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Rule for PR in Canada for International Students in 2022

Among different residency categories in Canada, getting a permanent residence as an international student is one of them. And international students should apply for a work permit before applying for Canada PR Visa. You can follow different pathways to move to Canada permanently, which we will discuss in the blog. 

Getting a permanent Canadian residency by international students needs some specific skills and rules to follow. As an international student, you must follow a dual intent procedure by applying for a study permit before a PR visa. Make your studying, living, and fitting into Canadian life easy by following simple rules. 

What are some rules for PR in Canada for international students? 

It should be noted that as an international student, you have to follow some procedures to get a permanent residency in Canada. Different programs have different requirements according to the criteria and pathways set. Let’s discuss some major programs and their rules for PR in Canada for international students in the following:

1- Canadian Experience Class- CEC

One of the most reliable and fastest ways to get a Canada PR visa is to follow the CEC program. There are some eligibility requirements for the students to follow this program. And some of these factors include an age limit, level of education, qualification, and language proficiency test scores. 

Another main thing to consider is that the 12 months of work experience during studies doesn’t count as a different experience. Many students apply to Canada residency for a post-graduation work permit through the wonderful options of the CEC program. 

2- Follow the Federal Skilled Worker Program

Like the Canadian Experience Class, the FSW program also falls under the Express Entry Immigration program. Differing from Express Entry, the international students don’t have to get 12 months of Canadian work experience to get eligible to apply. And to apply through the FSW program, you have to get good scores in the comprehensive ranking system. 

3- Immigration through PNP

Different provinces and territories of Canada offer different provincial nominee programs for students. And there are different eligibility requirements and factors for PNP programs in different provinces. If you’ve completed your studies at the university of any province offering this program, then apply for a Canada PR visa. 

Having some educational connection with Canada’s different provinces and territories provides you with an edge to apply for PR. Considering the PNP programs is a great option to consider moving to Canada permanently. 

4- Get Post-Graduation Permit

The students can apply for a post-graduation work permit after completing their studies at a designated university. And getting a post-graduation work visa allows an individual to continue the studies and stay permanently as a Canadian resident. It should be noted that this work permit program is not a residency program. But it’s a work permit to stay in Canada as a student and as an employer. 

5- Immigrate through Quebec Programs

Quebec is a popular province of Eastern Canada that offers international students different eligibility criteria and requirements. And its residency programs are different from the federal, PNP, and express entry rules. 

Quebec Experience Options

If you want to get Quebec Experience immigration options, then completing your study program at any institution in Quebec is necessary. Or at least six months of stay in Quebec for a study program is a must. As an international student, you must have French proficiency at an intermediate level.

Quebec Skilled Worker Program

Differing from Quebec Experience Immigration, the international students don’t need French proficiency to apply for this program. But you must pass the assessment test with good scores during your educational credential in Quebec. 

The Bottom Line

Settling in a different country as an international student seems a tough task. But choosing Canada as a place for permanent residency to continue your studies and work is a great option for anyone. There are different rules for PR in Canada for international students. So, taking into account all the programs is essential to choose one that suits fit according to your eligibility criteria. 

Stay in touch with our blogs to stay updates with the latest news and information about immigration trands in Canada. 



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