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New Rules for Work Permit in Canada 2022- Learn with Optimus Corporate Services 

If you want a legal way to work in Canada, meet all the eligibility criteria and requirements to get Canada work. And by this way, you can stay in Canada for a certain period for work purposes.  

It is impossible to apply for a Work Visa in Canada unless one has first received a job offer or signed an employment contract with a Canadian employer. The employer must first fulfill some essential requirements to engage skilled foreign workers for positions that Canadian citizens or permanent residents cannot fill. The applicant should obtain LMIA so that it becomes easy for a Canadian employer to hire you by getting this Labor Market Impact Assessment. 

Since it has one of the world’s largest economies, Canada is an excellent option for anybody looking to find a job outside their country. Many foreign nationals, such as businesspeople, permanent employees, contract employees, trainees, and others, are eligible to apply for a Canadian Work Visa Visa and get legal employment there. Work visa applications usually are only submitted if the applicant already has a job offer.

The best immigration consultants in Dubai at Optimus Corporate Services can help you discover a job and apply for a Canadian Permit through our extensive overseas work possibilities.

Different Types of Canada Work Permits in 2022

In 2022, Canada is the best spot to start an international career. If you are looking for ways about how to migrate to Canada from Dubai, then you are at the right place. There are many unfilled positions in the Canadian economy. Thus the country is always eager to receive foreign nationals who can contribute their skills and knowledge in these areas. Applying for a work visa in Canada might be the first step, but figuring out which one is right for you is essential.

1. Get Permanent Residency with Post-Graduate Worker Permit (PGWP)

The PGWP is an excellent option for graduates of a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) to get a work visa without waiting long periods between jobs. The visa’s validity period is also tied to the duration of the student’s educational program and may be anywhere from one to three years. It’s a chance to obtain job experience in Canada, which might help you qualify for permanent status. You only need an open work visa to work for any company in Canada.

2. Explore and Earn with Canada Working Holiday Visa

If you want to immigrate to Canada and make some money at the same time, a working holiday visa is what you need. This visa is only available to citizens of the 35 countries with whom Canada has a youth mobility agreement. It’s suitable for somewhere between 12 and 24 months; how long you’re allowed to remain is according to your home country.

3. The Popular Open Work Visa

Since the open visa application is not the employer- or position-specific, you are free to accept employment with any company in Canada that will have you. Moreover, it should be noted that many Canadian employers prefer International Mobility Program as it’s a less complicated and easy process. 

4. Work through Employer Specific Work Permit

The Temporary Foreign Worker Program allows a person to quickly become eligible for an employer-specific work permit. A foreign national may work for a single employer, in a single place, performing a single job, using an employer-specific work visa. And to get this specific type of visa according to your requirement, you have to get TFWP. 

5. Temporary Foreign Worker Program for Foreign Residents

Numerous Canadian businesses rely on this program to cover roles that Canadian citizens or permanent residents cannot fill. Hiring an international worker provides a Canadian company with access to expertise and experience that otherwise would not exist. There are two categories of temporary foreign workers: “Global Talent” and “Caregivers.”

Eligibility Criteria for Getting Canada Work Permit

To qualify for a work permit to migrate to Canada from Dubai, you must meet a few criteria. To accept the employment offer, applicants must demonstrate their qualifications. Both English and French versions of submitted documents are required.

Temporary employees, international businesspeople, and international university graduates from Canadian institutions may all benefit from the Canada Work Visa.

Some Essential Requirements for Canadian Work Permit

  • You’ll need to convince an authority that you will return to your residential country once your Work Permit runs out
  • Present evidence that you can support yourself and your family in Canada
  • Have no criminal record and provide a certificate from the police
  • Not endanger Canada’s safety
  • You’ll need to be in the good physical condition and ready to undergo a medical examination at any time
  • Don’t want to work for a company the government has deemed ineligible for failing to fulfill requirements
  • Don’t plan to join a firm that offers sexually explicit services like stripping, escorting, or dancing
  • You must be prepared to provide whatever paperwork Canadian authorities need from you to enter the country

The Must-Have Documents to Apply for Canada Work Permit

  • A passport valid for up to 6 months after your planned arrival date in Canada.
  • Two recent photographs, each the size required by the passport
  • There are requirements for the picture to be accepted by IRCC.
  • Acknowledgments of academic success
  • Evidence of professional qualifications, including relevant work experience, is required.
  • Money to prove they have enough to cover their living costs in Canada for the duration of their stay.
  • Also, attach your application fee to show that you’ve done it on time

Biometric Requirements

Candidates from outside of Canada must still submit biometrics after getting a biometric data instruction letter.

To submit your biometrics to the Canadian government, visit their dedicated website and follow their instructions.

Apply For Canada Work Visa

If you want to work in Canada, you’ll need to prove that you’re entirely vaccinated and not subject to COVID-9 limitations. And you will need to read and submit online documents and proceed with the website’s instructions. The Canadian government is an excellent starting point; specify your location when applying (inside or outside of Canada), and you’ll be on your way. The best Canadian Immigration Consultants in Dubai assist in making the process easier and less time consuming.

Time Duration to Get the Canadian Work Permit Visa

The time it takes to complete a Canadian work permit visa application depends on the kind of work permit requested and the applicant’s country of residency at the time of the request. There may be a delay of a few weeks up to several months in processing your request.

Foreign people who want to apply for Canada Permanent residence may find the waiting period discouraging. Your application for a Canadian visa may take longer or shorter than usual, depending on your qualifications and field of work. All paperwork must be sent to the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC); its turnaround time depends on the number of pending visa applications.

In 2022, the IRCC wants to reduce the lengthy wait times by speeding up their processing time. While you wait for your visa to be processed, you should be aware of the following potential barriers:

  • Depending on the kind of visa being requested.
  • The location where you’re making your application
  • Your application’s precision, for instance, includes all needed materials.
  • Inquiries from the IRCC to the applicant to confirm whether or not their information is correct and whether or not their application can be processed due to a backlog of submissions

Is There a Specific Age Limit to Work in Canada?

People in their thirties who are applying for jobs are often at the top of their professions and want to advance. Those who want to apply for Canadian residence for economic reasons may use the country’s Express Entry system, which assigns each applicant a numerical rating based on their qualifications. The target demographic for these point systems is those aged 18 to 30. It speaks well for your employability in the Canadian economy. 

Moreover, Canada is looking to hire young, talented workers who can contribute to the country’s economy. Candidates will be scored and ranked according to age requirements. The candidate’s score, which is reported using the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), ranges from 0 (not applicable) to 110 (very good). The earlier an application is submitted, the greater the applicant’s chance of receiving an invitation to apply for permanent residence in Canada.

You may be able to bring your spouse and any dependent children with you to Canada if you apply for a work visa sponsored by your business. When in Canada with school-age children, they may enroll in local schools without special authorization. Your partner may apply for a work visa to let them work for any company in Canada.

Work in Canada with LMIA Application

A standard LMIA and a streamlined LMIA are the two forms of LMIA applications. As of now, the streamlined LMIA is only accessible to residents of Quebec. Processing dates for the normal LMIA vary substantially from candidate to candidate because of the individualized nature of the application review. An ordinary LMIA application has a minimum processing time of five months.

In addition, a company may be qualified for fast-tracked LMIA processing in Canada if it meets the country’s Global Talent Stream requirements. Generally, it takes two to three months to process a streamlined LMIA for a job in Quebec.

Since each work permit/LMIA application is reviewed individually, it is difficult to provide an approval rate. Any application that complies with the LMIA standards should be approved. However, individual officials make the decision to grant or deny a work permit on a case-by-case basis.

Conclusion: Immigrate to Canada with Optimus Corporate Services

There are several positive aspects to working in Canada. A high level of safety in the workplace is guaranteed by Canadian labor laws, which mandate that all businesses follow specific rules designed to protect their workers. In addition, Canadian salaries are competitive, and under Canadian law, foreign workers must be provided earnings at or above the national average.

Finding work in Canada might be an unsettling idea. Those looking for a formal employment opportunity from a Canadian business have access to valuable tools. Before applying anywhere, make sure you’ve taken the time to polish your CV and social media profiles.

Canada’s National Occupational Classification Code may be required for specific jobs (NOC Code). According to Canadian law, this code is often used to categorize all forms of work.  Get Canada job consultancy in Dubai to make the immigration process easier. Also, Optimus Corporate Services has made the immigration process more accessible. 



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