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Is Canada Welcoming to Immigrants?

Yes, you have heard it right! According to the Immigration Department of the government of Canada, Canada has the highest 8.46 Migrant Acceptance Index score.

After the end of Covid-19 limitations, the Canadian government has announced various immigration plans for people of all occupations and age ranges. Such as, Canada has announced immigration opportunities for people who want to immigrate to Canada from the UAE, for students, and high skilled foreign workers. 

 In 2021, Canada relaxed several immigration policies, leading to a more significant number of visas being issued. And in 2022, Canada is welcoming more immigrants to strengthen the country’s economy and fill the labor shortage department. 

Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship for Canada Sean Fraser announced the release of the Immigration Policy Plan 2022-2024. The Canadian immigration service hopes this strategy will help attract and keep immigrants to places experiencing economic hardship due to a lack of available labor.

If you want to immigrate to Canada, you can contact the best immigration consultants in Dubai for a better understanding of the legal process and visa requirements. 

The target of Welcoming 430,000 immigrants to Canada-2022

Increasing the number of people living in Canada is a priority for the country as it seeks to increase its population, labor force, and economic development.

Although many jobs were regained after being lost due to the epidemic, the Department of Immigrants, Refugees, and Citizenship reports that thousands of posts remain unfilled across all industries.

Canada has just issued a revised goal of over 432,000 immigrants for 2022, with even more significant numbers planned for 2023 and 2024, as reported by CIC News.

There were around 340,000 annual arrivals to Canada before the pandemic. Still, this number dropped in 2020 due to travel restrictions and the requirement for government employees to work from home. Canada declared in October 2020 that it would actively recruit more than 400,000 immigrants in 2021 to contribute to the country’s economic recovery after the COVID pandemic. In the end, Canada welcomed a record-breaking number of permanent residents of 405,000 in 2021.

In February, Fraser presented Canada’s Immigration Levels Plan for 2022–2024. Canada now seeks about 430,000 immigrants annually and aims to increase that number to 450,000 by 2024.

ICC made over 405,000 new visa holders, more than half a million selections in 2021. And surprisingly, it was the highest number of welcoming immigrants to a country for the first time. 

More than 1 Lac Canadian Permanent Residences from January-March in 2022

According to the most recent numbers available from Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), Canada welcomed over 114,000 new residents in Q1 of 2022. There were 35,415 permanent residency options in January, 37,335 in February, and 40,785 in March.

The Canadian government’s Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship (IRCC) division has been working to enhance its efficiency through standardized procedures. As a result, IRCC has made twice as many final judgments as it did during the same period in 2021. Additionally, IRCC has improved and expanded its services for those seeking permanent residency in Canada.

This involves giving exams and citizenship procedures online and keeping track of applications over the web. As a result of these initiatives, 114,000 new residents entered Canada in Q1 2022 after the immigration process. So, hiring the best Canadian immigration Consultants in Dubai is a better decision for a smooth process. 

Major Highlights About Latest Canadian Immigration 

  • To receive more than 450,000 immigrants in 2024 alone, Canada has set new immigration objectives that would break all previous records.
  • Until 2024, approximately a million individuals from all around the globe are expected to immigrate to Canada.
  • More than half of the new permanent residents will come through immigration streams that welcome applications from international students, who are the primary focus of the new goals.
  • As a result of the end of the epidemic, there has been an increase in the number of overseas students applying to universities in Canada.
  • More overseas students will be able to stay in Canada after finishing their degrees since the country is increasing the number of permanent residents it accepts via its immigration program.

Reason for the Increasing UK Immigration Plans

Canada’s unemployment rate is at a record low right now. Statistics Canada reports that the unemployment rate is 5.2%, at its lowest level since records started being collected in the 1970s. By 2030, nine million Canadian employees will be of retirement age, and the country’s fertility rate is too low to compensate for them. With a global average of roughly 1.5 children per woman, Canada has the world’s lowest birth rates.

The declining number of native-born Canadians means that the country must increasingly rely on foreign workers and taxpayers to meet the needs of its aging population. Canada’s economy, public services, and standard of living all gain from immigration, as do the country’s permanent citizens.

How does the Immigration Level Plan Work?

IRCC examines data such as population, financial and labor market indicators, integration capability, global situations, and processing capacity to keep up with the ever-changing demands of the labor market and narrow the gap in the workforce. Moreover, the ultimate objective is to design a strategy to improve the Canadian economy, help families reunite, and help those in need. The goal of the Immigrant Levels Plan is to achieve this balance.

Why do People Migrate to Canada from the UAE?

The Perfect Chance to Live a Better Life

People considering making Canada their new home often see themselves settling in one of the three largest cities: Vancouver, Toronto, or Ottawa. While these urban centers get the most attention, they are not the only options for anyone seeking a better life in Canada.

There is no need for candidates to prove proficient in English in Manitoba. Since it needs people more than any other province, Manitoba will have the most flexible qualifying rules, along with Saskatchewan.

For young people who have completed post-secondary education, the opportunity to enter the nation is much more realistic. Even if an applicant lacks the required level of education, Canada will still accept them if they are flexible about how they get entry. So, you can easily immigrate to Canada from Dubai if you are a skilled worker and become eligible on the required criteria. 

Canada is Welcoming to People of All Cultures

Canada is well-known for its welcoming attitude towards new immigrants. It highlights the dynamic nature of Canadian society and differentiates Canada from other potential locations for immigrants. In the political field, there are no anti-immigration parties.

Canada’s image has improved in other parts of the world in recent times. And the majority of the world’s population agrees that Canada is a country where people may live freely, immigrants are welcomed, and people of all ethnicities and religions can live with high standards of living. 

Get Education in the Best Institutions

The education of their children is essential to immigrant parents. One reason people immigrate to Canada is its excellent quality and low-cost education system. Moreover, the low tuition rates make it one of the most attractive academic systems in the world.

For parents considering immigration to Canada, the country’s renowned educational system provides the best work opportunities for their students.

Companies in Canada now have access to a larger pool of highly educated candidates, which has boosted the country’s already booming economy.

Immigrants to Canada have found success thanks to the country’s thriving economy, the rich diversity of culture, and welcoming attitude toward newcomers. The number of people moving to Canada is increasing as word spreads about the country’s range of opportunities. Canada’s educational system is a significant point for potential new residents and has set the stage for the country’s continued innovation and economic growth.

Canada is one of the countries where international students are allowed to work while attending university. They are permitted to work 20 hours per week on campus or off during the school year and 40 hours per week during the summer and winter breaks.

Work opportunities in Canada:

Many of Canada’s current skilled professionals will soon be retiring, leaving a void in the workforce. Unfortunately, Canada’s population hasn’t risen fast enough to produce enough qualified employees to replace those leaving the departments. 

Therefore, the nation is actively seeking replacement labor from outside the country. It boosts Canada’s economy since more people are migrating here to work. To begin with, Canada needs to attract and retain more people with STEM degrees, followed by those with experience in healthcare and social work.

Business people, permanent employees, temporary workers, students, and others may all apply for and get Canada work permits. To apply for a Work Permit visa, you must provide proof that you have a work offer.

You will still maintain your Citizenship of your home country even after receiving a permanent resident visa to Canada. The following are privileges afforded to those who have permanent resident visas:

  • Possibility of future citizenship application in Canada
  • Possess the right to reside, work, and attend school anywhere in Canada
  • Capable of receiving Canadian social services such as healthcare
  • Having legal protection in Canada

End Note: Apply Through Different Programs to Get PR Visa

To qualify for a PR visa, you may participate in one of many popular programs, including

  • The Online Immigration Express Entry Program 
  • Nominating individuals on the basis of Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)
  • Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) by the Government of Quebec

Qualification for permanent residency in Canada is established through a points-based system. To put it simply, this is the CRS or Comprehensive Ranking System. A score of 67 on the CRS is considered sufficient for profile selection. 

Canada has reasonable grounds to be ranked as the top country to move to in 2022, as the country boasts an immigration-friendly administration, many employment openings, outstanding facilities for international students, and many paths to applying for a permanent resident visa.

If you are worried about how to migrate to Canada from Dubai, no need to worry now! You can contact the professional and experienced immigration consultants in Dubai for Canada at Optimus Corporate Services anytime. 



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