait time for all applications is still six months. Applications not linked to Express Entry take significantly longer to process at the federal level (often between two and three years).

Here you can view the current federal processing times for the Provincial Nominee Program. It is recommended that you contact provincial officials to find out the most up-to-date or estimated processing periods for your initial application to the province.

This article presented a complete guide to the PNP Canadian Immigration Program. It has a complete guide about how to apply and how much time is required to get the visa, the type of PNP programs, and other rules and regulations. If you are planning to apply for a visa for Canada, you can consult OCS, the best immigration consultants in Dubai. 




The UK Expansion Worker Visa – How to Apply?


The UK Expansion Worker Visa – How to Apply?

Senior managers from outside the UK can get a Global Business Mobility visa to immigrate to the UK or work in the UK as a UK Expansion worker in a post for which they have been sponsored. The visa holder can also participate in educational and charitable activities in the United Kingdom. With this visa, you’ll be able to set up shop in the UK as an extension of an overseas firm that hasn’t yet begun operations there. To be qualified for this visa, you must be employed as a senior manager or a highly specialized employee by a company outside of Canada. Your family may also be eligible to join you in the UK, providing your partner and any children they support with OCS, Best Immigration Consultants in Dubai.

In this article, you’ll learn about the UK expansion worker visa, how to get and apply for it, eligibility, and many more. Hope you’ll find it helpful.

So, Let’s Start!

BEST Canadian Immigration Consultants in Dubai, UK immigration 2022, immigrate to UK, UK Visa

The Gains of Obtaining a Work Permit for the United Kingdom’s Rapidly Growing Economy

An Expansion Worker visa for the United Kingdom grants its holder the following privileges:

  • Gain employment with your sponsor in the field indicated on your sponsored studies certificate.
  • The term “dependents” allows you to bring along a spouse and children.
  • Make time for community service.
  • Exit and entry into the United Kingdom

However, the following does not apply to those who are granted a UK Expansion Worker Visa:

  • Submitting an Application for Public Benefits, including the State Pension
  • Changing careers unless visa requirements are met
  • Carry out a second occupation as you work the first
  • Permission to seek indefinite residency in the United Kingdom.

Conditions for obtaining work visas in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom’s “Expansion Worker” visa is offered to those who score at least 60 points across three categories: sponsorship, skills, and remuneration.

To receive full sponsorship credit of 20 points, the candidate must have a valid Certificate of Sponsorship (COS) granted by a licensed sponsor and be sponsored for legitimate employment that satisfies the overseas work criterion.

Applicants must be employed by an overseas linked business and have done so for at least 12 months to be eligible for sponsorship unless they earn more than £73,900 per year or are Japanese nationals working for a Japanese company expanding to the UK. Working for an overseas-linked employer is required for high-earners or eligible Japanese residents, although prior experience working outside the UK is not.

The applicant must have sponsorship for a position that meets or exceeds the required minimum skill level and pay at least £42,400 per year, or the going rate for that position, to receive 20 points for skill and salary, respectively.

A valid TB test certificate is required to meet the point threshold for a UK visa from a country on the list. Applicants who stay in the UK for less than a year and seek entrance clearance or permission to remain must also demonstrate that they have sufficient funds to support themselves during their stay in the country. If the sponsor can’t verify that you have enough money to live on your own, you’ll need to present proof of at least £1,270 to proceed.

The applicant must have had the funds available for a minimum of 28 days, with the last day of the 28 days falling within 31 days of the application.

How does one obtain an Expansion Work visa for the United Kingdom?

An online application, supported by the applicant’s COS reference number, is required for UK Immigration 2022 to get a UK Expansion Worker visa. They have until three months before their scheduled start date of employment in the UK, as stated on the sponsorship certificate, to apply for a visa.

An applicant must submit identification documents and other supporting materials with their application. As part of this process, they may be required to submit their biometric data in person at a scheduled appointment. Appointments, if necessary, will be communicated to them at the time of application.

Qualifications the applicant must have include:

  • COS from a legitimate, UK-based sponsor
  • identity and nationality via a travel document such as a passport
  • Necessary proof that the individual has worked for the company for a minimum of a year outside the UK
  • If necessary, proof of money.
  • If you are not from the United States, you must present proof that you have had a negative tuberculosis test.

A decision should be made within three weeks for applicants outside the UK and eight weeks for applicants within the UK after they have presented identity proof, submitted required papers, and paid applicable fees.

How much should you expect to pay when applying for a British Expansion Worker visa?

Several fees must be paid to apply for a UK Expansion Worker visa. The applicant will need at least £1,270 in addition to the application price of £259 and the annual immigration health surcharge of £624.

The company must also account for the expense of sponsorship applications and the cost associated with providing each certificate of sponsorship. Regarding sponsor licensing fees, the temporary worker route will incur the usual charge for a Temporary Worker sponsor license of £536, regardless of the sponsor’s size or tax-exempt status. A COS for a worker in the UK expansion sector costs £21.

What is the duration of a UK Expansion Visa?

Suppose you are awarded a UK Expansion Worker visa. In these circumstances, you can stay in the country for less than 12 months following the start date of the job written or given on the sponsorship certificate or 14 days after the termination date of the job. The UK visa can be extended, but only for another year. A UK Expansion Worker visa allows its holder to remain in the country for up to two years.

Workers on the UK extension are subject to the same maximum cumulative period as with other GBM routes. This means they may not be eligible for a UK Expansion Worker visa for as long if they have previously been in the UK on this or another permit. If you’ve been in the UK on any of the previous GMB visas or as an intra-company graduate trainee or intra-company transferee, you can only stay for a maximum of 5 years in any 6-year term.

Although a senior or expert employee cannot apply for indefinite leave to remain using the UK Expansion Worker route, they may be eligible to do so through another immigration route if they match the qualifying requirements.

Wrap Up

For foreign businesses looking to grow their operations in the UK, the Expansion Worker Visa is an excellent option. They can send their top executives to the UK with this visa and manage their firm more smoothly.

The Expansion Worker Visa application procedure may appear daunting, but with the support of OCS Best Immigration Consultants in the UAE, it can be completed quickly and efficiently.




Top-Class Immigration Consultants in Dubai


Top-Class Immigration Consultants in Dubai

There is excessive information about the legal side of immigration out there. You may have found a few websites that discuss how you can find the best immigration consultants in Dubai, but most are either too technical or vague. This has led to confusion and frustration among those trying to find good information.

Suppose you have been hunting for the BEST Immigration Consultants in Dubai. Congratulations! You have come to the one place where your search will be over. OCS, Best Immigration Consultants in Dubai provides expert advice on visas and permits to potential ex-pats looking for answers to their immigration questions. From visa for marriage extensions to e-visa, we are an immigration company that can help find a way for you to keep living your life abroad.

Nowadays, immigration laws are very strict and complicated, so you should consider getting a professional consultation from an expert to help you migrate from the United Arab Emirates. An expert can handle the paperwork and legal issues, while you will feel more relaxed after getting services from OCS.

What is Immigration?

Immigration is the process of moving to another country or area. Immigration lawyers help people apply for permanent residence, temporary visas, and citizenship. An immigration consultant is an expert who can help you apply for visas and other legal documents required for moving to another country. They will also assist you in finding accommodation and setting up your life in a new country.

OCS- Best Immigration Consultants In Dubai

Our staff has extensive experience with immigration and visa services for several established nations, including Australia, United Kingdom (UK), Germany, USA, Canada etc. Transitioning to a new country on the other side of the world is time-consuming and paper-intensive. For the average person, keeping track of all of this can quickly become overwhelming. We can help with that. When dealing with the immigration process, our specialists have the necessary expertise and experience. You don’t have to exert undue effort merely to get your visa approved; the immigration process can be managed easily. No matter what your travel plans entail—a vacation, business trip, etc.—our team of highly qualified professionals can help you with the visa process. In-Depth Information: Dubai-based immigration advisor Professional Services – Migration Advisors in Dubai Before we get into the specifics of the services we provide, we want to make it clear that Migration Consultants is a legitimate immigration firm operating out of Dubai with all the proper documentation that the UAE government requires of such a service. We see a shift in focus toward the services we provide. The following nations are the ones for which we offer immigration services:


New Zealand


America, the United States (USA)

England, Great Britain (UK)


South Africa


Choosing the correct immigration services provider or agency is crucial. One important point to think about when selecting an immigration consultant is whether or not they are duly licensed and registered to practice. If you want to get  more knowledge check out our website.

Why Do You Need a Professional Immigration Consultant?

Helpful Hints for Choosing the Right Visa

Visa requirements vary by kind. You may qualify for more than two different programs at once. Sometimes the right decision isn’t easy to come by. There’s a tremendous need for a public relations specialist now.

A PR expert or immigration specialist can assist you in learning which visa option is ideal for you. You’re in high demand in Canada, given your characteristics. Furthermore, they clarify your actual rating that you wouldn’t have any luck with without the availability of free internet evaluation forms.

Comprehending and Addressing Difficult Problems

Evaluation of educational credentials is the first step in the Canadian visa process (after eligibility verification). Most hopefuls hit a wall here because official, sealed transcripts are needed.

Even though this phase involves little complication, hiring a public relations professional will help you save time. You’d have to invest in learning the process if you didn’t already know it. The same holds for situations where your OCS BEST Canadian Immigration Consultants in Dubai has been revoked, or your NOC is incorrect. A consultant may suggest the most optimal answers.

Detailed Applications

Be sure to show yourself professionally in your application. It should take the Canadian immigration authorities and potential Canadian employers into account. Those looking for workers have access to the Express Entry database.

Professional visa applications can be challenging, but immigration professionals can help. As if you required another reason to have them on your side, here comes one. They can be invaluable in your quest to immigrate to Canada if you need the assistance of Best Immigration Consultants in Dubai.

Verified Documentation & Process

Do you realize that a single documentation inconsistency could permanently prevent you from entering Canada? Law enforcement in Canada has the authority to label you a fraud occasionally. They may reject your submission if the evidence you provided does not corroborate what you said.

A professional immigration expert in Canada will check all of your credentials for you. A reliable and knowledgeable intermediary should review your submission before you send it in.

Maintains a high standard of knowledge of applicable regulations and provides effective follow-up. There may be open lines of communication once you submit your application. This communication between the applicant and immigration officials is mandatory.

Consultancies specializing in PR visas can advocate on your behalf before the relevant authorities. Together, they can guarantee effective communication. Furthermore, if there are any modifications to the immigration laws or processes, professionals that help people obtain PR visas will keep you informed.

Provide Suggestions for Possible Resolutions

Despite being perfectly qualified, for whatever reason. Plus, do your best when applying. The visa process may not go smoothly for you. The best case scenario is working with an immigration specialist who can help you explore your choices.

The consultant’s job is to present you with recommendations. That will help you immigrate to Canada through several different visa procedures. Alternatively, the current visa process may be made more inclusive.

Every Detailed is Concerned

Most clients overlook this crucial part of their Canadian immigration applications—that which adapts its particulars to the circumstances of its existence. Your application needs to be kept up-to-date with any changes in your life, such as a marriage, a job change, a new baby, etc. Once you’ve informed us, we’ll make sure to take care of it for you. Experts in the field can guide you throughout. They are enthusiastic about explaining everything to you so that it won’t become a problem down the line.

Why Choose OCS?

With the help of OCS Best Immigration Consultants in Dubai, you can immigrate to the country of your choice in a timely and efficient manner. Applying for a visa to enter a country is lengthy and complicated. You should get all the paperwork you’ll need for immigration well in advance.

The assistance of MARA-accredited immigration advisors can make the challenging process of immigrating to a new country a little less daunting. Our experienced immigration advisors can help you relocate to any country, including Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Denmark, Germany, South Africa, the United States, the United Kingdom, Portugal, and many others in Europe.

Employing the services of an immigration lawyer, attorney, or solicitor is a good idea, regardless of your reason for traveling. Choosing reliable immigration assistance is crucial. A consultant in immigration law is a specialist who knows the ins and outs of the immigration system and can help you navigate the complex legal and administrative requirements. Further, an immigration consultant simplifies the process for visa applicants by providing a one-stop shop for all their visa needs, regardless of the type of visa they seek.

We have highly trained Best Immigration Consultants in Dubai who have passed all relevant exams and been issued all appropriate credentials. Customers may count on them to keep them abreast of changes to immigration regulations and visa policies. Applicants must be aware of the current state of migration across international borders.

While there are many advantages to working with a local licensed migration agent, it is still essential to locate the most reliable services or consultancy organization. Finding the most outstanding service provider will make you happy and ensure everything is done following the law, even if the services themselves are pretty valuable.

It is in your best interest to work with a licensed and reputable visa consultant or visa agency, as they will be more likely to follow the policies and guidelines established by the migration regulatory bodies of the nation to which you are applying for immigration.


Immigration is not a new concept, and it has been around for ages. However, with the fast-changing times, immigration is becoming more complex and difficult for the average person to understand. Many people cannot find their way through the maze of rules and regulations governing immigration in different countries. This is where an immigration consultant comes into the picture.




Why Are More Indians Moving to Canada?


Why Are More Indians Moving to Canada?

Indians continue to get the most permanent residence and visas in Canada. At least one-third of the 405,303 new permanent residents in 2021 were Indians, according to information provided by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). The information was released as Canada made progress in recovering from the labor shortage brought on by the coronavirus outbreak. 

According to CIC news, , about half of the nearly 450,000 international students who immigrated to Canada in 2021 were from India. Because of programs like the Post-Graduation Work Permit, which allows students to remain in Canada after graduation, more Indian students are increasingly selecting Canadian institutions. 

Students with a Post-Graduation Work Permit who enter Canada can hunt for employment and ultimately submit a PR application. Not only from India but also from the Indians living in Dubai who are applying for immigration to Canada need to take the services of the best Canadian immigration consultant in Dubai. It will allow them to make wise choices and make the process easy.

Why Do Migrants from India Choose Canada as Their Destination?

Numerous Indian individuals have immigrated to Canada since it is unquestionably one of the most beautiful nations in the world. Beautiful landscapes, an excellent healthcare system, and an education system so effective that Canada is ranked third in the world for its strength are all things that the maple leaf country has to offer. There are several reasons to adore Canada; however, some of the most significant attractions for Indian migrants to Canada are as follows.

Immigration and Diversity Are Welcomed in Canada

This is a fact that Canada officially adopted a policy to promote multiculturalism in the 1970s, under the leadership of Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. Therefore, multiculturalism has since been a significant component of Canadian identity. Furthermore, natives recognize the social significance of immigration to Canada, which is evidence that Canada embraces multiculturalism. Above all, Canada’s “mosaic culture” is renowned for allowing all cultures to coexist.

The Standard of Living in Canada Is High

Canada holds the top spot for life quality. The number of individuals who wish to come to Canada and those who are already there is increasing as we go towards the coming years. Indians also follow suit, and a high standard of living is present in Canada. Who wouldn’t relocate to a nation with lower living expenses than those in the United States? Rent and health insurance premiums will be reduced.

Many wonder what gives Canada a “High” rating for life quality. Let’s see. To start, schooling is relatively reasonable in Canada, and surprise! They also top the list for educational excellence. Even though school is reasonably priced, Canada is ranked first in the world for education. Also, there are exotic holiday destinations where you may stare at mountains, go hiking, and create enduring memories.

Not only that, but the Canadian economy is booming like never before, which makes life prosperous for everyone. One of the safest places on earth is Canada. If you are living in Dubai and want to migrate to Canada, you need to consult OCS, the team of  best immigration consultant in Dubai for taking benefit from their services.

One of the Safest Nations in the World

You will be astounded to learn that Canada constantly ranks better for its safety and for being named first for quality of life. Canada is the second-safest nation in the world, according to Daily Hive,  a reliable source. Canada has one of the lowest crime rates in the world, which contributes to the country’s high standard of living. 

The government of Canada and even the people of Canada have always maintained a friendly immigration policy, ensuring the absence of issues like racism. According to a Statista analysis, Canada is ranked second on the list of the safest nations for LGBT travelers. At the same time, India is not even safe for them. If you are an Indian and want to know the answer to the question, how to immigrate to Canada?‘, you are required to visit any consultant that deals in Canadian immigration.

Prospering Economy

The Canadian economy has always been strong; the statistic Canada 2022 reported that Canada’s unemployment rate was only 4.2%, which is lower than the global average unemployment rate of 10.31%. Three major sectors are the reasons why the Canadian economy is thriving. The majority of occupations are in the service sector, which includes banking, communications, retail, tourism, government, and the fields of transportation, education, health care, construction, and retail.

 Secondly, large-scale production of manufactured products includes paper, advanced technology, aerospace technology, vehicles, machinery, food, clothes, and many other items. Industries in Canada produce these commodities, employing workers at the manufacturing facilities. Thirdly, the natural resources of Canada are immense. 

Some of Canada’s natural resource-related businesses are forestry, fisheries, agriculture, mining, and energy. Canada is relatively wealthy in these natural resources and strengthens its economy by exporting them to countries that lack them. Manulife, Magna International, A&W, and several other well-known Canadian businesses are among them. Therefore, Indians prefer to migrate to Canada to grab so many job opportunities in Canada.

One of the Top Countries Best for Education Is Canada.

One of the main factors attracting Indian immigrants to Canada is education. In numerous surveys, Canada is rated as the top nation for education. The high degree of education provided in Canada is comparable to that offered in the US, UK, and Australia. Because of its high teaching quality, Canada attracts Indian students every year. In contrast to the United States, the UK, and other nations, Canada has a low cost of living. Therefore, a large number of people migrate to Canada from India.

Canada is also at the top of the list regarding research because they integrate contemporary research into the classroom. Also, educationists in Canada ensure that students are always prepared for any unexpected current workplace issues they may encounter. Canada is a welcoming country for immigrants because of its highly regulated policies and regulations. 

The Job Market in Canada Is Growing

Canada’s strong economy and many large corporations mean that the job market benefits significantly from these factors. As a result, jobs keep pouring into Canada, which is one of the reasons why Indian immigrants are moving there at an increasing rate—the job market is welcoming them with open arms. If you are living in Dubai and want to enjoy the fruits of growing job markets in Canada, hurry up!

It should be noted that there are about 1 million job vacancies in Canada by year 2022, on which people are applying. No laws in Canada discriminate against immigrants from India and prohibit them from obtaining greater chances. You will experience an extraordinary level of job advancement in Canada. By securing excellent employment prospects that matched their experience and skill set, Indian immigrants achieved professional success in Canada.

Vacation locations in Canada are amazing

It’s a common question that why people from all over the world keep moving to Canada? The breathtaking holiday destinations this incredible country has to offer you are one of the benefits of coming to Canada. You have the chance to go to locations that have served as desktop wallpaper for as long as you can remember while you are here. A dream will come true if you go to Canada. Every year, a sizable number of people make the journey to Canada in search of a leisurely holiday.

Additionally, this is undoubtedly advantageous for you if you want to come to Canada. You no longer need to spend a fortune seeking adventure in another nation. Places like Banff, Niagara Falls, Jasper National Park, Prince Edward Island, and others are all accessible in Canada as an alternative. A lengthy trip to a location like Banff will leave you with a lifetime’s worth of priceless memories. The magnificent nature that you will encounter here is simply breathtaking. Therefore, Indians move to Canada every year in large numbers. Some Indians, who are already working in Dubai, rush to the Canadian immigration consultants in Dubai to migrate to Canada.

Canadians Benefit from Free Healthcare

 Canadian PR allows you to apply for public health insurance and eliminate most medical costs. Your tax dollars go toward supporting Canada’s universal healthcare system. You must provide your health card to get healthcare benefits at the hospital and clinic. 

Moving to another nation is a significant decision, particularly concerning the ongoing worldwide pandemic that has left many families insolvent after paying exorbitant medical expenditures. Therefore, numerous job opportunities in Canada and a free healthcare system attract Indians to migrate to Canada.


Indians’ American Dream has been replaced by a wish to migrate to Canada from India. Indians, who are working in the best countries like Dubai, are migrating to Canada for the reasons above. Canada is the best destination for Indian students, business people, families, and entrepreneurs. 

Previously, Indians preferred to immigrate to the United States; contemporarily, they prefer to move to Canada. Mainly due to two reasons; one, strict American immigration policies started in Trump’s era; two, Canadian welcoming immigration policies. Moreover, the country under discussion also portrays a bright future for immigrants with a large-scale potential for growth based on resources.

To immigrate to Canada without any complicated process, you can contact OCS for in-depth knowledge about immigration laws and regulations. 




Why more newcomers to Canada are choosing Thunder Bay


Why more newcomers to Canada are choosing Thunder Bay

Unlike in more populated places like Toronto or Vancouver, living in Thunder Bay won’t cost a fortune. Thunder Bay’s cheaper living cost is a significant selling point for the city.

Thunder Bay is far cheaper than major cities like Toronto and Vancouver while being an urban location with many of the same advantages. 

This region is the beginning of many journeys into the Northwest, and it has all the advantages of a large metropolis while retaining a strong sense of community. In doing so, it emphasizes celebrating cultural differences and making room for people from all walks of life. 

So, contact the best immigration consultants in Dubai today to clear any further queries to immigrate to Canada from Dubai or any part of the world. 

Thunder Bay: A Perfect Place for Immigrants

Thunder Bay has an impressive selection of facilities for a city of its size. It’s also one of the greenest and cleanest places to live in all of Canada, with an emphasis on creating a diverse and inclusive environment where people can thrive economically and socially in safe and welcoming communities within everyone’s financial reach.

The lifestyle in Thunder Bay is community-oriented and relaxed, focusing on family and harmony. Boating, skiing, hiking, and just spending time in nature are popular activities in the area.

Recent efforts in Thunder Bay have aimed to make the city more diverse and inviting to newcomers, and three movies on YouTube also feature newcomers to the city sharing their thoughts on what it’s like to settle there.

Recent efforts in Thunder Bay have aimed to make the city more diverse and inviting to newcomers, and three movies on YouTube also feature newcomers to the city sharing their thoughts on what it’s like to settle there.

What are the Benefits of Immigrating to Thunder Bay

The local economy is becoming more stable and diverse as traditional sectors like resource extraction and manufacturing combine with new and developing sectors like knowledge, education, and healthcare.

If you’re looking for a job in Thunder Bay, get the best Canadian immigration consultants in Dubai. More individuals are moving to Thunder Bay from larger towns because of the city’s affordable housing costs, many employment opportunities for professionals and skilled tradespeople, and beautiful natural surroundings.

In smaller communities, it is unusual to have a mixed economy and an atmosphere for innovation, but Thunder Bay is one of the exceptions. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that are disruptors, multiple universities, world-class research institutes, an international populace, and an industrial revival have contributed to Thunder Bay’s dramatic transformation in recent years.

Major corporations, small enterprises, art studios, and government officials now call Thunder Bay home.

There are a lot of fascinating job opportunities in Thunder Bay, and the average commute time is just 10 minutes, thanks to the city’s inexpensive cost of living and expanding economy. Job prospects pay well in many fields, from plumbers and electricians to attorneys and healthcare workers.

An Ideal Location for Immigrants

Thunder Bay, the capital of Northwestern Ontario, is one of the most diversified locations to live, study, work, conduct business, and play because it combines a peaceful, natural ambiance with a busy urban center.

It is a great place if you want to immigrate to Canada from Dubai because of its low land prices, affordable building expenses, and lack of development fees. Much land in the city has been set aside for construction so that you may find cheap office, warehouse, and airport space there. Combined and commercial property in this central business district is ideal for new and existing businesses. 

By owning or investing in a suitable Canadian firm, eligible applicants may get permanent residency in Canada under the Business Immigrant and Investor Program.

Thunder Bay is an ideal location for new construction due to its low land prices and lack of development fees.

Employment Opportunities in Thunder Bay

Because of the city’s thriving industries, including those in accountancy, aerospace, mining, and information technology, Thunder Bay is an attractive destination for immigrants, whether they are seasoned professionals or just starting in their chosen industry. It is one of the best provinces in Canada for job opportunities

The Thunder Bay Commerce Association has prepared a helpful Small Business Resource Guide to aid entrepreneurs in launching and maintaining their ventures. The Chamber also provides chances for professional development and networking.

Interested job-seekers in Thunder Bay may learn more about available positions and submit applications online at the city’s official website.

The skilled trades workforce in Thunder Bay is highly educated and culturally diversified. More than 5000 skilled workers, according to estimates from professionals in the field, live in Northwest Ontario. These persons are employed in the institutional, commercial, and industrial sectors.

High Quality of Life

Considering the city’s cheap cost of living and abundance of natural attractions, you can probably get an opinion of Thunder Bay’s quality of life if you want to immigrate to Canada.  The stresses of city life, such as traffic, high housing costs, and a lack of green spaces, may hurt a person’s mental and physical well-being.

It’s possible to enjoy a high quality of life in Thunder Bay without worrying about rising housing and transportation prices, thanks to the city’s low population density and plenty of parks, trails, and open areas.

Thunder Bay is your new home, so it’s time to say goodbye to hot indoor gyms, bad air, and money problems.

Multicultural Region

Thunder Bay, Ontario, is unquestionably one of Canada’s most culturally diverse cities. The “Thunder Bay Multicultural Association” is one such group in the city (TBMA).

By providing a wide range of services, encouraging local growth and development, and fostering a more equitable social environment, they want to assist newcomers settling in the area, advance multiculturalism, and combat prejudice.

Because of its warm reception of newcomers from other countries, this region and the surrounding area will become a melting pot of cultures and an attraction for newcomers who will boost the local economy and enrich the local society.

And their goal is to create a society where individuals of all different ethnicities and origins are welcomed and encouraged to take an active role in all aspects of Canadian life.

Entertainment Facilities in Thunder Bay

The immigrant community in Thunder Bay has a lot to look forward to in terms of restaurants and nightlife. More than two hundred eateries and a healthy selection of nightlife venues can be found in Thunder Bay’s downtown.

Thunder Bay City is the ideal destination to enjoy an all-night event with plenty of dance areas playing music.

Going out to eat is usually a good time, but it’s much more enjoyable with a group of people. So, what are you waiting for? In case of any confusion, you can take help from the best immigration consultants in Dubai, OCS, to make the process easier. 

Medical Facilities

There is one large hospital in Thunder Bay, the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Institute, and many long-term care facilities run by the St. Joseph’s Care Group, including the Lakehead Psych Ward, St. Joseph’s Hospital, and Hogarth Riverview Manor.

Lakehead is home to the North Ontario School of Medicine.

There are also other smaller dental and medical clinics in Thunder Bay. Immigrants to Thunder Bay should not worry about meeting their health care needs.

This is the place to go for those seeking positions of authority in medicine, education, and research. Those needing medical attention may access a full spectrum of care at Thunder Bay’s clinics and hospitals.

Education Facilities

There are several options for elementary and secondary education in Thunder Bay, including 38 elementary schools, three middle schools, eight high schools, two private schools, a university, two institutes, a med school, and an adult education facility.

French immersion classes, extensive support for students with special needs, the IB Diploma Plan, and an Outdoor Training Facility are available at these institutions.

Lakehead District School Board and Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board are the three primary boards that serve the area’s students.

Interesting Points You Need to Know About Thunder Bay

  • You can find the second biggest curling rock in the world, after the one at Fort William Gardens, right here in Thunder Bay
  • In 1921, during a convention held just at Prince Arthur Hotel, the poppy was officially recognized as a symbol of remembering
  • As a city, Thunder Bay is home to more than a hundred parks
  • According to a recent study, Thunder Bay, Ontario, has the highest rate of producing pro hockey players per population of any city in the world
  • Thunder Bay is the warmest city in Eastern Canada, with approximately 2200 hours of sunshine each year
  • As the most prominent living history museum in North America, the Canadian Signature Experience that is Fort William Historical Park is not to be missed
  • Just east of Thunder Bay, in 1980, Terry Fox completed his Marathon of Hope
  • Thunder Bay ranks sixth in cultural diversity compared to other cities of comparable size in North America


Relocating to Thunder Bay, Ontario, is a good idea for several reasons.

Thunder Bay is the region’s economic, administrative, and medical center, the biggest city in Northwestern Ontario.

Thunder Bay has been expanding its knowledge-based sectors, particularly in biotech and molecular medicine, from forestry to transport to science, health, and biosciences.

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3 Ways to Fast Track Your Canadian PR


3 Ways to Fast Track Your Canadian PR

Canada’s government institutions have introduced several immigration initiatives and policies to attract workers of varying skill levels to immigrate to the nation. Immigration to Canada is also made easy by the government.

Permanent Residents (PRs) in Canada may now apply for PR visa Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), utilizing a wide range of pathways open to skilled workers, students, investors, and business owners. You can also contact the best immigration consultants in Dubai for further clarification. 

Read on if you want to know how to get your Canadian PR quickly.

Track Your Canadian Permanent Residence with OCS

The most direct route to permanent residence in Canada is often determined by the immigrant’s intended use of time after arrival. However, there are a few ways to enter Canada legally and quickly get permanent status.  The following article will show you proven and proper methods to speed up obtaining your Canadian PR.

  1. Provincial Nominee Program
  2. Atlantic Immigration Program
  3. Setup Your Own Business

1. Provincial Nominee Program

The Canadian PNP is the best option for those seeking entry to Canada quickly and easily. Each Canadian province has the authority to invite and suggest highly skilled individuals for immigrants based on the province’s specific labor market and in-demand professions.

Why is PNP a Great Option?

To immigrate to Canada, and become a permanent resident, you must get a grant from one of the eleven participating provinces and territories. Your chances of being granted permanent residence by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizen Canada (IRCC) increase if the province you want to settle in has designated you as someone whose talents and expertise are in great demand.

Specific Regions of PNP

Nominations are made at the provincial level to guarantee enough qualified people in specific sectors to keep things running smoothly. While immigrants from all corners of the world support Canada’s economy, your particular set of talents may be in more demand in less populated areas like Saskatchewan and Yukon.

Specialized Areas Under PNP

Each region has its unique nomination scheme that includes its series of streams. Students, professionals, and those with less education or experience in the workforce and those in business may all find a suitable path. The first step in getting a PNP is researching the various provinces’ requirements and determining which ones are a good fit for your skillset.

Benefits of Various PNP Areas to Fast Track Your Canada PR

  • Alberta Province

Candidates seeking permanent residency in the province are evaluated individually since there is no predetermined list of required skills or work experience. So, contact the best Canadian immigration consultants in Dubai today to apply for immigration to Alberta province. 

  • Saskatchewan Province

This PNP gives applicants a massive advantage if they have family connections to the province, even if it’s only a distant aunt or uncle.

  • Ontario Province

Information technology (IT) professionals, software developers, and cloud administrators are all in demand in Ontario. There is a better probability of obtaining an Ontario PNP if your career path is in information technology.

  • Quebec, Canada

If you’re fluent in French, you’ll fit right in here in this province. As French is the official language of Quebec, being fluent in French as a primary or second language is an asset when applying for a Quebec PNP.

  • Nova Scotia Province

The healthcare industry and the business world both have openings in this PNP.

  • British Columbia Province

Because of its quick and easy immigration procedure, British Columbia is a top choice for newcomers.


1- You may start working in Canada as soon as you acquire a provincial nomination before your permanent resident visa is even approved.

2- You may expect to acquire your Canadian permanent residence visa in less than a year if you apply within a specific period.

3- Even if you work in a field that isn’t often regarded as highly skilled, you still may be able to apply for Provincial Nomination.

2. Apply Through Atlantic Immigration Program to Track Canadian PR

Canada is considered the world’s second-best nation in which to work and live.

As a premier destination, it ranks high in terms of sustainability, cultural impact, economic impact, entrepreneurial spirit, and, most importantly, quality of life.

After receiving PR status in Canada, one can move to any country’s provinces or territories. You are not bound to your current employment, position, or state.

Previously called the Atlantic Immigrant Pilot Program (AIPP), the Atlantic Immigrant Program (AIP) is now a permanent immigration option.

To aid Canadian firms in their search for qualified employees, the Atlantic Visa Program (AIP) was established. This is the route that employers encourage bright employees and international graduates to take. The provinces of Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, the Island of Prince Edward, and Nova Scotia are all included in the AIP.

Can You Apply for AIP?

Suppose you are a qualified foreign worker in Canada or abroad or have just completed a post-secondary school in Atlantic Canada. In that case, you may be eligible to apply for immigration under the Atlantic Immigration System (university or college). Contact the best Canadian immigration consultants in Dubai to make this process easier and less time consuming. 

Eligibility Requirements for AIP

1- You need a verified work offer from a recognized company in one of the Atlantic provinces of Canada.

2- You and your family must have the means to live comfortably in Canada.

3- An employment offer from a company headquartered in any of the Atlantic regions

4- Provincial referral

5- A promise to file for permanent residency within 90 days after applying for a work visa

6- You will then be issued a work visa for your company.

Job Areas through AIP

Different categories exist under the Atlantic Immigrant Program for people with varying education and professional experience levels. To qualify for this group, you must first meet the criteria given out by each stream.

Time Duration of AIP for Canada Residency

The majority of AIP submissions take about six months to be processed. Being an employer-driven initiative, it works to expedite the immigration process for talented people to Canada.

Edge of Choosing AIP for Canada PR

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot (AIP) is a pathway to permanent residence in Canada for foreign nationals who have been offered jobs in one of the four Atlantic provinces. Candidates must get a work permit to lawfully work in Canada before seeking permanent immigration.

One of the main benefits of applying to this program to  immigrate to Canada is that it provides the opportunity to work in Canada without LMIA. Reduced IRCC Timings result from not having to handle the LMIA certificate at the time of application.

3. Start Your Business in Canada to get Canada PR

Multiple immigration programs are available in Canada for business owners, whether establishing a new company or investing in an established one.

If you have the necessary funds, this approach may quickly earn you Canadian permanent status. These individuals are those from outside of Canada who have the desire to establish a firm there. You may contact the best immigration consultants in Dubai for a Start-up immigration or participate in provincial corporate immigration programs.

Get Your Startup Visa Right Now!

Most individuals who want to immigrate to Canada via the business path utilize the Start-Up Visa. You’ll need to meet a few things to qualify for a Start-Up Visa, which is designed to help you launch a company in Canada.

Can You Apply for Start-Up Visa Program

Canadian immigration policy allows start-up visas for foreign business owners who;

  • Possess the potential and access to launch new companies in Canada  
  • Show creativity in providing employment opportunities for others.
  • Own a firm with global competitive potential.
  •  Possess an original idea, a workable company plan, and sufficient money.
  • Eligibility Requirements for Business Start-Up Visa

One of the essential requirements for this visa is approval from a recognized group. Further, you need to:

  1. Own a company that meets the requirements, which may include, but are not limited to, originality and creativity.
  2. Take an official language exam in either English or French and score above the CLB minimum required by the government of Canada.

You should bring enough money to settle in Canada, regardless of the value of your firm.

Duration to Get Start-Up Visa

When applying for a business visa, the processing period at the IRCC varies according to the kind of visa requested. Consider that you may always register for a six-month temporary visa to run a trial business venture before committing to permanent residency.


There is a common saying that Canada is an immigrant’s paradise. Canada continues to wow the globe yearly with its rising immigration rate.

The country’s openness, rising prosperity, and streamlined immigration procedures have made it an attractive option for foreigners looking to start new lives there.

While some of these visa choices may shorten the time it takes to get Canadian permanent residency, others may provide additional challenges, and all need you to adhere to specific laws and regulations. Ensure you have all the required paperwork to prevent unnecessary holdups in the administrative procedure. If you want to enter Canada as soon as possible, you need to have someone on your side.

The best immigration consultants in Dubai  in the Canadian immigration system, OCS is dedicated to providing you with the most suitable visa and immigration service in Canada. If you fill out the online form for an initial consultation, we can start your application immediately.

Once we’ve evaluated your credentials, we’ll let you know whether you meet the criteria. If you meet a job offer or pre arranged employment requirements, we’ll start working on your permanent residence visa or work permit application.



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