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Germany PR Visa- The Best Option for Immigrants to Get Permanent Residency

Are you a non-EU, non-EEA, or UK citizen looking for permanent residency in Germany while serving German labour or studying in German universities? Then you’ve come to the right place as we are going to discuss everything from the start to the complete process of applying for a Germany PR visa in the blog. After working for German employment, or studying at the German institutions, you can apply for a settlement permit to settle there. 

Being a German citizen and getting a permanent residency permit are two different things which a person should know. After 4-5 years of working or studying in Germany on any type of temporary visa permit, you can apply for a permanent settlement visa. Moreover, you have to meet German PR requirements such as nationality requirements, type of temporary permit, or the period you’ve spent in Germany for becoming eligible to apply. 

Essential Requirements for Germany PR Visa

If you want to immigrate to Germany permanently, then you should know some essential requirements to apply for Permanent Residence Germany Visa. Or you can consult the best immigration consultancy agency in UAE or your residential country for making the process easier. And you can apply for becoming a German resident also after living in Germany for almost 8 years with the PR visa. 

Let’s discuss some basic Germany PR process which any person should follow before applying in the following:

    • You must prove your financial stability that a person can meet his/her basic needs while living in Germany
  • Also, it’s essential to have the accommodation facility to live with your family or work in Germany
    • Learning the basics of the German language at al-least A2 or B1 level is essential according to the European Language Requirements
    • A person has to appear in the German life test to ensure that he/she is well aware of the cultural values of the region
    • Another main thing to consider is that a person must have completed a period of 5 years while living with a temporary resident permit in Germany
    • Having an employment letter is necessary before applying for a residence permit Germany
  • Prove your criminal-free record throughout your life for getting Germany PR visa
  • If you want to settle with your family members, it requires a 3 years duration of stay

Steps/Documents to Apply for Germany Permanent Residency

Apply for permanent residency while staying in Germany before your temporary work or study permit expires. Follow the German PR requirements mentioned below to apply for permanent settlement in Germany:

  • Visit the German Immigration Office or consult with the best immigration consultants in Germany for getting a residence permit Germany
  • Pick up the application form and attach all the essential documents to ensure your eligibility
  • Pay the application fee on time, and attach the receipt with the application for Germany Visa
  • Attach the copy of your valid passport and biometric passport size photographs
  • You have to attach the medical health care certificates to ensure your good health
  • Attach your qualification or marriage certificates as required if you want to work in Germany
  • Health insurance of about 5 years of 60 months is necessary as a contribution to social factors

After fulfilling all these essential requirements and providing the documents, it increases the chances of eligibility factor of a person for Germany PR process. It takes about two to three weeks to get a German residence visa after applying for it.

What are the Benefits of Getting a PR Visa in Germany?

Becoming eligible for a permanent residence in Germany can allow you access to several benefits. Let’s discuss some of them in the following:

No Restrictions

One of the main reasons why people prefer applying for a PR Germany Visa with EU Blue card is that they can work in Germany without any restrictions. And you can choose your work occupation, living style, working hours, or employment sector according to your own choice with a PR visa. So, you don’t have to get bound with a specific type of job with a temporary residence permit. 

Ease in Getting Bank Loans

If you have become eligible to stay permanently in Germany, it becomes easier to get bank loans. It should be noted that the German banks will not provide loans to the residents with a temporary permit. Moreover, there are rising number of job openings in Germany in 2022 due to which people are also applying for PR permit. 

Freedom of Travelling

The non-EU citizens apply for Germany PR visa  to get access to travel to other European countries. With a temporary permit, you can travel only within Germany. But with a permanent permit, you can easily move to other parts. But you can stay in other European parts for a limit of 6 months. 



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