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Complete and perfect planning before taking a step is the key to a successful journey. So, why not prepare yourself completely while making a plan for moving to the UK from Dubai? Pay attention to all the details and requirements for immigration from one country to another. Moreover, pay deep attention to the details of the place where you’re moving.

The UAE residents are frequently concerned about meeting the UK visa requirements, which they found to be a stressful and time-consuming process. Relax now, as this blog is for you to learn about how to apply for a UK visa from Dubai.

Visa Requirement for moving to the UK from Dubai

The country of United Kingdom is full of colors, flowers, windmills, and aesthetic cafes. So, people from all over the world find it an ideal place to live. Let’s discuss how can you apply for a visa for moving to UK from Dubai in the following steps:

Attach All The Necessary Documents

Firstly, apply for a UK visa by filling out the form. And keep in mind that the form should be free of any kind of errors. Then attach some necessary documents which are:

  • Recent passport-size photographs
  • The photographs should be taken with white background
  • And it should have 6 month validity
  • Then, attach the UAE residency visa
  • And it should also have almost 6 months of validity
  • National Occupational certification letter from the company you’ve worked with
  • State the designation, rank, pay package, or anything asked in the form
  • Attach the trade license if applying for a business visa
  • Also, attach your bank statements to prove your financial stability
  • Invitation letter of a sponsor which can be a company, a family member, or any relative

Pay the Visa Fee On Time

After attaching all the documents and filling out the application form, you have to pay the visa fee. It depends on the type of visa as well as your residency requirements. Moreover, you can pay this amount in any way, by credit or debit card. After you proceed with these steps, the UK embassy will schedule an appointment with you for further steps.

Interview With UK Embassy

The next step is that the UK embassy will call you for a scheduled interview to ask some questions and clear up the queries, and for this purpose, you have to be there on time to create a good impression. Also, try to give convincing answers to all the queries.

Wait for Approval

Don’t rush anything, and don’t become impatient. Patience is the key to success, so just wait for the approval, which takes 14 working days. If you’ve completed all the above steps and your interview goes well, then there’s a high chance you’ll get a UK visa.

Why are people moving from Dubai to the UK?

It has become very common for UAE residents to move to the UK from Dubai. There are various reasons for preferring the UK for permanent residences, such as its friendly and welcoming environment. Also, there is high adoption of international culture, norms, beliefs, and languages in this country.

Moreover, it also becomes easier for UK residents to move across Europe for tours and vacations. Some students also prefer the UK because of its high-class educational system. You can get your qualification from world-ranking universities living in the UK. Moreover, you can also get to have affordable healthcare in comparison to some other parts of the world.

Benefits of Getting a UK Visa

After putting so much effort into applying for a UK visa from UAE, let’s discuss the edges you get from this visa in the following:

  • A UK visa is required to start your business there
  • This Visa is compulsory for students to pursue their studies
  • Want to enjoy the UK tour? Get its visa
  • Permanent residence in the UK also demands the country visa
  • Want to move to any other country? Attach your UK visa

Wrap Up

Having a complete understanding of the country where you’re moving is essential to get rid of some stress. Also, make a proper plan, and get to know all kinds of requirements which you have to fulfill to prevent the prior issues. Moving to the UK brings a lot of adventures as well as hardships in life.

So, we have provided a complete guide about moving to the UK from Dubai. Stay in touch with us to learn more about immigration policies.



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