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The Eligibility Criteria for Canadian Work Permit Visa in 2022

Want to get employment in Canada as a foreign worker? Then you must fulfill the eligibility criteria for the Canadian work permit visa requirements of 2022. It’s a legal documentation permit to allow workers worldwide to seek employment opportunities in Canada. And Canada offers many procedures and processes to follow for the international applicants to work here. 

Every overseas student and worker dreams to get future opportunities in Canada for some specific period. So, apply for a work visa after you get your job letter from a Canadian work company or employer. Make your dream come true to work in one of the world’s largest economies, Canada, by finding a job and applying for a Canada work visa. 

Eligibility Criteria to Work in Canada

As a foreign national, you need a Canadian work visa if you get an opportunity to work with a Canadian employer. So, let’s discuss the criteria and requirements to fulfil if you want to become eligible for this work permit in the following:

  • Submit your job offer letter from a Canadian work institution or employer
  • The Labour market assessment (LMIA)documentation proof is necessary to support your job offer
  • You don’t need LMIA support evidence if you’ve completed your qualification from the designated learning institute of Canada
  • Moreover, being the spouse of a Canadian resident or worker also proves beneficial in getting a work permit
  • Attach your bank details and fund statements to prove your financial stability
  • Submit all your required documents to become eligible to apply
  • Prove that you’ll move out of Canadian residency after the expiration of your work permit with an organization
  • The clearance certificate is also necessary to prove your criminal free record
  • Medical clearance certificates are necessary before getting a Canadian work opportunity to ensure a good health

Required Documents in 2022 to apply for Work Permit in Canada

  • Copy of valid passport with the minimum validity of 6 months
  • Two passport size photographs
  • Educational documents and academic records
  • Work experience certificates
  • Qualification certificates
  • Bank statements or fund proofs
  • Medical certificates
  • Fee voucher

Can you easily get a Canadian Work Visa?

Getting a work permit visa in Canada depends on the type of work visa a student or a foreign worker is applying for. The job offer must follow some work permit applications and the criteria you want to apply for a work visa. LMI assessment is required in most Canadian job offers with some exemptions. 

For example, in 2022, the province of Eastern Canada, Quebec, has different criteria and requirements for foreign workers. The work permit includes a set of restrictions and a set of requirements to follow if you need to work with a Canadian firm. 

Benefits of Employer-Supported Canadian Work Visa in 2022

On becoming eligible for an employer supporter work permit, a person can bring their family to Canada. So, bringing your spouse and your children with you for a specific period of your job is a great edge in this process. Moreover, Canada is a welcoming country with diverse cultures and norms. 

So, educational institutions of Canada also welcome your children to enrol in studies. And your spouse can also become eligible to apply for a work permit with you to work for any employer in Canada. 

Canada Work Visa Fees

The processing fee to apply for a Canada work permit depends upon the type of visa you’re applying for. It should be noted that the open work permit charges more fees than applying for a closed work permit. Such as the Canadian open work permit cost is about $200- CAD 255 per person. On the other hand, Canada closed work permit cost is $100- CAD 155 per person. You also have to pay an additional fee in case of any changes you want in the documentation procedure. 


Get the Canadian work permit visa to get the work opportunities in Canada as a foreign employer. Staying in Canada for 1-2 years on a work permit allows a person to stay for the specific duration of the job offer. The work permit period also depends upon the time duration that the Canadian company has offered to work to an individual. 

So, follow the above steps to be eligible for a work visa in Canada by applying to the program after getting the job offer. 



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