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Best Places to Live in Canada with the Family

Many people want to immigrate to Canada, because of its excellent job prospects, healthcare, and educational systems. A high standard of living is possible in this first-world country with a liberal immigration policy. Choosing to immigrate to a new nation, particularly with one’s family, is significant. When moving with children, there are several things to remember to ensure that the new location works for everyone.

Permanent residents of Canada are entitled to several advantages, including free healthcare for themselves and their families. From 2022 to 2024, Canada’s immigration department announced an increase in the immigration quota

In addition to being regarded as a land of immigrants, Canada has over 250 different ethnic origins, making it among the world’s most inviting and accepting nations.To migrate to Canada from UAE, one needs to contact one of the best immigration consultants in DubaiOptimus Corporate Services. As a result, let’s have a glimpse at the greatest places in Canada to migrate and begin a new life.

Best Places to Live in Canada 

Many people from all over the world want to immigrate to Canada.

When moving to Canada, are you unsure about where to settle? Our research has provided a list of the ten most significant cities for new immigrants to settle in with the highest quality of life.

1. Ontario

Immigrants from Ontario are the most common in Canada. Most immigrants who chose Ontario as their preferred province of residence expected to settle in Toronto.  the most diverse cities in the world.

Ontario’s economy is strong via natural resources, industrial know-how, and exports. Almost half of all workers in the technology world, financial sectors, and other knowledge-intensive businesses live in the province.

2. British Columbia

British Columbia, a province on Canada’s west coast, is well-known for its stunning natural scenery. Immigrants searching for outdoor experiences and warmer weather find British Columbia a perfect place to live. 

British Columbia is an excellent choice for those who prefer a mild winter. British Columbia’s coastline areas enjoy among the country’s most temperate winters, with temperatures rarely falling below freezing.

And it offers a broad range of economic opportunities, with the service sector accounting for the share of employment. Farming, building, television and film, forest management, fishery & agriculture, advanced tech, industry, mining, and tourism are some of the other significant businesses of British Columbia.

3. Quebec

Quebec City has a unique combination of history, culture, natural beauty, and modernity, resulting in a vibrant town full of creativity and friendliness for visitors. The city has a high livability rating making it one of the world’s most livable cities. 

 If you’re looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of Toronto or Vancouver, Montreal, a city in Quebec, is a great option. Montreal is one of the globe’s most urban sustainable and one of the happiest places to live. 

Quebec City’s cost of living is often lower than other comparably-sized cities. The low prices are due to the winter isolation. Moreover, the cost of living is lower than the national average, making it an attractive option for immigrants.

There are a lot of job openings, and housing expenses are cheaper than elsewhere in provinces. The typical city living cost, including housing, food, and entertainment, isn’t too expensive. Some of the city’s most popular attractions are Notre Dame Basilica, Mount Royal, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, and the Montreal Botanical Garden. 

4.   Alberta

Alberta, a region of Western Canada, is home to some of the country’s most famous natural attractions. Natural resources such as oil and gas, grazing lands, the Rocky Mountains, and the Dinosaur Provincial Park are among the notable features of Alberta.

The oil and gas sector is Alberta’s most important industry, followed by agribusiness, forests, education, tourism, finance, manufacturing, and banking. Immigrants seeking to save money will find that Alberta has lower tax rates than other parts of the country.

5.  City of Ottawa

You generally don’t think of large cities like Ottawa when looking for a location to raise a family. Ottawa, on the other hand, is a fantastic destination for families. Parliament Hill, the site of Canada’s national government’s meetings, makes it easy for residents of Ottawa to find rewarding jobs. It is an excellent opportunity if you’re a parent hoping their children go into government services.

In addition, it’s a terrific place for families with youngsters who want their children to go on to college or university. The number of degree holders in Ottawa is the highest in Canada. Carleton Institute and the University of Ottawa, two of Canada’s best institutions, are in Ottawa. While the average cost of a property in Ottawa is $582,267, it’s still a fraction of the cost in other big Canadian cities. 

Ottawa is a dynamic and youthful city with gorgeous architecture, a thriving city center, and charming neighborhoods. Thanks to its cultural variety and the enormous number of young people drawn to the town. 

In addition, the University of Ottawa and Carleton universities are two of the most popular educational institutions in this area. You can also get Canadian study permit if you want to study in these universities. And because of this, there are a large number of job opportunities in Canada for the national as well as international residents. 

6.  Toronto

Because it is the hub of so many Canadian businesses, Toronto is a beautiful place for immigrants to start their careers.

The city boasts a strong film and media industry and a strong industrial, financial, and technological sector. Many Canadian tech start-ups are based in the Toronto Area. Compared to Montreal, Calgary and the further north, the winters here aren’t nearly as brutal.

7. Calgary

One of the greatest cities in Canada to live as a foreigner is Calgary, which is devoted to accepting individuals of various backgrounds.

Calgarians benefit significantly from the contributions of immigrants and newcomers who bring fresh perspectives and a desire to make the city a better place.

Nearly every nation has a presence in Calgary, which is home to several ethnic communities. Calgary is devoted to helping newcomers to Canada feel at home, no matter what country they belong to or what they do.

8. Vancouver

Because of Canada’s significant immigrant population, Vancouver is the most diversified city in British Columbia. BCPNP, launched by the city of Vancouver, aims to attract highly qualified workers to the province to facilitate rapid economic growth.

There are mountains, beaches, islands, shorelines, an urban core, and lovely residential suburbs all within the city limits.

The well-being of a nation’s citizens is essential to its long-term progress. Healthcare facilities in Vancouver are exceptional and operate positively. Opportunities abound in this city, which has a more pleasant climate without disrupting conventional work schedules.

9. Kingston, Ontario

History and innovation flourish in Kingston, Ontario, where the coastline, cutting-edge culture, top research, and latest start-ups are all abundant. Residents in Kingston have a higher standard of living.

Great walking and biking trails throughout the downtown area and along the waterfront make it easy for residents to go to work, as well as accessibility to lakeside within a twenty-minute drive. Kingston’s flourishing economy is built on a foundation of innovation. 

For the most part, Kingston’s economy is based on public and private businesses. Newcomers and recent graduates may take advantage of Kingston’s opportunities to develop their careers or start a new one. And that is the reason that foreign skilled workers and students residing in the UAE keep looking for ways about how to migrate to Canada from Dubai with the help of immigration consultants. 

10. Halifax

Halifax, Nova Scotia’s regional capital, is located on the province’s Atlantic coast.  It’s a great place for immigrants if you’re trying to distance yourself from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Like most of the Country, Halifax strongly emphasizes surrounding nature, making it an ideal location for those who like spending time outside.

Halifax is the economic center of Nova Scotia. The primary employer in the region is the service industry, which employs the most significant number of people. In addition, the healthcare industry is expanding and creating new jobs. Thus, employment there is in great demand.

Halifax’s cost of living is surprisingly inexpensive. People have a lot of money to spend since the cost of housing, rent, and other necessities are cheaper than the national average. Residents in the neighborhood enjoy a high standard of living, making it a desirable location.


Many advantages come with being a permanent resident of Canada, such as free healthcare for all citizens and their dependents, generous work perks, and free access to education for children.

Canada, undoubtedly, is a dream destination to migrate to, especially for the people living in developing countries. However, moving to Canada with family is not a simple but a complex process.

The most significant areas to settle in Canada for newcomers provide a wealth of advantages. Find out which Canadian immigration permit you are qualified for to begin your adventure to Canada!

 Therefore, any person needs a considerable understanding of the availability of facilities and cost of living in the different cities of Canada. In both cases, one must contact Best Canadian Immigration Consultants in Dubai if they want to immigrate.

 Hopefully, the blog has provided you with a valuable piece of information.



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