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UK Announces a New Rule in its Immigration Program – March 2022

Based on the increasing demand for overseas workers to meet the labour and workforce, the government of the UK has announced a new rule in its immigration program in 2022. Now, the opportunity to work in the UK has increased for the foreign workers under this program. The main purpose of these changes by the UK home office is to improve the immigration system by introducing foreign skill sets into the country.

As we all know that immigration was highly affected in 2020 at the time of the Covid-19 pandemic. And 2021 was also not a great year to recover the loss and provide an opportunity for skilled workers to move from one country to another for different recruitment opportunities. All over the world, there are various changes and steps which are taken in the sectors of immigration, business, and tourism. One of the major examples of changes in the rules of UK immigration 2022 is Global business mobility and Scale-up programs as a new step towards development. The UK government is going to introduce these rules and setups in April and August 2022. 

Let’s give a complete read to the new rules and setups in the immigration programs in the article. 

New Immigration Rules in the UK

Between April 2022 and August 2022, UK Home Office is going to introduce new rules and setups for immigration programs. The main changes are introducing new programs such as Global Business Mobility, Scale-up routes, and high potential individual rote for the workers. 

1- Global Business Mobility Route

To promote the business and work opportunities for the foreign workers to work in the UK, the government has introduced this new work visa route. One of the main things to consider is that introducing this route on April 22, 2022, is in the replacement of the Sole Representative visa to expand the immigration setup. 

Let’s discuss the major categories of GBM routes in the following:

Senior Workers or Specialists

In replacement of Intra-company transfer programs in the UK, this senior or specialist worker permit allows the foreign skilled workers to get a work opportunity with international groups. The senior authorities or executive employees hire foreign workers for specialist visa route with at least 10 months of overseas work experience. Moreover, the minimum salary requirement for international workers to apply for this route is £42,400 per year according to the government of the UK. 

GMB Program for Graduate Trainees

The new immigration routes and programs by the UK government have made in the replacement of old ones. Such as the graduate trainee route has replaced the Intra-company graduate trainee program. Foreign nationals with a minimum of three months’ experience working in an oversea business group can apply for this program. A graduate training program is essential to get a graduate training visa with at least a £23,100 salary for the workers per year. 

Expansion Worker Route

To overcome the senior business labour, the UK government has introduced this expansion worker route in replacement of the sole representative route. Earning at least £42,400 annually, the overseas workers should have a minimum of one year of experience in the sponsored group or sector. And the workers will get the opportunity to provide their services for 5-6 years under this route. 

Service Supplier Route

To meet the needs of international trade commitments, this route provides an opportunity for foreign skilled workers to provide their services. And the minimum need to apply for this route is having an experience as a contractual service supplier of 12 months with the sponsored overseas group. Or the applicant should have qualifications in the relevant field. Providing the UK settlement for 5-6 years under this route, UK trade agreement sectors provide these opportunities to workers. 

Route for Secondment Workers

To become a part of huge contracts or investment sectors in the UK, the applicants must have experience of a minimum of one year with the overseas investment employers. And this route expands the business and investment growth in the UK by providing 506 years of settlement for the foreign workers. 

2- High Potential Individual Route

To meet the best needs of the work sectors in the United Kingdom which is the world’s fifth largest economy the world, the UK government introduced this route in May 2022. The graduates or postgraduate students can now apply for this route after getting qualifications from any of the top overseas universities of the world other than the UK. Moreover, it’s essential to get the qualification from any world top ranked university in terms of academia or additional eligibilities to apply for the high potential individual route. 

3- Scale-up Visa Route Visa

The UK government will officially introduce this scale-up visa route on August 22, 2022, for the applicants to have experience of high skilled jobs for 6 months in the required sectors. Moreover, the applicants should also fall under the basic English test requirements to apply for this route. 

This route falls over the minimum salary requirement of £33,000 annually or £10.58 per hour by the UK government to apply for this route. And it offers sustained growth in different business and work sectors. According to JD Supra News, getting a job letter from the UK scales sector is essential before applying to this visa route by the applicants. And this scale up sponsor company should offer at least 20% turnover annualised growth. And this growth should last for over 3 years in terms of turnover requirements or staffing of the employees. 

The Bottom Line

The UK government is implementing these changes and new rules in the UK immigration 2022 between April 2022 and August 2022. And the main purpose of these changes and new rules is to expand the contributions of foreign workers to the economy of the UK. The overseas workers and graduate trainees also get the opportunity to serve in the UK for a specific period of time. 


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