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A Complete Guide to Apply For Federal Skilled Worker Program Canada – 2022

Contribute to one of the world’s largest economies by moving to Canada and becoming its permanent residents with your qualification, skills, and work experiences. The Canada Express Entry Program has three programs, one of which is the Federal Skilled Worker Program Canada. And the primary purpose of this program is to select from the applicants for permanent Canadian residency. 

But getting qualified for this program is, of course, not an easy task. There’s high competition, and millions of people worldwide apply to this program each year. Based on this program’s steps, we can call it an immigration pathway program for skilled workers worldwide. From the start of the Covid-19 pandemic to its end, there was a pause due to the restrictions and lockdown. But now, it has resumed the immigration process with some changes in processing standards. 

Step by Step Guide to Apply for the Federal Skilled Worker Program in 2022

1- Meet the Minimum Requirements

Firstly, you should know that the Canadian government has set some eligibility criteria for people who can apply for Canadian immigration through this process. Let’s discuss these minimum eligibility criteria in the following:

  • Under any skill level 0, A, or B of NOC, a person must have a full-time year of work experience without any work pause
  • The minimum score requirement for the English or French language proficiency test of CLB is 7 in all the four liabilities
  • The applicant should have at least any diploma or certificate from the Canadian education institution
  • In case the applicant has a foreign degree or certificate, they have to attach the Credential Assessment Report 
  • There is a minimum criteria score for the applicants, which you can calculate on the Government of Canada website
  • And the minimum score criteria is 67 out of 100 for getting Canadian immigration or citizenship program through FSWP

2- Sign in to IRCC Express Entry Program

Go to the IRCC website, and read all the instructions and requirements to understand it. The next step is to create your Express Entry Profile on this IRCC website by adding all the personal information which the website has asked for. This section mainly includes providing all your relevant information such as education history, qualifications from Canadian institutions or foreign institutions, age, language proficiency scores, credential assessment report, and all such requirements. 

Another main thing to consider while applying to immigrate to Canada through FSWP is that you have to fill out your profile in 60 days. And if you don’t fill this express entry account information within 60 days, you have to start from scratch. 

3- Check for Your Selection through ITA

Creating an Express Entry Program doesn’t mean that a person has become eligible for applying to immigrate to Canada through Federal Skilled Worker Program. It’s just the first step followed by the IRCC website to send an invitation to apply to the applicants who have scored the highest. 

As we have already said, there’s a high competition between the applicants and skilled workers worldwide. So, you have to stay patient and wait for ICC to send you an invitation to apply (ITA) to get a Canadian residency. 

How to Apply for Canadian Immigration After Getting ITA from IRCC?

If you have received your application invitation from the IRCC website, then apply for the program you have selected. After selecting some top-scoring applicants for the FWSP to immigrate to Canada, IRCC also created the categories for all the applicants in their related programs. So, the next step is to apply for the FSWP program if you have gotten selected for Canadian immigration.

In addition, you have to provide your personal information again, which you have provided while creating your Express Entry program. And if the IRCC website finds any clash between your data, there’s a high chance that IRCC to refuse your application. 

Other Programs to Immigrate to Canada

There are different programs other than the skilled worker program you can apply to if you are not selected. And the most popular and significant one is Provincial Nominal Program. According to the current Canada immigration plans 2022, Canada will choose more than 70,000 applicants for the next three years due to Canada’s labour shortage and job vacancies. 




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