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Get Canada Work Visa With Optimus Corporate Services

Want to work lawfully in Canada as a skilled worker? If so, you can apply for a work visa from Dubai. We at OCS Best Immigration Consultants in Dubai, have been assisting talented individuals in Dubai with immigration services for decades, making us the best and most trusted immigration advisors in the area. We have the knowledge, skills, and track record to make applying for a work permit in Canada a pleasant and stress-free experience for you and your loved ones. Since its start, we have assisted thousands of aspiring skilled employees in migrating to some of the world’s most desirable places to reside, including Canada. OCS Best Immigration Consultants in Dubai, can provide expert advice, immigration assistance, and step-by-step guidance for acquiring a Canada work permit from Dubai, whether you have already secured a job opportunity in Canada, received a job contract from a Canadian employer recently, or are settled in Canada and working there without a valid work permit. As one of the most respected visa consulting firms in Dubai, we take a proactive and professional approach to resolving any problems you may have with your work visa.

Finding this page means you are serious about moving forward with your application for a work visa to Canada from the United Arab Emirates. Canada is home to a wide variety of work opportunities across various industries. Canada has over 800,000 job opportunities for all experience levels as of September.

The type of work visa you need to enter Canada depends on what you want to perform there. Get a work visa to Canada with the help of OCS, the top Canadian immigration consultant in Dubai, UAE. 


Canada is an excellent country in which to reside and work because of the boundless possibilities it presents. If you include factors like environmental friendliness, cultural variety, entrepreneurial spirit, economic clout, and quality of life, you’ll find that Canada is in the top two worldwide. Canada’s economy is well-known for its rapid expansion and industrialization, and the good news is that it’s continuing to grow, making the country a fantastic destination for job seekers. The following are many reasons why Canada is the top destination for skilled immigrants.

Canada’s national parks, historical landmarks, and gorgeous scenic landscapes are among the world’s finest. Canada is a country packed with amazing sights and experiences, from pristine wilderness to unexplored natural treasures.

Since its inception, the World Report’s Quality of Life ranking has consistently rated Canada near the top. The robust Canadian economy has allowed its citizens to live comfortable, worry-free lives with a high standard of living.

Canada is a country that is continuously looking for talented immigrants to fill a variety of positions. The government of Canada places a premium on qualified experts and skilled laborers. Those with particular skills are more likely to be granted a work permit Visa in Canada.

The Canadian Health Act serves as the guiding legislation for the publicly funded and provincially governed system. This ensures that all citizens and permanent residents of Canada have access to free medical care, including regular checks (the doctors will send the billing to the government).

Various Categories of Canadian Work Permits

In Canada, there is a sizable population that has reached retirement age. It is home to a large senior citizen population and other inhabitants who do not meet the requirements for many available jobs and careers. This illustrates the widespread skill gap that exists across Canada’s economic structure. Canada welcomes immigrants, skilled foreign workers, trained youngsters, and professionals by issuing them a Temporary Canadian Work Permit or Canada work permit visa to strengthen its economy and resolve labor shortages in industries. It opens the door for talented immigrants and foreign experts to find Work in Canada’s industries. They can receive competitive compensation in Canadian dollars (CAD) and launch successful new lives in the country.

The leading immigration experts in the UAE, OCS, offer a complete service for people who want to get a temporary work visa to Canada. There are two primary types of work permits in Canada.

  • Open Work Permit
  • Employer Specific Work Permit

Open-Work Permit

Professionals, immigrants, and qualified foreign employees can work for any company in Canada, with a few exceptions. For example, those who routinely provide escort services or sensual massages are not eligible. Note that skilled foreign workers, immigrants, international graduates (students), and professionals only receive open work permit visas if they meet all qualifying requirements.

Employer Specific Work Permit

Conditions for employment in Canada for foreign nationals holding employer-specific work permits include, but are not limited to:

  • Your prospective employer’s name,
  •  your company tenure
  • Positioning yourself for Work in a specific locale (if applicable).

How to Apply for a Work Visa in Canada if You Live in the United Arab Emirates

For skilled employees in the UAE who need to obtain work permits to work in Canada, OCS BEST Canadian Immigration Consultants in Dubai are the ideal choice. The following are necessities for acquiring a work permit in Canada:

  • ESDC requires an employment offer from a Canadian employer before issuing a TWP.
  • If you are from the Middle East, processing your application for a work permit may take up to 24 weeks.
  • The LMIA’s approval is needed for some jobs (Labor Market Impact Assessment). The LMIA is a permit that some Canadian employers need to hire foreign nationals.
  • The LMIA will prove that non-native speakers are essential to the business’s success. This will prove that Canada doesn’t have enough skilled workers to fill the position.
  • The LMIA must consent before an employer can issue a work visa. The following qualifications are necessary for workers to obtain a work permit:
  • Job Offer Letter
  • Contract,
  • A LMIA replica
  • LMIA’s designated identification number.

Guidelines for Obtaining a Canadian Work Permit

You may rely on the assistance of OCS BEST Canadian Immigration Consultants in Dubai to guide you through the necessary steps in obtaining a work visa for Canada. See below for information on obtaining a work visa to Canada from the United Arab Emirates.

  1. Companies apply a Labor Market Impact Analysis

Before hiring a foreign worker, businesses may need to undergo a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). LMIAs will prove that you can’t find a qualified local candidate for the job.

To meet the growing demand in a wide variety of fields and sectors across the country’s provinces, businesses in Canada are actively seeking to hire qualified workers, trained youth, and experts from abroad.

Canadian companies seeking LMIA from ESDC must post openings for at least one month in various media, including newspapers, magazines, media outlets, online job boards, and the Canadian Job Bank. If Canadian firms cannot find qualified local individuals to fill employment openings, they may apply for and receive a positive LMIA from Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC). Canada welcomes talented workers and professionals from outside, thanks to the Labour Market Impact Assessment. Canada’s economy, labor market, and industry sectors will all benefit from bringing in skilled foreign employees, trained youth, and professionals, as evidenced by the LMIA. The LMIA (Labor Market Impact Assessment) is usually necessary to secure a work permit visa in Canada unless the position is essential to a charity or religious organization.

Candidates should be aware that if a Canadian employer wants them to work temporarily in Quebec, the candidate will need a Certificat d’acceptation du Québec (CAQ) from the business.

Suppose an applicant meets all requirements and can convince the visa officer that they will contribute to Canada’s economic and industrial progress. Then they’ll get a work visa.

  1. Once the LMIA is authorized, the company will give the employee a provisional offer of employment together with the LMIA document.

Since the skilled foreign worker needs both the LMIA approval letter and the details of the job offer letter to apply for a work permit in Canada, the employer is required to Please remit a duplicate of the signed approval letter to the worker along with the details of the job offer letter once the LMIA is approved. All of the following information should be included in the “Job Offer Letter” or employment contract:

  • Posting Title
  • Job Role Exposition
  • Duties and obligations associated with the position
  • Beginning and ending times and dates
  • Salary ranges and percentages
  • Company’s physical location and name

When Can You Expect Your Canadian Work Permit to Arrive?

Suppose you want your Canada work permit visa application processed quickly. In that case, you need to meet all qualifying criteria and get help from a reliable immigration expert, like OCS. To have a smooth processing period for a Canadian work permit, candidates need to have the following documents on hand: You will need the following to apply for a Canadian work visa: 

  • A completed visa application form 
  • A valid passport
  • Canada’s official job offer
  • A letter of invitation 
  • A copy of your LMIA 
  • Proof of sufficient funds 
  • A medical exam certificate 
  • Proof of your age 
  • Proof of your education 


We have served clients from nearly 40 different countries for many years as a leading immigration agency. Hundreds of individuals receive assistance from OCS every year, allowing them to finally achieve their ambitions. Contact our team of BEST Canadian Immigration Consultants in Dubai to go over your work permit application and determine if Work visa applications are accepted in Canada.



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