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How to Apply for a Canadian Visa from Dubai

For foreign nationals who want to visit Canada for any purpose, the Canadian government issues a Canada visit visa, which can be used for various reasons, including a family visit, a vacation, or a business trip.

People’s desire to visit Canada has grown steadily in recent years, but many are unsure of how to immigrate to Canada from Dubai. Because of Dubai’s global prominence as a trade and tourism hub, visa applications from countries worldwide are simple to obtain. Applying for the process to immigrate to Canada from Dubai is straightforward and has a high success rate.    

In Canada, skilled workers and business people can discover the perfect opportunities for migration. Each visa type has its application process, and you can contact the best Canadian immigration consultants in Dubai to understand the application process easily.  However, there are some basic steps you must follow that we will discuss in the article.

What Does Getting a Canadian Visa Mean?

You can enter Canada only if you have a visa stamped on your passport. Moreover, an official visa allows you to enter the country and stay legally, whether for a short time or the long term.

It indicates that the Canadian Embassy in your native country has determined that you are qualified and meet the immigration criteria. It is up to Canadian authorities to determine whether or not you are eligible for entry.

You will be permitted to enter Canada if you address the BSO’s questions clearly and appropriately. For example, suppose the Canadian government suspects you are ineligible to enter the nation. In that case, they can reject your application and ask you to return to your home country. So, get the best Canada job consultancy in Dubai to increase the chances of getting Canadian residency. 

A visa is required for citizens of around 148 countries who want to visit Canada, work here, or immigrate here. If you fall into this category and need a visa to enter Canada, you must apply immediately.

Meet the Eligibility Criteria to Get Canadian Visa from Dubai

The following are the most important things to keep in mind while applying for Canadian permanent residency:

  • The criteria may be different if the candidate is an adult (above the age of 18) or a child (17 or under)
  • Adults can be the only leading candidates for a job application
  • To be qualified for Canada’s Express Entry, you must have a minimum of 67 points
  • Have fluent English or French language abilities
  • Working experience of full-time job for two years to get Canadian work permit visa
  • You must have enough money to back up your immigration request
  • Attach your medically proven health certificates
  • Assessment of educational credentials

Steps to Apply for Canada Visa

The following are the stages of getting a Canadian visa:

  • Preparation for the Education Credential Assessment (ECA) begins with gathering all relevant educational credentials and submitting an application.
  • Using Canada express entry, fill up your profile information and submit it
  • Work hard to improve your Express Entry score so that you may opt for a permanent resident visa for Canada.
  • Submit all needed paperwork and visa payments within the 60-day timespan.
  • Send your passport to the closest Embassy for stamping after receiving word that your visa application has been approved.

What Do You Know About Express Entry Canadian Visa?

The government of Canada has created an electronic immigration system known as the Canadian Express Entry Program. You may use this system to apply for Canadian residency if you have a specific skill for job opportunities in Canada

An individual may apply and be regarded as a qualified immigrant by filling out a profile and submitting it. And applications for permanent residence are open to those who get the best scores. 

Rank Your Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System

Your profile is assessed and ranked in the Express Entry Program-2022 using the Comprehensive Ranking Approach (CRS), a points-based system.

Increase your CRS points by following these steps:

You may get 160 CRS points if you’re proficient in English and French. In terms of work, Earning 80 CRS points requires a minimum of three years of experience. And a bachelor’s or master’s degree earns you 150 bonus points

If you have a spouse, 10 CRS points are awarded for the spouse’s educational attainment, while 20 CRS points are awarded for the spouse’s language competence. And If you’re accepted into the Provincial Nominee Program, you’ll get 600 CRS points. Your CRS points will rise if you get a job offer from Canada. So, focus on improving your CRS points if you want to immigrate to Canada from Dubai. 

Required Documents to Apply for Canadian Visa From Dubai

Applicants from Dubai will require the following documents to obtain a visa to Canada:

  • UAE Visa

To begin with, you must have a valid UAE visa with a three-month validity period to apply for a visa permit from Dubai to Canada.

  • Passport Verification

Second, to apply for a Canadian visa from Dubai, you must provide your original passport, valid for at least the duration of your stay and preferably six months. Make sure your passport contains at least two blank pages, which you should double-check.

  • No Objection Certificate Requirement

Additionally, the Canadian Embassy in Dubai requires a statement from your employer stating that they have no objections to your visa application. Moreover, It should mention your salary, title, date of employment, and the reason for your visit to get Canada work permit.

Those who run a company in Dubai must provide:

  • A copy of their trade license.
  • A letter of introduction detailing their monthly earnings.
  • The passport information of any partners or investors.
  • Letter of Invitation 

In addition, the Canadian Embassy may request letters of invitation from Canadian family or friends. For a business visa, an invitation letter is required.

  • Personal Details

For the visa and passport requirements, it’s essential to attach your passport-size photographs. And keep in mind that the photographs should contain a white background which is the requirement of the application process. In addition to the photographs, you must also prove your bank statements and attach bank details for the last six months. It will prove a person’s financial stability while living in Canada from Dubai. 

Also, you have to attach your marriage certificate to provide the spouse and other details to the Canadian Embassy in case a person is married. You may also provide information on your hotel reservations, which isn’t required but might be helpful. When you arrive at the airport in Canada, you will be required to provide a verified return ticket and a hotel certificate.

  • Create a cover letter

As the last step, you should write a cover letter outlining your personal or financial information and the reason for your vacation to Canada,  with your travel schedule and hotel details. Applicants requesting Canadian visas from Dubai need this letter to support their application.

So after you submit the necessary paperwork, you may visit OCS, the best immigration consultants, in Dubai.

  • Submit the Canada Visa Fee.

Depending on your visa type, you’ll be required to pay Canada visa costs. Your application must be submitted after it is done.

There is a 5-day processing time for online applications. And if you want to submit your form in the office, you may bring the required papers to the Canadian Immigration office in your country of residence.

Get the Information From Canadian Website

Go to the Canada visa website to determine whether your application is approved. You may choose from various options on the page, but you must click on the Immigration link.

You must first log into your account to apply for a Canada visa. Begin registering for the immigration visa you have been found qualified for by entering your reference code. When you input the reference code, a list of required papers for your Canadian residence permit will appear.

Get a Permanent Residency By Immigrating from Dubai to Canada

Canada is one of the countries with lowest unemployment rates, offering 1 million job vacancies for national and foreign skilled workers.  Candidates not immediately eligible for permanent residency while applying from the United Arab Emirates often choose this path.

Getting a permanent residency in Canada also depends upon the period you have stayed in Canada for temporary residence. The Temporary Worker Program, International Mobility Program, and Foreign Experience Canada Program offer foreign nationals work permits.

Time to Immigrate to Canada from Dubai

Processing times for Canadian visas vary according to the individual circumstances of each case. Getting a Canadian visa only starts after Canadian officials have received all your submitted paperwork. The processing period will be extended if you must provide them with extra documentation. And this process might take a few weeks to a few months.

How Can OCS Help You? 

The best immigration consultants in Dubai at OCS can help you build the best case possible for your Canadian visit visa. For those who desire to live, work, or study in Canada, we offer the best immigration consultancy business services that offer individualized and comprehensive assistance.

What can our team do for you? 

  • Determining the most effective method of obtaining a visiting visa
  • Consultation about how to convey your case to the Canadian Embassy to ease your interview process
  • Providing you with financial advice
  • Advising you on what to include in your paperwork
  • Assistance in form submission
  • Examine all of your supporting documents.

So, talk to our Canadian visa consultation experts to ensure your Canadian visa application has the best possible chance of succeeding. 



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