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Canada Express Entry Program- All Set to Resume in July 2022

There will be a new draw in early July 2022 for applicants in the programs for skilled workers with foreign experience and Canadian Experience Class (CEC) categories. Immigration Minister Sean Fraser announced the statement on April 22, and it would put an end to the months-long suspension of FSW and CEC drawings. Moreover, there has been no CEC or FSW Express entry Program in the country since September 2021. And there have been no CEC or FSW draws since December 2020. 

In early July, IRCC will resume Express Entry drawings for FSW and CEC applicants due to this progress in application processing.

How to Calculate CRS Score for Express Entry Program 

The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) will likely be over 500 points when Canada Express Entry drawings for FSW and CEC resume in July 2022. Once regular draws begin, it is projected to fall back to pre-pandemic levels during the first several months.

Due to the suspension of the Canada Immigration Express Entry Program in the last years after the Covid-19 pandemic, it has increased to its highest level entries of applicants this year. Many people are looking for ways to migrate to the UK from Dubai or other parts of the world to get work and job opportunities in Canada. For perhaps the first time Express Entry was started in 2015, the pool of applicants reached 200,000 earlier this month.

The criteria of CRS score for the applicants is not easily predictable. The requirements for CRS score for the applicants is not easily predictable. 

For further information, you have to wait for the rest of 2022 until Canada Express Entry starts drawing resumes.

Some Important Measures for Canadian Candidates

  • Canada will implement special immigration procedures for some applicants who are already in the country and whose status is about to expire.
  • A new temporary governmental policy will enable international graduates in Canada with expiring temporary status to remain longer.
  • An extra open work visa of up to 18 months will be available to recent overseas graduates in Canada whose post-graduation work permit expires between January and December 2022, starting in summer 2022.
  • A new temporary public policy will be implemented for people who applied to Canada’s Temporary Residence to Permanent Residence Pathway (TR2PR) last year.
  • This was a short-term immigration program for Canada’s most critical employees and university students. 

Everything You Need to Know About Canada Express Entry

The UK has introduced many new immigration rules for the year 2022. Measures to be implemented this summer under the new policy for Canada Immigration Express Entry include:

  •  Applicants who want to migrate to Canada from Dubai or other countries will no longer be compelled to stay in Canada while their application is being processed.
  • Work permits issued to applicants while they await the outcome of their permanent residency application will be valid until the end of 2024
  • All applications for permanent residency will be completed before anybody has to apply for a new extension of temporary status.
  • There will be an open work permit available for immediate family members of principal applicants outside Canada. 
  • There will be an open work permit available for immediate family members of principal applicants outside Canada.
  • And open work permits for those included in the principal applicant’s Permanent Residency Application (PRA).
  • As the summer months approach, additional information will be revealed regarding when and how the new policy measures will occur. 

How long does the Express Entry process last?

It takes six months after applying for the Canada Express Entry Program to get a permanent residency visa UK. Not all cases, however, will move at this pace. If you do not get an invitation, your Express Entry profile will stay active in the applicant pool for one year. If you haven’t heard from us in a year, please re-submit your profile and keep your spot in the collection. Here’s a breakdown of what I mean:

  • The Express Entry group will keep your profile active for a year
  • You will have Sixty days from the date of issue of the ITA to submit all required papers
  • Immigration officials may process your request within six months after receiving all the necessary documentation.

Importance of Express Entry Program for Canada Immigration

From 2022 to 2024, Canada is predicted to receive more than 1.3 million new citizens. It’s the most since the country began disclosing immigration objectives in 2006.

Efforts to clear backlogs from the pandemic have led to a reduction in Express Entry admissions for 2022. However, Express Entry is expected to accept more than 111,000 immigrants in a single year by 2024, the most significant amount ever. If this goal is met, Express Entry will once again be Canada’s primary source of economic immigration.



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