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3 Ways to Fast Track Your Canadian PR

Canada’s government institutions have introduced several immigration initiatives and policies to attract workers of varying skill levels to immigrate to the nation. Immigration to Canada is also made easy by the government.

Permanent Residents (PRs) in Canada may now apply for PR visa Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), utilizing a wide range of pathways open to skilled workers, students, investors, and business owners. You can also contact the best immigration consultants in Dubai for further clarification. 

Read on if you want to know how to get your Canadian PR quickly.

Track Your Canadian Permanent Residence with OCS

The most direct route to permanent residence in Canada is often determined by the immigrant’s intended use of time after arrival. However, there are a few ways to enter Canada legally and quickly get permanent status.  The following article will show you proven and proper methods to speed up obtaining your Canadian PR.

  1. Provincial Nominee Program
  2. Atlantic Immigration Program
  3. Setup Your Own Business

1. Provincial Nominee Program

The Canadian PNP is the best option for those seeking entry to Canada quickly and easily. Each Canadian province has the authority to invite and suggest highly skilled individuals for immigrants based on the province’s specific labor market and in-demand professions.

Why is PNP a Great Option?

To immigrate to Canada, and become a permanent resident, you must get a grant from one of the eleven participating provinces and territories. Your chances of being granted permanent residence by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizen Canada (IRCC) increase if the province you want to settle in has designated you as someone whose talents and expertise are in great demand.

Specific Regions of PNP

Nominations are made at the provincial level to guarantee enough qualified people in specific sectors to keep things running smoothly. While immigrants from all corners of the world support Canada’s economy, your particular set of talents may be in more demand in less populated areas like Saskatchewan and Yukon.

Specialized Areas Under PNP

Each region has its unique nomination scheme that includes its series of streams. Students, professionals, and those with less education or experience in the workforce and those in business may all find a suitable path. The first step in getting a PNP is researching the various provinces’ requirements and determining which ones are a good fit for your skillset.

Benefits of Various PNP Areas to Fast Track Your Canada PR

  • Alberta Province

Candidates seeking permanent residency in the province are evaluated individually since there is no predetermined list of required skills or work experience. So, contact the best Canadian immigration consultants in Dubai today to apply for immigration to Alberta province. 

  • Saskatchewan Province

This PNP gives applicants a massive advantage if they have family connections to the province, even if it’s only a distant aunt or uncle.

  • Ontario Province

Information technology (IT) professionals, software developers, and cloud administrators are all in demand in Ontario. There is a better probability of obtaining an Ontario PNP if your career path is in information technology.

  • Quebec, Canada

If you’re fluent in French, you’ll fit right in here in this province. As French is the official language of Quebec, being fluent in French as a primary or second language is an asset when applying for a Quebec PNP.

  • Nova Scotia Province

The healthcare industry and the business world both have openings in this PNP.

  • British Columbia Province

Because of its quick and easy immigration procedure, British Columbia is a top choice for newcomers.


1- You may start working in Canada as soon as you acquire a provincial nomination before your permanent resident visa is even approved.

2- You may expect to acquire your Canadian permanent residence visa in less than a year if you apply within a specific period.

3- Even if you work in a field that isn’t often regarded as highly skilled, you still may be able to apply for Provincial Nomination.

2. Apply Through Atlantic Immigration Program to Track Canadian PR

Canada is considered the world’s second-best nation in which to work and live.

As a premier destination, it ranks high in terms of sustainability, cultural impact, economic impact, entrepreneurial spirit, and, most importantly, quality of life.

After receiving PR status in Canada, one can move to any country’s provinces or territories. You are not bound to your current employment, position, or state.

Previously called the Atlantic Immigrant Pilot Program (AIPP), the Atlantic Immigrant Program (AIP) is now a permanent immigration option.

To aid Canadian firms in their search for qualified employees, the Atlantic Visa Program (AIP) was established. This is the route that employers encourage bright employees and international graduates to take. The provinces of Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, the Island of Prince Edward, and Nova Scotia are all included in the AIP.

Can You Apply for AIP?

Suppose you are a qualified foreign worker in Canada or abroad or have just completed a post-secondary school in Atlantic Canada. In that case, you may be eligible to apply for immigration under the Atlantic Immigration System (university or college). Contact the best Canadian immigration consultants in Dubai to make this process easier and less time consuming. 

Eligibility Requirements for AIP

1- You need a verified work offer from a recognized company in one of the Atlantic provinces of Canada.

2- You and your family must have the means to live comfortably in Canada.

3- An employment offer from a company headquartered in any of the Atlantic regions

4- Provincial referral

5- A promise to file for permanent residency within 90 days after applying for a work visa

6- You will then be issued a work visa for your company.

Job Areas through AIP

Different categories exist under the Atlantic Immigrant Program for people with varying education and professional experience levels. To qualify for this group, you must first meet the criteria given out by each stream.

Time Duration of AIP for Canada Residency

The majority of AIP submissions take about six months to be processed. Being an employer-driven initiative, it works to expedite the immigration process for talented people to Canada.

Edge of Choosing AIP for Canada PR

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot (AIP) is a pathway to permanent residence in Canada for foreign nationals who have been offered jobs in one of the four Atlantic provinces. Candidates must get a work permit to lawfully work in Canada before seeking permanent immigration.

One of the main benefits of applying to this program to  immigrate to Canada is that it provides the opportunity to work in Canada without LMIA. Reduced IRCC Timings result from not having to handle the LMIA certificate at the time of application.

3. Start Your Business in Canada to get Canada PR

Multiple immigration programs are available in Canada for business owners, whether establishing a new company or investing in an established one.

If you have the necessary funds, this approach may quickly earn you Canadian permanent status. These individuals are those from outside of Canada who have the desire to establish a firm there. You may contact the best immigration consultants in Dubai for a Start-up immigration or participate in provincial corporate immigration programs.

Get Your Startup Visa Right Now!

Most individuals who want to immigrate to Canada via the business path utilize the Start-Up Visa. You’ll need to meet a few things to qualify for a Start-Up Visa, which is designed to help you launch a company in Canada.

Can You Apply for Start-Up Visa Program

Canadian immigration policy allows start-up visas for foreign business owners who;

  • Possess the potential and access to launch new companies in Canada  
  • Show creativity in providing employment opportunities for others.
  • Own a firm with global competitive potential.
  •  Possess an original idea, a workable company plan, and sufficient money.
  • Eligibility Requirements for Business Start-Up Visa

One of the essential requirements for this visa is approval from a recognized group. Further, you need to:

  1. Own a company that meets the requirements, which may include, but are not limited to, originality and creativity.
  2. Take an official language exam in either English or French and score above the CLB minimum required by the government of Canada.

You should bring enough money to settle in Canada, regardless of the value of your firm.

Duration to Get Start-Up Visa

When applying for a business visa, the processing period at the IRCC varies according to the kind of visa requested. Consider that you may always register for a six-month temporary visa to run a trial business venture before committing to permanent residency.


There is a common saying that Canada is an immigrant’s paradise. Canada continues to wow the globe yearly with its rising immigration rate.

The country’s openness, rising prosperity, and streamlined immigration procedures have made it an attractive option for foreigners looking to start new lives there.

While some of these visa choices may shorten the time it takes to get Canadian permanent residency, others may provide additional challenges, and all need you to adhere to specific laws and regulations. Ensure you have all the required paperwork to prevent unnecessary holdups in the administrative procedure. If you want to enter Canada as soon as possible, you need to have someone on your side.

The best immigration consultants in Dubai  in the Canadian immigration system, OCS is dedicated to providing you with the most suitable visa and immigration service in Canada. If you fill out the online form for an initial consultation, we can start your application immediately.

Once we’ve evaluated your credentials, we’ll let you know whether you meet the criteria. If you meet a job offer or pre arranged employment requirements, we’ll start working on your permanent residence visa or work permit application.



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