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How Can I Work in Canada Without an LMIA 

Introducing a flexible economic world order, the present age is full of overseas opportunities because it provides the rationale for the free movement of goods, services, finance, skills, and workforce. In contemporary times workers move across borders to get fair wages. Undoubtedly, Canada is among the best destinations for many concerning the good hourly wages. 

However, replacing the native workforce with comparatively low wages, the immigrants have become an issue of serious concern for many developed economies, e.g., Canada, the United States, etc. Many states’ citizens are losing their jobs due to the foreigners’ low-wage services. It gave rise to the populist leaders there. To cater to the issue of unemployment due to immigrants, every state took measures to ensure the security of jobs for the citizens. 

In Canada, Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is a cap on the impending flux of immigrants to save the jobs of native people. Therefore, some specifications are required for every coming immigrant to fulfill before he/she gets a work permit in Canada. Fortunately, in some cases, one can find work in Canada without having LMIA. To obtain such work permits, you must contact the  best immigration consultant in Dubai. Furthermore, to know the answer to the question, ‘how can I work in Canada without an LMIA, you need to read the article.

What Exactly Is LMIA?

Before recruiting foreign nationals, employers in Canada must consider Canadians who are jobless and searching for work. If no citizen with the required qualification is available, the company or business can offer the concerned position to a foreigner by a document called LMIA. An LMIA may be time-consuming to get, but it’s not impossible since Canada needs so much labor. Employers are always responsible for looking for this paperwork.   

Employers, businesses, farms, and other organizations in Canada must get permission from the government before recruiting a foreign worker. Different programs have different requirements. Canada uses a labor market impact assessment to protect permanent residents’ employment rights. Although the nation touts its fair employment legislation, its laws require you to get an LMIA work visa. 

 An LMIA is issued when a Canadian corporation cannot fill a job with a native Canadian. This constitutes a successful LMIA. By advertising job positions in Canada and attempting to hire Canadians, it is easiest to show that the applicants are unqualified for the post. Employers will then want to hire immigrants to fill the gap. To get LMIA before getting a work permit in Canada, you must consult the best Canadian Immigration consultant in Dubai.

Work Permit Without LMIA; A LMIA Free Window of Opportunity to Work in Canada

Most Canadian work permits require foreign applicants to provide a copy of their positive LMIA and their LMIA number. However, there are a few exceptions. The majority of work permits in Canada are closed work permits, which need a favorable LMIA. A closed work permit is given to a foreign worker for a particular job and for a specific employer that is registered on the LMIA.

On the other hand, foreign employees with open work permits are permitted to work in any capacity, for any business, anywhere in Canada. Open work permits do not need an LMIA since they are not tied to a specific industry or business. Additionally, a job offer is not required to apply for an open work visa. In a way, closed LMIA-exempt work licenses fall in the center. They do not call for an LMIA but permit foreign employees to work for a particular business in a specific capacity. This way, one can get a Canadian work permit visa without having an LMIA.

Specific Jobs and Agreements Instrumental in Getting Work Permit in Canada Without the Requirement of an LMIA. 

Closed LMIA-exempt work permits allow a foreign national to work for a specified company in a specific capacity, but they are free from needing a positive LMIA. Employment often determines whether or not a closed work permit is exempt from the LMIA. Following are some conditions in which an LMIA is not mandatory to produce before getting a work permit in Canada.

Key Advantages

If your company can demonstrate that you will provide a significant social, cultural, or economic value to Canada, you may qualify for this exemption. In this way, the Canadian policy makers compensate for the employee if the person supposed to be employed may have the capacity to give the nation benefits large enough to pay the position of a deserving Canadian citizen. Some advantageous fields are explained as follows.

  • Technical employees, performers, artists, independent engineers, etc.
  • Transferees inside a firm with specialized expertise who will benefit the Canadian economy with their specific knowledge and experience
  • Employees of Mobility francophone

Reciprocal Employment; Job against a Job

This exception allows foreign employees to work in Canada in some fields where Canadians may find employment elsewhere. In this way, the Canadian government avoids global isolation in the jobs market, especially in the case of specific professions. The examples of reciprocal employment are given below.

  • Professional athletes and coaches working with Canadian teams
  • Lecturers, visitors, and students taking part in exchange programs. 

Entrepreneurs and Self-employed people; Assets to Excel Economic Growth of the Country

To be given an LMIA exemption, foreign nationals who want to work for themselves or run their own company in Canada must prove that doing so will significantly benefit Canadian citizens or permanent residents. 

If you are working as a business in any part of the world, e.g., Dubai, and you want to move your business to Canada, or you want to open a new branch of your business in the country, you need no LMIA. In this context, you need to take the services of Canada job consultancy in Dubai, and by following a procedure, you can move to Canada without an LMIA.

Internal Transfers

Without an LMIA, international businesses might temporarily move personnel to a Canadian branch. For example, suppose a company wants to train its employees in any department in Canada by getting the benefits of a trainer who is neither a citizen in Canada nor has a work permit. In that case, the Canadian policies allow such a worker to work temporarily in Canada without producing an LMIA. In this way, one can work in Canada without having the LMIA.

Proficient French Speakers

The need for an LMIA may not apply to French-speaking skilled employees with a legitimate employment offer in a province or territory other than Quebec. To promote the French language in the country, the lawmakers made a law that any person with some skills, who know the French language, can be migrated to Canada, and they need no LMIA to get a work permit in the country except in some specific province.

Agreements on International Trade

Some international Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) include clauses that make it simpler for businesses to temporarily work in the nations that have signed them. While foreign employees protected by an FTA are free from the LMIA requirement, they still often demand a closed work permit. Examples include the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS), and the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). In this way, the Immigrate to Canada LMIA free in the cases above.

Programs for International Youth Exchange

Canada also participates in a few international exchange programs for youth, enabling young people to visit and work there without needing an LMIA. For instance, International Experience Canada offers a Young Professionals category for those who have a job offer in Canada that helps with their professional growth. To gain a work permit in Canada without producing a positive LMIA, the youth programs are something worthy to get benefits.

Exemptions Determined by the Minister

The immigration minister may choose to provide this exemption in certain circumstances. Minister takes such steps at his discretion. Using the discretionary powers, the concerned minister can allow anyone to get a work permit in Canada without having an LMIA. Such exemptions usually are given in the cases as follows. 

  • An acknowledged government program supports academics, researchers, guest speakers, and visiting professors.
  • Medical fellows and residents, as well as recipients of academic honors from Canadian institutions

Endnote; Work Hard for the World is Free to Win

To immigrate to Canada with a valid work permit is a dream seen by many people; however, many cannot achieve it because of many reasons. Among many reasons, one is failure to produce an LMIA. However, after reading the article, one is able to believe that without an LMIA, one can work in Canada. To make the process easier for you, you need to get the services of any immigration consultancy. 

It will answer all your queries from how to migrate to Canada from Dubai?’ to ‘how can one get a work permit in Canada without having an LMIA? I hope the article is beneficial in answering many of your questions. 

You can consult Optimus Corporate Services for getting the best immigration consultancy services from our expert professionals. 



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