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Top UK Student Visa Consultants in Dubai

A large number of international students apply to the UK every year with the dream of pursuing their education and career in one of the world’s best educational destinations. The historical legacy of these world ranking educational institutions provide high-quality education nd a welcoming environment to students from all over the world.

How to Study in the UK?

There are various entry test requirements for thousands of courses offered in institutions of the UK. And a student should keep the following points in consideration while applying:

  • The IELTS band score for an Undergraduate degree should be 5.0-5.5
  • The IELTS band score for a Master’s degree should be 7.9
  • The IELTS band score for an MBA degree should be 6.0-7.0
  • The IELTS band score for PhD degree should be 6.5-6.0
  • Students with 2-3 years of experience are preferred for MBA qualification

What’s Required to Apply for a UK Student Visa?

To get admission in your destined university for a certain qualification, you have to stand over the following requirements:

    • A valid passport
    • Coloured photographs
    • The necessary documentations
    • Poofs of your financial budgets and funds to provide for the living costs
    • CAS certificate for the confirmation of studies
    • Screening of some tests for health purpose
    • Additional documents as per the university ask

Why is the UK the Dream Place for Students?

The UK is an ideal destination to create the finest minds in students providing a stress-free and welcoming environment for international students. Many of the world leaders have the educational background of worldwide recognized institutions in the UK. It’s a dream place for students because of the following reasons:

  • An affordable education with a lot of scholarship programs
  • Internationally recognized and one of the top world’s ranked institutions
  • Healthy, safe, secure, and welcoming environment for students
  • Multicultural adoption for students
  • Thousands of courses to learn
  • Offers work opportunities during study.

Some Popular Global Scholarships

  • Global Wales Scholarships for International Students.
  • British Council scholarships for women in STEM.
  • Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan. 
  • Young Cell Scheme.
  • Scotland’s Saltire Scholarships.
  • A.S. Hornby Trust Scholarship.


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