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How Canada’s New NOC Will Affect Express Entry eligibility

The new rules of the National Occupational Classification (NOC) will change the evaluation criteria of workers depending on their experience level. You can classify your occupations based on the new rules of Canada’s Immigration System 2022. It should be noted that these changes in the occupational division will affect the economic class and the foreign applicants who want to immigrate to Canada for work purposes. 

Many foreign applicants use Express Entry Program to ensure getting the Canada PR visa through Federal or Provincial immigration pathways. But to get eligible for the Express Entry, you should meet the criteria, such as the NOC code. The new rules applied to the NOC code system 2021 will impact the eligibility of applicants after the implication in Nov 2022. 

Keep reading the blog to get the complete information about the 16 eligible and three ineligible occupations based on the Canada NOC 2022 for permanent residency. 

Determine Your Eligibility Through National Occupational Classification( NOC Code)

The government of Canada has reported a million job vacancies for the national and foreign skilled residents to work in Canada. But with the rising job opportunities in Canada, the government has announced some significant changes in the NOC system to classify the jobs. And this system has made the job classifications based on skills, experience, duties, and work of a person. 

There are many occupations in Canada for which people from all around the world apply. And all these occupations have a specific NOC code based on which the government of Canada evaluates a person’s profile status as a candidate. Based on your skill type, skill level, test score, and work experience, you get your NOC code representing your application profile. 

Another main thing to consider is that this Canada NOC code has four digits with a specific meaning for Express Entry.  The first two digits of your NOC code will represent your skill type, and the last two digits will be the sign of your skill level. Breaking down all the qualifications and job sectors into the codes per National Occupational Classification is a significant step for the Canadian government. 

So, choose the NOC code that suits fit according to your skill level and skill type to increase the chances of becoming eligible to get a Canada visa.

5 Major Skill Levels of NOC

The IRCC has set the eligibility criteria based on the NOC code of the applicants for their immigration process. And this National Occupation Classification is divided into the five primary skill levels according to which you can classify your job. 

Following are the five NOC skill types by the Canadian government:

NOC Type 0

This NOC type 0 skill level includes the professions with the management jobs in the marketing, construction, administration, or other sectors. So, you can migrate to Canada from Dubai for  management services by getting NOC code 0 skill level.

NOC Type A

NOC Type A, also known as NOC Teer 1, includes the professional sectors with a university degree. And people who want to immigrate to UK from UAE can  apply based on your qualification for these jobs, such as doctors, professors, pharmacists, chemists, or any degree-based job. If you’ve done a bachelor’s, master’s, or higher education degree, apply for TEER 1 NOC. So, you can apply for job opportunities in canada on the basis of these levels. 

NOC Type B

If you’re a skilled worker with a college or university diploma in a specialized or technical field, then you will get Canada NOC skill level B. People with technical skills and qualifications mostly fall under this category, such as electricians, engineers, mechanics, or photographers. An apprenticeship training program or post-secondary education in technical occupations falls under this level. 

If you have the specialized qualification in the technical fields of business or administration qualities, then you can apply to the professions of NOC skill type 2. 

NOC .Type C

If you have a higher school education or job training on intermediate jobs, you fall under the NOC skill level C. And these jobs include industrial professions, driving sectors, food quality workers, tour operators, or receptionists.

 Moreover, you have to get the apprenticeship training for 1-2 years before applying. And these professions include secondary school training or training in a specific occupation to get the specialized experience for Canada Express Entry Program. 

NOC Type D

If you want labor jobs with specific training can apply under the NOC skill type D. The labor occupations with job training or several years of experience in the specialized profession fall under the NOC type D. You don’t need formal education but specialized training in a field. 

Ending Note: Identify Your NOC Code

Different occupations and job sectors in Canada have other NOC codes that differentiate the applicants based on their skills, work, and experience. If you want to quickly become eligible for the Express Entry program, you’ve to fall under the Skill Level 0, A, or B. And applicants falling under Tier 0, 1, and 2 can also apply for Atlantic High Skill Program. 

So, consult OCS, the best immigration consultants, to get detailed information about NOC jobjob opportunities in canada. Or you can also visit the NOC website for your job titles and occupations if you want to migrate to Canada from Dubai. 



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