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Get the Permanent German Residence Permit with EU Blue Card in 2022

If you are a highly qualified and skilled professional looking to apply for EU Blue Card Germany, this blog is for you. The card enables skilled workers to engage in fields with a labor shortage or which have future opportunities. It is valid for up to four years, after which the person may apply to extend their stay in Germany, provided they still match the conditions.

Moreover, you have to get access to a German employment visa before applying for the blue card. These are long-stay visas that do not enable you to work in Germany but instead prove that you would have come into the country lawfully and to work. The German Immigration Office recommends applying for this opportunity after completing your at-least three months in Germany with the employer company. 

Germany’s Salary Requirement for EU Blue Cards in Germany-2022

It will be €56,400 a year in Germany’s minimum wage in 2022 and €43,992 for sectors in a labor shortage in 2022. There is an eligibility requirement for the amount of money you earn for getting selected to get the EU German blue card. And the amount varies each year because it rises 1.5 times higher than the average. 

Eligibility Criteria for the  EU Blue Card Germany

If you satisfy the following requirements, you may qualify for the German Blue Card:

  • Qualification Requirements

German or an accredited institution in Germany are the only acceptable options for higher study. To practice some professions, such as medicine, law, or education, you must have your degree recognized. So, you can get a permanent residence Germany blue card on fulfilling all the qualifications and educational requirements. 

  • Job Opportunities

You must obtain a written offer to work from a German company in Germany. Work contracts must be submitted as part of the Blue Card Germany application process, detailing the job and pay you’ll be working at.

You cannot get a Germany Blue Card if you are self-employed; you need to work for an employer.

3- Annual Salary Requirement

 You must be paid nearly one-and-a-half times the German national average to work in Germany. For 2022, the candidate must make a minimum gross income of €56,400 (before taxes), a decrease from €56,800 in the previous year.

If your income is at least €44,304/year, you may be eligible for a Blue Card if you seek a job in a shortage area (science, medical, engineering, IT, architecture, etc. 

It is possible to get help from immigration experts, such as OCS, to determine whether your employment status is eligible for a  permanent residence Germany blue card. They know all there is to know about German Blue Cards.

Professions that qualify for a German EU Blue Card 

  • Architects and interior designers are in high demand, as are Germany’s engineers and information and communication technology professionals.
  • Mathematicians, doctors, scientists, engineers, urban planners, and traffic engineers fall within this category.
  • Experienced employees
  • Seasonal workers, researchers, students, and vocational trainers 
  • Employees who have been moved inside the company

You can only get a  Blue Card in Germany if you work in certain types of jobs that need a university degree. A blue card visa in Germany might be yours if you’re an expert in your area.

How to Apply? 

If you want to get this blue card after applying for a German visa, contact the Foreigner’s office there. So, after you’ve found work in Germany, you’ll need to contact the German embassy to secure an entrance visa. It is possible to apply for a Blue Card in Germany after you have arrived in the country. Step-by-step instructions for blue card requirements in Germany 2022 are provided here: 

  •  Find a job
  • Apply for German Visa to Migrate to Germany after Getting a Job Letter
  • Approval of Work Permit Authorization
  • Have your address registered
  •  Obtain health insurance which is an essential requirement in some sectors
  • Complete your documentation and paperwork
  • Before applying for an EU Blue Card Germany, attach all the required documents and fulfill all the details.

The Bottom Line: Some Benefits of Getting an EU Blue Card

By having this card, you can become able to work in one of the world’s strongest economies. And for you and your loved ones, you’ll have access to the best medical, healthcare, and educational facilities. For one to four years, the blue card visa in Germany is valid and may be renewed.

Moreover, after 33 months in Germany, you may apply for a settlement permit and become a permanent German citizen. To become a German citizen, you must reside and serve in Germany for eight years. Apply for this card because immediate family members may accompany you to Germany, where they may work and study.

People also prefer getting this blue card visa in Germany because traveling to other EU nations for up to 3 months in a six-month time is permitted. Following 18 months, you may request the EU Blue Card Germany in a different country. ‘



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