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The UK Expansion Worker Visa – How to Apply?

Senior managers from outside the UK can get a Global Business Mobility visa to immigrate to the UK or work in the UK as a UK Expansion worker in a post for which they have been sponsored. The visa holder can also participate in educational and charitable activities in the United Kingdom. With this visa, you’ll be able to set up shop in the UK as an extension of an overseas firm that hasn’t yet begun operations there. To be qualified for this visa, you must be employed as a senior manager or a highly specialized employee by a company outside of Canada. Your family may also be eligible to join you in the UK, providing your partner and any children they support with OCS, Best Immigration Consultants in Dubai.

In this article, you’ll learn about the UK expansion worker visa, how to get and apply for it, eligibility, and many more. Hope you’ll find it helpful.

So, Let’s Start!

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The Gains of Obtaining a Work Permit for the United Kingdom’s Rapidly Growing Economy

An Expansion Worker visa for the United Kingdom grants its holder the following privileges:

  • Gain employment with your sponsor in the field indicated on your sponsored studies certificate.
  • The term “dependents” allows you to bring along a spouse and children.
  • Make time for community service.
  • Exit and entry into the United Kingdom

However, the following does not apply to those who are granted a UK Expansion Worker Visa:

  • Submitting an Application for Public Benefits, including the State Pension
  • Changing careers unless visa requirements are met
  • Carry out a second occupation as you work the first
  • Permission to seek indefinite residency in the United Kingdom.

Conditions for obtaining work visas in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom’s “Expansion Worker” visa is offered to those who score at least 60 points across three categories: sponsorship, skills, and remuneration.

To receive full sponsorship credit of 20 points, the candidate must have a valid Certificate of Sponsorship (COS) granted by a licensed sponsor and be sponsored for legitimate employment that satisfies the overseas work criterion.

Applicants must be employed by an overseas linked business and have done so for at least 12 months to be eligible for sponsorship unless they earn more than £73,900 per year or are Japanese nationals working for a Japanese company expanding to the UK. Working for an overseas-linked employer is required for high-earners or eligible Japanese residents, although prior experience working outside the UK is not.

The applicant must have sponsorship for a position that meets or exceeds the required minimum skill level and pay at least £42,400 per year, or the going rate for that position, to receive 20 points for skill and salary, respectively.

A valid TB test certificate is required to meet the point threshold for a UK visa from a country on the list. Applicants who stay in the UK for less than a year and seek entrance clearance or permission to remain must also demonstrate that they have sufficient funds to support themselves during their stay in the country. If the sponsor can’t verify that you have enough money to live on your own, you’ll need to present proof of at least £1,270 to proceed.

The applicant must have had the funds available for a minimum of 28 days, with the last day of the 28 days falling within 31 days of the application.

How does one obtain an Expansion Work visa for the United Kingdom?

An online application, supported by the applicant’s COS reference number, is required for UK Immigration 2022 to get a UK Expansion Worker visa. They have until three months before their scheduled start date of employment in the UK, as stated on the sponsorship certificate, to apply for a visa.

An applicant must submit identification documents and other supporting materials with their application. As part of this process, they may be required to submit their biometric data in person at a scheduled appointment. Appointments, if necessary, will be communicated to them at the time of application.

Qualifications the applicant must have include:

  • COS from a legitimate, UK-based sponsor
  • identity and nationality via a travel document such as a passport
  • Necessary proof that the individual has worked for the company for a minimum of a year outside the UK
  • If necessary, proof of money.
  • If you are not from the United States, you must present proof that you have had a negative tuberculosis test.

A decision should be made within three weeks for applicants outside the UK and eight weeks for applicants within the UK after they have presented identity proof, submitted required papers, and paid applicable fees.

How much should you expect to pay when applying for a British Expansion Worker visa?

Several fees must be paid to apply for a UK Expansion Worker visa. The applicant will need at least £1,270 in addition to the application price of £259 and the annual immigration health surcharge of £624.

The company must also account for the expense of sponsorship applications and the cost associated with providing each certificate of sponsorship. Regarding sponsor licensing fees, the temporary worker route will incur the usual charge for a Temporary Worker sponsor license of £536, regardless of the sponsor’s size or tax-exempt status. A COS for a worker in the UK expansion sector costs £21.

What is the duration of a UK Expansion Visa?

Suppose you are awarded a UK Expansion Worker visa. In these circumstances, you can stay in the country for less than 12 months following the start date of the job written or given on the sponsorship certificate or 14 days after the termination date of the job. The UK visa can be extended, but only for another year. A UK Expansion Worker visa allows its holder to remain in the country for up to two years.

Workers on the UK extension are subject to the same maximum cumulative period as with other GBM routes. This means they may not be eligible for a UK Expansion Worker visa for as long if they have previously been in the UK on this or another permit. If you’ve been in the UK on any of the previous GMB visas or as an intra-company graduate trainee or intra-company transferee, you can only stay for a maximum of 5 years in any 6-year term.

Although a senior or expert employee cannot apply for indefinite leave to remain using the UK Expansion Worker route, they may be eligible to do so through another immigration route if they match the qualifying requirements.

Wrap Up

For foreign businesses looking to grow their operations in the UK, the Expansion Worker Visa is an excellent option. They can send their top executives to the UK with this visa and manage their firm more smoothly.

The Expansion Worker Visa application procedure may appear daunting, but with the support of OCS Best Immigration Consultants in the UAE, it can be completed quickly and efficiently.



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