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Canada Immigration

Get Canada Work Visa With Optimus Corporate Services

Want to work lawfully in Canada as a skilled worker? If so, you can apply for a work visa in Dubai. We at OCS Best Immigration Consultants in Dubai, have been assisting talented individuals in Dubai with immigration services...

Canada Immigration

Learn How to Get Canadian Visa from Dubai with Ease

To skilled workers and business people, Canada offers the best immigration prospects. Here you can find helpful information for anyone in Dubai considering relocating to Canada with their family. What follows is more reading...

Canada Immigration

Top-Class Immigration Consultants in Dubai

To skilled workers and business people, Canada offers the best immigration prospects. Here you can find helpful information for anyone in Dubai considering relocating to Canada with their family. What follows is more reading...

Canada Immigration

3 Ways to Fast Track Your Canadian PR

Canada's government institutions have introduced several immigration initiatives and policies to attract workers of varying skill levels to immigrate to the nation. Immigration to Canada is also made easy...

Canada Immigration

Why more newcomers to Canada are choosing Thunder Bay

Unlike in more populated places like Toronto or Vancouver, living in Thunder Bay won't cost a fortune. Thunder Bay's cheaper living cost is a significant selling point for the city.

Canada Immigration

Why Are More Indians Moving to Canada?

Indians continue to get the most permanent residence and visas in Canada. At least one-third of the 405,303 new permanent residents in 2021 were Indians, according to information provided by Immigration...

Canada Immigration

Most In-Demand Jobs in the UK in 2022

People worldwide aspire to move to the UK because of its high standard of living, pleasant climate, and beautiful landscape. The United Kingdom is a top workplace ...

Canada Immigration

How Can I Work in Canada Without an LMIA

Introducing a flexible economic world order, the present age is full of overseas opportunities because it provides the rationale for the free movement of goods, services, finance, skills, and workforce.

Canada Immigration

Get Eligible for Canadian Permanent Residency On the Basis of Work Permit

Foreign people may get a temporary work visa to enter Canada and then seek permanent residence after they have been employed continuously in the country for three years.Before being accepted ..

Canada Immigration

What Are the Documents Required for Canada Work Permit?

Since Canada is one of the world's top economies, it is a perfect place for foreign workers to find employment. To work in Canada, a Canadian work permit visa must be obtained from the Canadian government...

Canada Immigration

Is Canada Welcoming to Immigrants?

Yes, you have heard it right! According to the Immigration Department of the government of Canada, Canada has the highest 8.46 Migrant Acceptance Index score. After the end of Covid-19 limitations...

Canada Immigration

Which Are the Best Provinces in Canada for Job Opportunities?

Since Canada is one of the world's top economies, it is a perfect place for foreign workers to find employment. To work in Canada, a Canadian work permit visa must be obtained from the Canadian government...

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New Rules for Work Permit in Canada 2022- Learn with Optimus Corporate Services

If you want a legal way to work in Canada, meet all the eligibility criteria and requirements to get Canada work. And by this way, you can stay in Canada for a certain period for work purposes.

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Best Places to Live in Canada with the Family

Many people want to immigrate to Canada, because of its excellent job prospects, healthcare, and educational systems. A high standard of living is possible in this first-world country with a liberal immigration policy.

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How to Apply for a Canadian Visa from Dubai

For foreign nationals who want to visit Canada for any purpose, the Canadian government issues a Canada visit visa, which can be used for various reasons,including a family visit, a vacation, or a business trip.

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Why we are the most respected immigration law firms in the world?

Optimus Corporate Services is considered one of the Best Immigration Consultants in Dubai that provides individuals wishing to transfer to a new country or place with realistic, end-to-end services and solutions.

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How to Get a Canadian Study Permit

For international students, Canada is one of the most appealing countries. International students flock to Canada because of the country's high-quality education, safety, security, and multiculturalism.

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UK Expansion Worker visa (Global Business Mobility)

If you are willing to immigrate to UK, you must know the changes in UK immigration rules by the government in 2022. Since the start of this year, the government has introduced various new factors regarding the visa routes for the Global Business Mobility in Canada.

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How Canada's New NOC Will Affect Express Entry eligibility

The new rules of the National Occupational Classification (NOC) will change the evaluation criteria of workers depending on their experience level. You can classify your occupations based on the new rules of Canada's Immigration System 2022.

jobs in Canada

Canada Reports Over 1 Million Job Vacancies

The rising number of job opportunities in Canada has created millions of vacancies for the national as well as foreign residents. According to the Canadian statistics of job opportunities, there is a record set of 1, 013, 900 job vacancies in March 2022.

Germany PR Visa- The Best Option for Immigrants to Get Permanent Residency

Are you a non-EU, non-EEA, or UK citizen looking for permanent residency in Germany while serving German labour or studying in German universities? Then you've come to the right place as we are going to discuss everything from the start.....

Latest Job Openings in Germany to Meet the Labour Shortage Sectors You Must Know

Skilled, professional, and experienced foreign employees see Germany as a desirable career destination. While providing your role for the workforce of Germany, you'll have access to a wide range of professional....

Rising Number of Applicants for UK Immigration- Perks of Living and Working in the UK

Some of the world's most significant areas to support a family may be found in the United Kingdom. The country's educational system is world-class, its crime rate is low, and there are many work prospects everywhere....

Get the Permanent German Residence Permit with EU Blue Card in 2022

If you are a highly qualified and skilled professional looking to apply for EU Blue Card Germany, this blog is for you. The card enables skilled workers to engage in fields with a labor shortage or which have future opportunities.....

Want to Settle in the UK? Apply for the New UK Scale Up Visa to Grow Your Business

The Post-Brexit government strategies of the UK have introduced many different ways for bringing the potential foreign talent into a country to support the economy worldwide, causing labor shortages.. ....

New Immigration Rules and Policies in Germany-2022: The Ultimate Guide for Skilled Foreign Workers

The Skilled Immigration Act is a new policy that will increase the number of opportunities for experienced individuals to visit and work in Germany. The new rule allows competent professionals from non-EU nations....

Canada Express Entry Program- All Set to Resume in July 2022

Programs for skilled workers with foreign experience and Canadian Experience Class (CEC) categories. Immigration Minister Sean Fraser announced the statement on April 22, and it would put an end to the months-long suspension of FSW and CEC drawings....

A Complete Guide to Apply For Federal Skilled Worker Program Canada - 2022

Contribute to one of the world's largest economies by moving to Canada and becoming its permanent residents with your qualification, skills, and work experiences. The Canada Express Entry Program has three programs, one of which is the...

Canada Announces a Change in Temporary Foreign Worker Program - 2022

The shortage of labour is seen in the regulated workplaces of Canada because of the rising population. So for the betterment of the labour market, Canadian employers hire workers temporarily from outside the country. This temporary foreign worker program meets...

Rules for PR in Canada for International Students in 2022

Among different residency categories in Canada, getting a permanent residence as an international student is one of them. And international students should apply for a work permit before applying for Canada PR Visa. You can follow different...

The Eligibility Criteria for Canadian Work Permit Visa in 2022

Want to get employment in Canada as a foreign worker? Then you must fulfill the eligibility criteria for the Canadian work permit visa requirements of 2022. It's a legal documentation permit to allow workers worldwide to seek employment...

UK Visa Requirements for UAE Residents You Need to Know

Complete and perfect planning before taking a step is the key to a successful journey. So, why not prepare yourself completely while making a plan for moving to the UK from Dubai? Pay attention to all the details and requirements for immigration from...

Want to Travel to the UK on Work Permit from Dubai? Learn How!

The countries with high economic growth provide a lot of work opportunities for skilled and professional workers. So this is the reason why the UAE residents want a UK work permit from Dubai to work in one of the most globalized economies.

Looking for Canada Jobs Consultancy in Dubai? Give it a read!

Providing job opportunities to young workers in a large number of sectors, Canada has higher employment rates than the other parts of the world. Also, this country provides various healthcare benefits as well as top world-ranked...

How to Migrate to UK from UAE in 2022

The multi-ethnic society of the UK encourages immigration from all over the world to polish the skills and capabilities of people. There are various immigration companies and consultants for creating ease about how to migrate to the UK from UAE.

How to Migrate to Canada from Dubai in 2022

Canada is rich in culture because of its diversity in history, art, music, and traditions. So, Dubai residents keep looking for how to migrate to Canada from Dubai? No need to worry now! This blog is for you to answer all your queries about the immigration...

Learn How to Get Germany Visa from Dubai with Ease

Are you a Dubai resident who wants to move to Germany for educational, business, or tourism purposes? Then you're at the right place as this blog is for you to provide a complete guide about how to get Germany visa from...

The Young Professionals Scheme visa for Indians, U.K.

A new UK visa category for Indians should be introduced into the Immigration Rules: the Young Professionals Scheme visa. On 4th May, UK Home Secretary Priti Patel and India’s Foreign Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar signed.

Guide to UK Immigration for Doctors

UK allows people from different work fields to come and work the UK However, for UK immigration, doctors must have basic knowledge rules and laws of the UK since they multi-layered and complicated and also lookout for opportunities to gain UK PR visa.

Statement of Changes in Immigration Rules U.K.

The UK government has laid the Statement of Changes in Immigration Rules on 22nd October 2020. This outlines the future points-based immigration system in the UK. Studying will be permitted under the standard visitor visa for up to 6 months.

Nova Scotia PNP Without Job Offer

Nova Scotia is a prime province in Canada that attracts thousands of immigrants from the different corners of the world to come and settle down. With countless amazing infrastructure & professional opportunities, this province offers a high standard of living to its residents.

The Immigration process to Canada amidst Covid-19 Lockdown

The recent pandemic has altered every other area concerning system and processing. The Canada immigration process during Covid-19 seems have changed as well. You need to be extra careful lockdown have applied for immigration country permanent basis.

How to Apply for Canada PR from Dubai?

Canada is an amazing place for Permanent Residency (PR) & immigration.If you are Dubai right now, you will be amazed landscape beauty, social security benefits, liberal policies, stable residency status for immigrants a offered Canadian government.

Top 7 Places to Live in the UK for Immigrants

Planning to move to the United Kingdom (UK)? Yes, then you should start thinking out of the ‘London’ box! This country is a land of contrasts. Right from the sweeping turquoise colored bays of charming Cornwall to the rugged highlands of stunning Scotland;


How to apply for Canada PR as a Couple?

Many of the couples around the world prefer settling in Canada as a permanent citizen. Thus, Canada has become one of the favourite countries for foreign Its infrastructure, great employment opportunities, amenities make it a commendable place for couples

Spouse Visa Category if your spouse’s accompanying you to Australia

A lot of people who have been settled in America and are now married have been indulged in interrogating and to spouse settle in Australia. If you are also thinking about the same, then you are at the right place.

How does the Australian PR points calculator work?

The Australian PR point calculator is the first step towards getting your immigration to Australia. The immigration process in Australia is based on points and eligible to immigrate and get to a permanent residency in Australia.

9 Things that Make Canada an Awesome Place for Immigration

Canada is a beautiful country that offers a high standard of lifestyle, world-class education and healthcare systems, dynamic culture, etc. to its citizens and residents. All these factors put Canada

Australian Immigration: Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190)

To procure an Australia permanent residency visa, you need to have the skilled migration visa 190. This visa is specifically meant for those people who want to indulge in a skilled profession of the country.