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Canada’s Most In-Demand Jobs for Skilled Immigrants and Refugees

For the last several years, Canada has relied heavily on skilled immigrants to fill the job vacancies and labor shortage. Canada’s need for skilled migrants are driving growth in several important sectors that employ them.

Career prospects for skilled migrants may be found in various sectors, including science and technology, information technology, healthcare, and transportation. The best way to determine whether you should immigrate to Canada is to assess the occupations in demand and choose one that fits your skill set. Canada’s expanding economy has resulted in a dramatic increase in the need for highly qualified workers.

Moreover, the third part of Canada’s scientific and technology workforce consists of immigrants. The healthcare industry in Canada is particularly welcoming to qualified immigrants, with one-quarter of all staff being new immigrants. Canada’s manufacturing and community service sectors, which are also projected to see a significant demand for trained migrants in the future years, are willing to pay above-market wages for qualified individuals. 

This article will look at Canada’s most demanded professions for 2022. And you can also contact the best immigration consultants in Dubai for a better understanding. 

Highly Demanding Jobs in Canada for Skilled and Professional Immigrants

Employers in Canada have a strong need for the skill sets that skilled migrants bring to the table. Moreover, employers in Canada are actively recruiting skilled migrants, essential to the country’s economic growth, technological advancement, and provision of essential goods and services.

1- Account Manager


Many in-demand occupations in business and management development come under the excellent category, making them ideal for those looking to advance their immigration to Canada as permanent residents.

Here is a quick rundown of some of the most demanded business and managerial development positions:

  • Marketing experts
  • Project Lead Directors
  • Content Manager
  • Project Manager

Key account managers are responsible for the strategic development, implementation, oversight, and evaluation of all commercial, industrial, institutional, online, and retail sales operations.

They often deal with significant customers or partners strategically crucial to their companies. Key account managers are essential to ensuring the company’s continued success in the competitive and post-pandemic market. 

Even in extraordinary times, they can assist companies in maintaining their most profitable customers by closing agreements, forming connections, and providing excellent sales and customer service.

Understanding the Canadian labor market is essential for management and company development roles. Canada offers unrivaled opportunities for business education and experience because of its multicultural population and progressive culture. It’s an excellent opportunity for ambitious individuals who want to advance their careers in Canada. 

2- Industrial and manufacturing engineers


Worldwide, there is a high need for qualified engineers. Due to the decline in the industry brought on by the pandemic, Canada is now experiencing a severe shortage of engineers. The building sector has become an essential infrastructure service in many parts of Canada. Demand for engineers in Canada is expected to climb later this year, even though the engineering and construction business is suffering alongside the oil and gas industry. Through Express Entry, skilled foreign workers may be eligible for permanent residence in Canada even if they do not have any prior work experience in the country. Their age, level of schooling, professional experience gained outside of Canada, and command of either English or French will all play a role. Almost every business and economic area in Canada needs engineers, making this field among the most promising in the country. 

3- Computer Programmers/Designers


Canada is establishing itself as a leading global innovator in the information technology (IT) industry as the globe rapidly develops new technologies. This also results in many new prospects for employment in the Information Technology and Technology industries.

There is a growing need for IT professionals as more and more companies use technological solutions. Developers create, alter, integrate, and test programming code for software, data processing, operating systems, and communications applications.

One reason for the increasing demand of this field is that companies of all sizes need developers to make apps and build and manage internal software. Moreover, they also have the adoption of cloud and other technologies. The recent COVID-19 lockdown taught us that technology is a game-changer for businesses. Because of the increasing need for online information and automation for organizations to stay competitive, it’s easy to see why there’s such a high demand for qualified developers.

Even during the pandemic, demand for developers has remained strong as firms seek alternative technological solutions. And then, the Federal Government of Canada announced significant immigration plans for immigrants under the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). Consult the best immigration consultants in Dubai to understand the various programs on which you can apply to immigrate to Canada or get a Canada permanent residence visa. 

Jobs in the technology and information industry that are now in high demand include the following:

  • Analysts of Systems and Databases
  • Computer programmers
  • Software administrators
  • Technicians
  • Managers in the Information Technology Industry
  • Analysts of Business Intelligence
  • Cloud engineers
  • Web, iOS, and Android Experts
  • Data and cloud system security experts
  • Internet coders
  • IT consultants.

Quebec, Alberta, Ontario, and British Columbia are at the center of Canada’s information technology (IT) industries, attracting a variety of public and private enterprises and investors. Regarding Canada’s IT industry, Toronto, Montreal, and Quebec are at the center of everything.

4- Financial and Accounting Professionals


Ontario is home to Canada’s largest concentration of finance and accounting occupations. However, those with specialized training and expertise in these fields may seek employment in any of the country’s provinces.

As a resident of Canada, you are eligible for a competitive salary and a wide range of additional benefits. And over 1 million job vacancies in Canada for marketing, PR, health sector, ad managers, and various other fields are predicted to open up in Canada over this year. 

Individuals in this field work in advertising, marketing, public relations, and related fields for commercial, industrial, and online businesses. Also, they are responsible for the planning, organization, direction, management, and evaluation of these operations. 

Marketing managers aid companies make sense of the ever-expanding array of digital and offline marketing channels available today. And they are not limited to social media, search engine optimization, paid search advertising, and website promotion. So, you can immigrate to Canada easily if you are an accounting expert. 

5- Registered Medical Workers and Nurses

 (NOV 3012)

Direct patient care, health education, and consultation services are all areas where licensed and qualified psychiatric nurses work.  After the pandemic of Covid-19, the need for medical healthcare workers has increased to a large extent. So, if you are a registered, qualified, and skilled nurse, you can immigrate to Canada as there are many job opportunities in this profession. 

The best immigration consultants in Dubai provide you a complete guide from the first step to the last step if you want Canada PR residency or a job. So, don’t waste your time, and consult the best immigration advisors at the best immigration consultancy company in UAE, Optimus Corporate Services

6- Administrative Experts

 (NOC 1241)

When supervisors and managers need assistance with task and employee management, they turn to administrative assistants.

The epidemic has increased demand for their services, much as those of IT professionals. And to allow employees to work remotely and arrange for meetings, businesses need human resources and administrative experts. 

There is room for advancement in this position as well. Even when the pandemic is over, there will be a continuing high need for office administrators. So, you can apply for this Canada job vacancy 2022 if you feel yourself as an expert in the administration sector. 

7- Cyber Security Professionals

 (NOC 21220)

Specialists in cyber security safeguard data stored on computers, cloud services, mobile devices, and financial applications. They assess the situation, trace trouble spots, and create plans to keep sensitive information safe.

As the number of remote workers grows, more and more administrative data, such as meeting times and locations, will need to be available online. People are concerned about safety, increasing the demand for cyber security experts. After the pandemic, the trend toward remote work will likely continue and even accelerate.

8- Delivery Riders and Drivers 

(NOC 7514)

Drivers are in high demand because of the difficulty of transporting raw materials and finished products during times of economic growth after the many waves of the pandemic.

You may locate a job opening that suits your skillset if you have experience driving or delivering products to customers through companies. 

9- Customer Support Representatives

(NOC 6552)

Customer service representatives handle service requests and answer questions about the company’s products, services, and policies. Following the pandemic, firms in the service industry are expected to recover and expand, leading to an increase in demand for customer support representatives.

But a growing number of companies have learned in recent times that competent CSRs are always relevant. Customers need the confidence to get in touch with a helpful person in difficult circumstances.

You may be eligible to work and live in Canada as a customer service representative. In addition, if you possess the necessary qualifications and experience for this service, it’s time to contact OCS to make your immigration process more accessible. There are several subfields within customer service, but all include communication with customers, whether written correspondence, in-person meetings, or electronic means.

Why Your National Occupation Classification Matters When Applying for a Visa

The National Occupation Classification of Canada, or NOC for short, is used to categorize work according to the required degree of expertise and the specifics of the tasks involved.

Because your ranking on the points-based Canada Express Entry immigration system depends on your degree of expertise, this is a helpful tool while searching for best job opportunities in Canada in preparation for Permanent Residence. You may read more on the CRS System here if you’re interested.

Whether you want to see if you qualify for a specific job in Canada, you may look it up on the country’s national occupational categorization system. Finding one’s NOC code based on one’s job role, experience, and skill level is required to immigrate to Canada as a skilled immigrant and a refugee. 

Gaining Canadian job experience before applying for PR status might streamline the process.


Numerous resources exist for foreign workers interested in immigrating to Canada to locate high-demand occupations. The first order of business is to create a résumé and cover letter that will make the employer sit up and notice.

After receiving an interview invitation, you must prepare thoroughly by learning as much as possible about the firm. Job boards and internet portals, direct corporate websites, immigration agencies, personal contacts, and word of mouth are all excellent ways to obtain employment in Canada.

Finding work in a new place is never easy. Many people have found success in Canada with the assistance of the best Canadian immigration consultants in Dubai, as you can contact Optimus Corporate Services. 



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