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Canada reports over 1 million job vacancies

The rising number of job opportunities in Canada has created millions of vacancies for the national as well as foreign residents. According to the Canadian statistics of job opportunities, there is a record set of 1, 013, 900 job vacancies in March 2022. Meet the labour shortage and vacant positions in the employment sectors of Canada by applying through different programs.

There has been seen a rapid increase in the labour shortage sectors of Canada after the pandemic of Covid-19. If you are looking for job opportunities in the Canadian employment sector, then it’s the perfect time to apply and immigrate to Canada for work purposes. 

Keep reading the blog till the end to know all the basic requirements and eligibility criteria for immigrants to apply for the Canada job vacancy 2022.

Canada Offering Jobs to Foreign Skilled Workers

According to CIC News, Canada is welcoming about 411,000 foreign skilled workers to immigrate to Canada to meet the labour shortage. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there was a rapid decrease in the number of immigrants because of the restrictions. It should be noted that millions of people have shifted to remote working from homes. And it leads to a shortage of skilled workers in different sectors of Canada. 

So, we can say that the technology shift and the remote working are one of the major reasons for breaking job openings in Canada. In comparison to March 2021, there is seen a rise in job opportunities to 60% which is not a small shift. 

Let’s discuss some of the major work sectors in Canada offering millions of job vacancies in the following:

1- Accommodation, Retail, and Food Services

There is a rapid increase in the number of job vacancies in the fields of accommodation sectors as well as food services. And there are about 158,000 jobs in the accommodation sectors for which the foreign residents can apply. It should be noted that there is a 37.2% increase in the job vacancies in the accommodation sector in March 2022. 

Moreover, about 109,000 vacancies are available for the sectors of food and retail companies working in Canada. So, you can migrate to Canada from Dubai or other parts of the world on the basis of your qualification and eligibility factors. 

2- Health Departments and Social Sectors

It’s surprising to know that there are about 154, 500  job opportunities in Canada in the medical and health care sectors according to the stats of March 2022. And it’s an increase of about 16% since the second month of the year, February. So, you can apply to  Express Entry program if you want to work and live there by meeting all the eligibility requirements for immigration. 

3- Construction Vacancies

People from all over the world can immigrate to Canada  for working in the construction sector. After the Covid-19 pandemic, there is a boom in job opportunities in Canada including the construction sector with 81,900 vacancies. 

  • Job Opportunities in Different Provinces of Canada

Another surprising factor is that for the first time, all provinces of Canada have introduced job offers for national as well as foreign residents. And you can see the highest rate of Canada job vacancy 2022 in the provinces Saskatchewan with more than 25,000 vacancies, Labrador with more than 8000, and Nova Scotia with more than 26,000 job vacancies. 

Because of the rising vacancies, the unemployment ratio has decreased in Canada. The smallest rate of unemployment ratio is seen in the provinces of Canada Quebec and Columbia with 0.8% and Labrador with 4.3%. 

  • Delivery Services

After the pandemic of Covid-19, there was seen a shortage in delivery sectors because all the delivery goods were not allowed to transfer from one place to another. So, now you migrate to Canada from Dubai to apply in different stores in Canada for providing different types of delivery services to the customers. 

Ending Note: Get the Best Immigration Consultancy Services

If you are interested to live and work in Canada, then consult the best immigration consultants for making the process easier. Due to the labour shortage in Canada, it has announced about a million job vacancies for the national as well as foreign residents. As a result, you can now apply by different programs such as Express Entry Program or Provincial Nominee Programs. 

The professional, experienced, and skilled foreign workers become eligible to serve in the work sectors of Canada after fulfilling all the requirements. Contact Optimus Corporate services to get the best consultancy services for the immigration process. 



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