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Quebec Economic Classes

Under Quebec provincial law, the majority of foreign nationals are selected each year under the Economic Class comprising of the skilled worker, investor, entrepreneur, and self-employed. The selection process is points based. The Quebec Department of Immigration (Ministère de l’Immigration et des Communautés Cultureless ‘‘MICC’’), legislates by Ministerial Order, the number

of points that can be allocated to each of the selection factors; the authority to create, eliminate and/or modify a mandatory minimum number of points which applicants can be required to obtain for each of the selection factors within each class of immigrants; and the authority to retrospectively enact regulatory amendments which could apply to applicants submitted prior to an amendment and which have not proceeded to a specified point in the assessment process.

Each year the MICC submits its annual report to the Quebec National Assembly outlining the number of immigrants to be admitted to the province in the following year. Where immigration levels are reached in a given year, across all levels or within sub classes of the immigration plan, the Minister may suspend the processing of existing inventory until the subsequent year. Indeed, Quebec has legislative authority to admit a substantial number of immigrants to its province, far more than any of the other provinces in Canada.

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