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UK work permit from Dubai

Want to Travel to the UK on Work Permit from Dubai? Learn How!

The countries with high economic growth provide a lot of work opportunities for skilled and professional workers. So this is the reason why the UAE residents want a UK work permit from Dubai to work in one of the most globalized economies. Having a large number of huge corporate sectors, industries, and multinational companies, the UK offers various work opportunities. 

Build your career and enjoy the amazing employment benefits in a country full of history, art, colors, and diversity. People from all over the world want the UK work visa because of the expanding job opportunities in different sectors. 

What Do You Know About the UK Work Permit Visa?

The UK, a country known for its art and culture has always opened doors for skilled workers to grow its economy to build efficient manpower. And for this purpose, the workers have to clear some requirements such as Tier 2 visa program or getting a permit visa based on their skills and expertise. 

The skilled worker permits visa allows professionals and experts to get shortlisted for the Tier 2 Occupation list. And these workers in the Tier 2 program list have higher chances of getting selected to get a UK work permit from Dubai. Moreover, healthcare, finance, teaching, hospitality, cooking, and administration services are the most popular sectors of the UK. 

Requirements for Getting UK Work Permit from Dubai

The eligible applicants should meet the criteria to apply for the UK work permit. Let’s discuss in following requirements to get a work permit visa in the UK:

    • Attach your current passport with the latest photographs
    • Your identity details should be clear with the attached documents
    • College-level education up to 12th grade is a must to apply 
    • Attach the valid sponsor license certificate from the company you’ve been working with
  • Getting good scores on English proficiency tests increases the chance of getting a UK work visa
  • Minimum 5 bands are necessary to get in IELTS to get eligible for applying
  • Excellent academic performance with many years of experience in your field also increases the chance
  • Some clearance certificates are also necessary documents for security purposes
  • Attach the bank statements to prove that you’re financially stable enough to meet the expenses
  • Apply 3 months before you are joining as an employee in the UK from Dubai to complete all the steps

UK Job Consultancy in Dubai

The job consultants provide UK job consultancy in Dubai for the complete guidance of applicants. Moreover, these consulting companies act as a mentor to provide a pathway for people willing to immigrate to the UK from Dubai. And they perform the following roles:

  • Guide the applicants about filling out the application form to apply 
  • Detailed assessment of the application and help in improving it
  • Make sure the documents checklist essential to attach
  • Submission of all the necessary documents as well as the applicant’s form
  • Creating a bridge between the concerned job departments and applicants
  • Providing complete support in all steps of immigration 

Top 3 Benefits of Getting a UK Work Permit from Dubai

Diversity of Culture

The UK residents welcome the expatriates from all over the world warmly. And there’s a high adaptation of different cultures, norms, beliefs, and values in this highly economized country. Moreover, the UK’s traditionally modernized environment provides entertainment as well as work opportunities for people worldwide. 

Globalized Economy

In comparison to other countries in Europe, the UK has a highly globalized economy. And it stands 5th in terms of better economic growth. Also, there are low taxation policies in the country making the lives of people easier. A large number of the world’s biggest manufacturing companies attract people from all over the world to enjoy their living standards.

Free Healthcare Facilities

Providing amazing facilities and services in the health, education, and food sectors, the UK is the safest country to live in. In addition, you can enjoy private healthcare policies with complete guidance in the United Kingdom. So, apply for a UK work visa today to enjoy the world’s best healthcare facilities. 


Getting the right kind of job with employee benefits and high quality of living is considered the luckiest thing to happen for anyone. And now, you can make it possible by applying for a UK work permit from Dubai by getting in touch with UK job consultancy companies. In addition, evaluate your application form in detail, and ensure that you’ve attached all the necessary documents. 

Polish your work skills in different fields of science, technology, food, and health by fulfilling your dream to work in the UK.

people find it a destination place for living.



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