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Canada Announces a Change in Temporary Foreign Worker Program – 2022


Canada Announces a Change in Temporary Foreign Worker Program – 2022

The shortage of labour is seen in the regulated workplaces of Canada because of the rising population. So for the betterment of the labour market, Canadian employers hire workers temporarily from outside the country. This temporary foreign worker program meets the growth factor in many work industries of Canada, such as technology, economy, environment and healthcare. 

In 2022, Canada has announced more relaxation in foreign worker rules to increase labour in the workforce. The world is facing economic disturbance and an increasing unemployment rate after the Covid-19 pandemic. And to meet the needs, Canada has recently announced some major changes in TFWP to fill the job opportunities in various sectors. 

What are the Changes in TFWP 2022?

To accommodate the employment needs, the Canadian government has announced some major changes in the temporary foreign worker program on April 02, 2022. Now you can migrate to Canada from Dubai or any country for work opportunities easily. Let’s discuss them in the following:

Validity Duration of LMIA

It should be noted that before the pandemic of Covid-19, the validity duration of the Labour Market Impact Assessment was just six months. During the pandemic, there was a disturbance in the economy worldwide. And Canadian government increased the duration of LMIAs to nine months. 

It’s surprising that the validity of LMIAs now lasts 18 months after the under the employment and social development of Canada. 

Extension in Duration of Employment

One of the major changes in TFWP is the increase in the duration of employment for foreign workers. The employment duration used to be two years long for the high-wage and global talent stream workers, increasing to three years. 

And the longer employment duration also allows foreign workers to apply for permanent residency in Canada. Contributing to Canada’s workforce by offering your role and services in different sectors proves highly beneficial in the long term. 

Seasonal Cap Exemption Policy

Before 2015, there was a limit on the employment rate of low-wage positions during the industrial season. The Canadian government passed the policy to exempt workers’ low seasonal employment rate in 2015. And recently, in April 2022, the seasonal cap exemption became permanent. 

And from now the foreign worker program has increased the duration of seasonal employment from 180 days to 270 days annually. 

Another strategic policy by the Canadian government is to increase the hiring rate of employers to 30% in labour shortage sectors. And through the TWF program, all employment sectors of Canada can hire up to 20% of foreign workers from the previous 10% employment rate. 

Moreover, the seven major sectors for the increased employment rate through TFWP include food industries, wood manufacturing, interior and furniture sector, construction companies, health sector, and other residential departments. 

Impact of Changes in Temporary Foreign Worker Program Beneficial?

The latest changes in the TFW program 2022 by the Canadian government will prove highly beneficial in different aspects. But some people and work sectors are also unhappy about it. Let’s discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of these major changes in the following:

  • These increase in the employment rate of foreign workers through the TFW program help in fulfilling the vacancies in the work sector
  • High skilled foreign workers can get the opportunity to offer their services in the work departments of Canada
  • The low-wage foreign workers can work for the Canadian employers for a longer duration 
  • Some sectors criticize these changes for security purposes when more expatriates visit Canada for work opportunities. 

High Un-Employment Rate Recorded in Canada

The main reason for the changes in the TFW program in 2022 is the increasing unemployment rate and empty job vacancies in the workforce of Canadian sectors. After the Covid-19 pandemic, there were more than 9 lac job vacancies. So, the Canadian government has set some rules and policies for hiring skilled foreign employers to meet labour needs.

Labour shortage is the main cause of the economic fall of a country. So after the policies introduced in TFWP, more workers can now immigrate to Canada to fill the record-breaking job vacancies. And it’s highly beneficial for the skilful foreign people and the economy of a country. 

The Ending Note

Canada’s temporary foreign worker program 2022 has introduced major changes to fill the unemployment rate. Moreover, the LMIA positions for low-wage workers have also improved with the increased time duration. Thousands of people come to Canada each other under this program to meet their poor economic status. 




The Eligibility Criteria for Canadian Work Permit Visa in 2022


The Eligibility Criteria for Canadian Work Permit Visa in 2022

Want to get employment in Canada as a foreign worker? Then you must fulfill the eligibility criteria for the Canadian work permit visa requirements of 2022. It’s a legal documentation permit to allow workers worldwide to seek employment opportunities in Canada. And Canada offers many procedures and processes to follow for the international applicants to work here. 

Every overseas student and worker dreams to get future opportunities in Canada for some specific period. So, apply for a work visa after you get your job letter from a Canadian work company or employer. Make your dream come true to work in one of the world’s largest economies, Canada, by finding a job and applying for a Canada work visa. 

Eligibility Criteria to Work in Canada

As a foreign national, you need a Canadian work visa if you get an opportunity to work with a Canadian employer. So, let’s discuss the criteria and requirements to fulfil if you want to become eligible for this work permit in the following:

  • Submit your job offer letter from a Canadian work institution or employer
  • The Labour market assessment (LMIA)documentation proof is necessary to support your job offer
  • You don’t need LMIA support evidence if you’ve completed your qualification from the designated learning institute of Canada
  • Moreover, being the spouse of a Canadian resident or worker also proves beneficial in getting a work permit
  • Attach your bank details and fund statements to prove your financial stability
  • Submit all your required documents to become eligible to apply
  • Prove that you’ll move out of Canadian residency after the expiration of your work permit with an organization
  • The clearance certificate is also necessary to prove your criminal free record
  • Medical clearance certificates are necessary before getting a Canadian work opportunity to ensure a good health

Required Documents in 2022 to apply for Work Permit in Canada

  • Copy of valid passport with the minimum validity of 6 months
  • Two passport size photographs
  • Educational documents and academic records
  • Work experience certificates
  • Qualification certificates
  • Bank statements or fund proofs
  • Medical certificates
  • Fee voucher

Can you easily get a Canadian Work Visa?

Getting a work permit visa in Canada depends on the type of work visa a student or a foreign worker is applying for. The job offer must follow some work permit applications and the criteria you want to apply for a work visa. LMI assessment is required in most Canadian job offers with some exemptions. 

For example, in 2022, the province of Eastern Canada, Quebec, has different criteria and requirements for foreign workers. The work permit includes a set of restrictions and a set of requirements to follow if you need to work with a Canadian firm. 

Benefits of Employer-Supported Canadian Work Visa in 2022

On becoming eligible for an employer supporter work permit, a person can bring their family to Canada. So, bringing your spouse and your children with you for a specific period of your job is a great edge in this process. Moreover, Canada is a welcoming country with diverse cultures and norms. 

So, educational institutions of Canada also welcome your children to enrol in studies. And your spouse can also become eligible to apply for a work permit with you to work for any employer in Canada. 

Canada Work Visa Fees

The processing fee to apply for a Canada work permit depends upon the type of visa you’re applying for. It should be noted that the open work permit charges more fees than applying for a closed work permit. Such as the Canadian open work permit cost is about $200- CAD 255 per person. On the other hand, Canada closed work permit cost is $100- CAD 155 per person. You also have to pay an additional fee in case of any changes you want in the documentation procedure. 


Get the Canadian work permit visa to get the work opportunities in Canada as a foreign employer. Staying in Canada for 1-2 years on a work permit allows a person to stay for the specific duration of the job offer. The work permit period also depends upon the time duration that the Canadian company has offered to work to an individual. 

So, follow the above steps to be eligible for a work visa in Canada by applying to the program after getting the job offer. 




Rule for PR in Canada for International Students in 2022


Rule for PR in Canada for International Students in 2022

Among different residency categories in Canada, getting a permanent residence as an international student is one of them. And international students should apply for a work permit before applying for Canada PR Visa. You can follow different pathways to move to Canada permanently, which we will discuss in the blog. 

Getting a permanent Canadian residency by international students needs some specific skills and rules to follow. As an international student, you must follow a dual intent procedure by applying for a study permit before a PR visa. Make your studying, living, and fitting into Canadian life easy by following simple rules. 

What are some rules for PR in Canada for international students? 

It should be noted that as an international student, you have to follow some procedures to get a permanent residency in Canada. Different programs have different requirements according to the criteria and pathways set. Let’s discuss some major programs and their rules for PR in Canada for international students in the following:

1- Canadian Experience Class- CEC

One of the most reliable and fastest ways to get a Canada PR visa is to follow the CEC program. There are some eligibility requirements for the students to follow this program. And some of these factors include an age limit, level of education, qualification, and language proficiency test scores. 

Another main thing to consider is that the 12 months of work experience during studies doesn’t count as a different experience. Many students apply to Canada residency for a post-graduation work permit through the wonderful options of the CEC program. 

2- Follow the Federal Skilled Worker Program

Like the Canadian Experience Class, the FSW program also falls under the Express Entry Immigration program. Differing from Express Entry, the international students don’t have to get 12 months of Canadian work experience to get eligible to apply. And to apply through the FSW program, you have to get good scores in the comprehensive ranking system. 

3- Immigration through PNP

Different provinces and territories of Canada offer different provincial nominee programs for students. And there are different eligibility requirements and factors for PNP programs in different provinces. If you’ve completed your studies at the university of any province offering this program, then apply for a Canada PR visa. 

Having some educational connection with Canada’s different provinces and territories provides you with an edge to apply for PR. Considering the PNP programs is a great option to consider moving to Canada permanently. 

4- Get Post-Graduation Permit

The students can apply for a post-graduation work permit after completing their studies at a designated university. And getting a post-graduation work visa allows an individual to continue the studies and stay permanently as a Canadian resident. It should be noted that this work permit program is not a residency program. But it’s a work permit to stay in Canada as a student and as an employer. 

5- Immigrate through Quebec Programs

Quebec is a popular province of Eastern Canada that offers international students different eligibility criteria and requirements. And its residency programs are different from the federal, PNP, and express entry rules. 

Quebec Experience Options

If you want to get Quebec Experience immigration options, then completing your study program at any institution in Quebec is necessary. Or at least six months of stay in Quebec for a study program is a must. As an international student, you must have French proficiency at an intermediate level.

Quebec Skilled Worker Program

Differing from Quebec Experience Immigration, the international students don’t need French proficiency to apply for this program. But you must pass the assessment test with good scores during your educational credential in Quebec. 

The Bottom Line

Settling in a different country as an international student seems a tough task. But choosing Canada as a place for permanent residency to continue your studies and work is a great option for anyone. There are different rules for PR in Canada for international students. So, taking into account all the programs is essential to choose one that suits fit according to your eligibility criteria. 

Stay in touch with our blogs to stay updates with the latest news and information about immigration trands in Canada. 




Looking for Canada Consultancy in Dubai? Give it a read!


Looking for Canada Jobs Consultancy in Dubai? Give it a read!

Providing job opportunities to young workers in a large number of sectors, Canada has higher employment rates than the other parts of the world. Also, this country provides various healthcare benefits as well as top world-ranked educational services to students. It should be noted that the UAE residents want to immigrate to Canada to study, work, and live a life full of social benefits. 

A person can get job opportunities in almost all sectors in Canada by influencing the economy in the best possible way. Moreover, the low birth rate in the country is the cause of manpower shortage in various sectors. And because of this, the UAE residents are looking for a Canada job consultancy in Dubai to develop a bright future. 

Immigration Consultancy Companies in Dubai

It’s a hectic and time taking process for the UAE residents looking for immigration to Canada from Dubai for job purposes. The demand for immigration and job consultancy in Dubai is rising to a larger extent over the last few years. The reason is that it makes it easier for the immigrants to take guidance from the consultancy companies to develop or grow their careers in the other country. 

It should be noted that the Canada jobs consultancy in Dubai provides all the guidance and a pathway to people willing to migrate. Also, you come to know about the great business opportunities, work sectors, industries’ requirements, as well as man-force in different sectors. The workplaces in Canada provide opportunities to people from all over the world. So, fulfill your dream citizenship residence with the right consultancy. 

Key responsibilities of Jobs Consultancy Companies in Dubai

The consultancy companies provide all the guidance to monitor the smooth immigration process for people. Also, these companies resolve the different queries of people willing to immigrate about the job opportunities as well as residential requirements. Let’s discuss the key responsibilities of Canada job consultancy in Dubai in the following:

Guiding People About the Whole Process

The job consultancy companies guide the immigrants about the UK visa requirements for UAE residents as well as provide Canada job consultancy. You can get to know about the different job opportunities in Canada and the companies having vacant positions. You also get to know about how to apply for a job application form in Canada, which job suits perfectly according to your personality, as well as applying in different industries. 

Link Between Job Companies and Immigrants

One of the main responsibilities of job consultancy companies is to create a vital link between the residents willing to migrate to Canada and the client companies. You can get in touch with the Canadian work policies, marketing rules, and techniques by taking the proper consultancy. 

Creating Job Offers

Looking for job opportunities while migrating to Canada from Dubai? No need to worry now as the job consultants in Dubai help people in creating job offers to apply in different sectors in Canada. Also, these companies make the immigrants prepared for different tests, screening, and interviews. 

Why Migrate to Canada from Dubai for work?

People from all over the world set Canada as their ideal destination place to work because of its amazing lifestyle with work benefits. Let’s discuss some top reasons why people choose Canada to work:

Low Unemployment Rate

In comparison to other developed countries, the unemployment rate in Canada is less because of a large number of job opportunities. Moreover, this advanced country uses the latest technologies and internet usage to stand among the IT competitor countries. Getting a job is easier in Canada because of the large number of industries. 

Work Benefits for People

Another main reason to migrate to Canada for job purposes is that this country has amazing work policies for its workers. You can get a lot of benefits while utilizing your skills in the manpower industries of Canada. Government-funded healthcare facilities and maternity leaves are the most popular work benefits that people get there. 

Affordable Living

Another main reason why the UAE residents look for Canada job consultancy in Dubai is to pursue their future careers is the affordable cost of living. Different from other developed countries, the real estate in Canada is also cheaper and affordable depending upon the place you choose. Moreover, food, fuel, and other products are also cheaper which also reduces the crime rate. As the crime rate is much lower in Canada, people prefer to live in this safest country. 





Want to Travel to UK on Work Permit from Dubai? Learn How!

UK work permit from Dubai

Want to Travel to the UK on Work Permit from Dubai? Learn How!

The countries with high economic growth provide a lot of work opportunities for skilled and professional workers. So this is the reason why the UAE residents want a UK work permit from Dubai to work in one of the most globalized economies. Having a large number of huge corporate sectors, industries, and multinational companies, the UK offers various work opportunities. 

Build your career and enjoy the amazing employment benefits in a country full of history, art, colors, and diversity. People from all over the world want the UK work visa because of the expanding job opportunities in different sectors. 

What Do You Know About the UK Work Permit Visa?

The UK, a country known for its art and culture has always opened doors for skilled workers to grow its economy to build efficient manpower. And for this purpose, the workers have to clear some requirements such as Tier 2 visa program or getting a permit visa based on their skills and expertise. 

The skilled worker permits visa allows professionals and experts to get shortlisted for the Tier 2 Occupation list. And these workers in the Tier 2 program list have higher chances of getting selected to get a UK work permit from Dubai. Moreover, healthcare, finance, teaching, hospitality, cooking, and administration services are the most popular sectors of the UK. 

Requirements for Getting UK Work Permit from Dubai

The eligible applicants should meet the criteria to apply for the UK work permit. Let’s discuss in following requirements to get a work permit visa in the UK:

    • Attach your current passport with the latest photographs
    • Your identity details should be clear with the attached documents
    • College-level education up to 12th grade is a must to apply 
    • Attach the valid sponsor license certificate from the company you’ve been working with
  • Getting good scores on English proficiency tests increases the chance of getting a UK work visa
  • Minimum 5 bands are necessary to get in IELTS to get eligible for applying
  • Excellent academic performance with many years of experience in your field also increases the chance
  • Some clearance certificates are also necessary documents for security purposes
  • Attach the bank statements to prove that you’re financially stable enough to meet the expenses
  • Apply 3 months before you are joining as an employee in the UK from Dubai to complete all the steps

UK Job Consultancy in Dubai

The job consultants provide UK job consultancy in Dubai for the complete guidance of applicants. Moreover, these consulting companies act as a mentor to provide a pathway for people willing to immigrate to the UK from Dubai. And they perform the following roles:

  • Guide the applicants about filling out the application form to apply 
  • Detailed assessment of the application and help in improving it
  • Make sure the documents checklist essential to attach
  • Submission of all the necessary documents as well as the applicant’s form
  • Creating a bridge between the concerned job departments and applicants
  • Providing complete support in all steps of immigration 

Top 3 Benefits of Getting a UK Work Permit from Dubai

Diversity of Culture

The UK residents welcome the expatriates from all over the world warmly. And there’s a high adaptation of different cultures, norms, beliefs, and values in this highly economized country. Moreover, the UK’s traditionally modernized environment provides entertainment as well as work opportunities for people worldwide. 

Globalized Economy

In comparison to other countries in Europe, the UK has a highly globalized economy. And it stands 5th in terms of better economic growth. Also, there are low taxation policies in the country making the lives of people easier. A large number of the world’s biggest manufacturing companies attract people from all over the world to enjoy their living standards.

Free Healthcare Facilities

Providing amazing facilities and services in the health, education, and food sectors, the UK is the safest country to live in. In addition, you can enjoy private healthcare policies with complete guidance in the United Kingdom. So, apply for a UK work visa today to enjoy the world’s best healthcare facilities. 


Getting the right kind of job with employee benefits and high quality of living is considered the luckiest thing to happen for anyone. And now, you can make it possible by applying for a UK work permit from Dubai by getting in touch with UK job consultancy companies. In addition, evaluate your application form in detail, and ensure that you’ve attached all the necessary documents. 

Polish your work skills in different fields of science, technology, food, and health by fulfilling your dream to work in the UK.

people find it a destination place for living.




UK Visa Requirements for UAE Residents You Need to Know

PR visa for Canada

Complete and perfect planning before taking a step is the key to a successful journey. So, why not prepare yourself completely while making a plan for moving to the UK from Dubai? Pay attention to all the details and requirements for immigration from one country to another. Moreover, pay deep attention to the details of the place where you’re moving.

The UAE residents are frequently concerned about meeting the UK visa requirements, which they found to be a stressful and time-consuming process. Relax now, as this blog is for you to learn about how to apply for a UK visa from Dubai.

Visa Requirement for moving to the UK from Dubai

The country of United Kingdom is full of colors, flowers, windmills, and aesthetic cafes. So, people from all over the world find it an ideal place to live. Let’s discuss how can you apply for a visa for moving to UK from Dubai in the following steps:

Attach All The Necessary Documents

Firstly, apply for a UK visa by filling out the form. And keep in mind that the form should be free of any kind of errors. Then attach some necessary documents which are:

  • Recent passport-size photographs
  • The photographs should be taken with white background
  • And it should have 6 month validity
  • Then, attach the UAE residency visa
  • And it should also have almost 6 months of validity
  • National Occupational certification letter from the company you’ve worked with
  • State the designation, rank, pay package, or anything asked in the form
  • Attach the trade license if applying for a business visa
  • Also, attach your bank statements to prove your financial stability
  • Invitation letter of a sponsor which can be a company, a family member, or any relative

Pay the Visa Fee On Time

After attaching all the documents and filling out the application form, you have to pay the visa fee. It depends on the type of visa as well as your residency requirements. Moreover, you can pay this amount in any way, by credit or debit card. After you proceed with these steps, the UK embassy will schedule an appointment with you for further steps.

Interview With UK Embassy

The next step is that the UK embassy will call you for a scheduled interview to ask some questions and clear up the queries, and for this purpose, you have to be there on time to create a good impression. Also, try to give convincing answers to all the queries.

Wait for Approval

Don’t rush anything, and don’t become impatient. Patience is the key to success, so just wait for the approval, which takes 14 working days. If you’ve completed all the above steps and your interview goes well, then there’s a high chance you’ll get a UK visa.

Why are people moving from Dubai to the UK?

It has become very common for UAE residents to move to the UK from Dubai. There are various reasons for preferring the UK for permanent residences, such as its friendly and welcoming environment. Also, there is high adoption of international culture, norms, beliefs, and languages in this country.

Moreover, it also becomes easier for UK residents to move across Europe for tours and vacations. Some students also prefer the UK because of its high-class educational system. You can get your qualification from world-ranking universities living in the UK. Moreover, you can also get to have affordable healthcare in comparison to some other parts of the world.

Benefits of Getting a UK Visa

After putting so much effort into applying for a UK visa from UAE, let’s discuss the edges you get from this visa in the following:

  • A UK visa is required to start your business there
  • This Visa is compulsory for students to pursue their studies
  • Want to enjoy the UK tour? Get its visa
  • Permanent residence in the UK also demands the country visa
  • Want to move to any other country? Attach your UK visa

Wrap Up

Having a complete understanding of the country where you’re moving is essential to get rid of some stress. Also, make a proper plan, and get to know all kinds of requirements which you have to fulfill to prevent the prior issues. Moving to the UK brings a lot of adventures as well as hardships in life.

So, we have provided a complete guide about moving to the UK from Dubai. Stay in touch with us to learn more about immigration policies.




How to Migrate to Canada From Dubai in 2022

Migrate to Canada

Canada is rich in culture because of its diversity in history, art, music, and traditions. So, Dubai residents keep looking for how to migrate to Canada from Dubai. No need to worry now! This blog will answer all of your questions about the immigration system from Dubai to Canada. 

Moreover, if you’re a Dubai resident, keep in mind that Canada is not like Dubai. You should be prepared to see the high level of cultural adaptation in the country. There are various opportunities for people in both Canada and Dubai in terms of facilities and living conditions. 

How To Migrate to Canada From Dubai?

People keep planning to move to Canada because of the amazing job opportunities and skills they can learn in a country full of art and culture. If you’re looking for a way to migrate to Canada from Dubai, then this blog is for you! Keep reading to get all your answers as it’s not some kind of rocket science. 

  • Firstly, select the option according to which you’re applying to get the visa for Canada. It should be noted that Dubai residents have a large variety of options. Such as you can apply for a Canada visa as a federal or provincial economic class, Quebec immigration, or scholarships. After choosing the specific option, apply for the visa.
  • Providing all the educational information with the required documents is necessary while applying for a Canadian visa. Apply for the Education Credential Assessment process. And verification of educational documents by ECA is necessary to prove the validity. 
  • The Canadian government provides a portal Express Entry to manage Canadian residents. So, creating your profile and filling in all the details on this platform is an essential step. Moreover, it can also help you improve your score in the comprehensive ranking system. 
  • After receiving the invitation from the immigration company about a Canadian visa, complete all the payment procedures. Also, you have to submit all the required documents within 2 months.
  • After fulfilling all the required details and fee submission details, there’s a high chance of your visa approval. And after the approval, go to the nearest embassy to get your passport.

Essential Requirements for Applying to Migrate to Canada from Dubai

If you’re a Dubai resident who is willing to apply for a Canadian visa, then focus on the following requirements to fulfill: 

  • The eligibility score for Express Entry Program is 67 points
  • Having a great command of the English or French language will be a plus point
  • Another main requirement is having sufficient finance and funds to support immigration
  • The immigration companies prefer people with at least 2 years of full-time experience
  • Moreover, it likes people with managerial, professional, or technical occupations
  • A person has to submit all his/her educational as well as character and health certificates

Why Do People Migrate to Canada from Dubai?

Dubai residents keep looking for Canadian immigration consultants in Dubai. Let us look at some of the most common reasons for people’s increased interest in Canadian immigration:

Best Place for Amazing Job Opportunities

Speaking about job opportunities and the value of skills and talent, Canada is the best option to choose. It’s because this country has many seats and opportunities for people who have skills in various professional fields. People with experience in engineering, medicine, media studies, or any other field can get amazing job opportunities in Canada. 

Free Health Facilities for Citizens

Education, health, and food are the top priorities of people anywhere in the world. So, people prefer living in Canada because of its amazing basic health facilities, which are free for its residents. It should also be noted that the Canadian government pays for basic health facilities for medicines, eye care, and dental care. 

High-Quality Living

Everyone is striving to achieve high standards of living. And that’s one of the main reasons people search for how to migrate to Canada from Dubai. Canada provides its residents with a fantastic lifestyle that balances personal and professional life. 

Cultural Adaptation

As we all know, Canada is famous for cultural adaptation towards immigrants. The immigrants feel so welcomed by the Canadian people. So, people love moving to Canada because of its warm and loving attitude. 

The Bottom Line

If you’re searching for how to migrate to Canada from Dubai, then you’re at the perfect place to read about it. In this blog, we have provided a complete guide to immigrating to Canada by fulfilling some requirements. Canada is a place full of art, music, history, and culture. So, people find it a destination for living. 



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