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Migrate to Canada

Canada is rich in culture because of its diversity in history, art, music, and traditions. So, Dubai residents keep looking for how to migrate to Canada from Dubai. No need to worry now! This blog will answer all of your questions about the immigration system from Dubai to Canada. 

Moreover, if you’re a Dubai resident, keep in mind that Canada is not like Dubai. You should be prepared to see the high level of cultural adaptation in the country. There are various opportunities for people in both Canada and Dubai in terms of facilities and living conditions. 

How To Migrate to Canada From Dubai?

People keep planning to move to Canada because of the amazing job opportunities and skills they can learn in a country full of art and culture. If you’re looking for a way to migrate to Canada from Dubai, then this blog is for you! Keep reading to get all your answers as it’s not some kind of rocket science. 

  • Firstly, select the option according to which you’re applying to get the visa for Canada. It should be noted that Dubai residents have a large variety of options. Such as you can apply for a Canada visa as a federal or provincial economic class, Quebec immigration, or scholarships. After choosing the specific option, apply for the visa.
  • Providing all the educational information with the required documents is necessary while applying for a Canadian visa. Apply for the Education Credential Assessment process. And verification of educational documents by ECA is necessary to prove the validity. 
  • The Canadian government provides a portal Express Entry to manage Canadian residents. So, creating your profile and filling in all the details on this platform is an essential step. Moreover, it can also help you improve your score in the comprehensive ranking system. 
  • After receiving the invitation from the immigration company about a Canadian visa, complete all the payment procedures. Also, you have to submit all the required documents within 2 months.
  • After fulfilling all the required details and fee submission details, there’s a high chance of your visa approval. And after the approval, go to the nearest embassy to get your passport.

Essential Requirements for Applying to Migrate to Canada from Dubai

If you’re a Dubai resident who is willing to apply for a Canadian visa, then focus on the following requirements to fulfill: 

  • The eligibility score for Express Entry Program is 67 points
  • Having a great command of the English or French language will be a plus point
  • Another main requirement is having sufficient finance and funds to support immigration
  • The immigration companies prefer people with at least 2 years of full-time experience
  • Moreover, it likes people with managerial, professional, or technical occupations
  • A person has to submit all his/her educational as well as character and health certificates

Why Do People Migrate to Canada from Dubai?

Dubai residents keep looking for Canadian immigration consultants in Dubai. Let us look at some of the most common reasons for people’s increased interest in Canadian immigration:

Best Place for Amazing Job Opportunities

Speaking about job opportunities and the value of skills and talent, Canada is the best option to choose. It’s because this country has many seats and opportunities for people who have skills in various professional fields. People with experience in engineering, medicine, media studies, or any other field can get amazing job opportunities in Canada. 

Free Health Facilities for Citizens

Education, health, and food are the top priorities of people anywhere in the world. So, people prefer living in Canada because of its amazing basic health facilities, which are free for its residents. It should also be noted that the Canadian government pays for basic health facilities for medicines, eye care, and dental care. 

High-Quality Living

Everyone is striving to achieve high standards of living. And that’s one of the main reasons people search for how to migrate to Canada from Dubai. Canada provides its residents with a fantastic lifestyle that balances personal and professional life. 

Cultural Adaptation

As we all know, Canada is famous for cultural adaptation towards immigrants. The immigrants feel so welcomed by the Canadian people. So, people love moving to Canada because of its warm and loving attitude. 

The Bottom Line

If you’re searching for how to migrate to Canada from Dubai, then you’re at the perfect place to read about it. In this blog, we have provided a complete guide to immigrating to Canada by fulfilling some requirements. Canada is a place full of art, music, history, and culture. So, people find it a destination for living. 



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