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What Are the Documents Required for Canada Work Permit?

Since Canada is one of the world’s top economies, it is a perfect place for foreign workers to find employment. To work in Canada, a Canadian work permit visa must be obtained from the Canadian government. After receiving a work offer or contract from a Canadian company, individuals must apply for a Work Visa.

An employment offer is often required before an individual can apply for a work permit visa. We can help you get a visa and find a job with our end-to-end foreign career solutions if you’re interested in working in Canada.

 Canada’s government has devised various criteria to determine whether or not an application is eligible for a work visa. To apply for jobs in Canada, you must also submit several paperwork, which we will review in this blog. 

 Canada Work Permit: A Huge Opportunity For Foreign Residents

 According to CBC News, more than 400,000 foreign applicants were granted work permits in Canada in 2021. There are tremendous job opportunities in Canada for international employees looking to improve their financial situation. Canadian Work Permit Visa allows you to do the following under its terms and conditions.

  • Get a job in Canada working for the company you listed on your work visa application form.
  • After getting a work permit visa in Canada, you can bring your dependents to the country by applying for a Dependent visa.
  • Earn in the Canadian currency, which is dollars
  • You can explore the culture and beautiful sights of Canada.
  • After staying in Canada on a work permit for some time, you can apply for a permanent residency visa in Canada

Are You Eligible for a Canadian Work Permit?

Before applying for a work permit in Canada from UAE, certain conditions must be met. Applicants must provide documentation demonstrating their eligibility to accept the employment offer. English or French documents are required for submission.And to increase the eligibility factors, you can contact the best Canadian immigration consultants in Dubai with the professional expertise in the field. 

  • International students from Canadian universities, business people, and anyone who needs to work in Canada may benefit from the Canada Work Permit Visa
  • When your Work Permit expires, provide an official with documentation that you intend to leave Canada
  • Have proof that you and your family will be financially secure throughout your time in Canada
  • An official police clearance certificate is confirmation that the applicant has no criminal record
  • Prove that you are not a threat to the security of Canada
  • You must be in excellent physical and mental health and may be asked to undergo a medical examination
  • Do not intend to work for a company that the government has deemed ineligible due to a failure to meet specific standards
  • Have no intention of working for a company that provides sensual massages, escort services, or striptease

To become eligible to migrate to Canada, you must be prepared to produce any documentation requested by immigration officials

What Documents do You Need to Apply for Canada Work Permit?

You will need to obtain an Online Application from the IRCC website when registering for a Canadian visa. The instructional guide, document checklist, and forms you need to submit may be found in this section. You must turn in all required paperwork, including the papers and documentation on the form.

IRCC’s checklist does not include all the papers that individual nations may require. It includes (but isn’t limited to) a copy of your passport, a photo of yourself, a receipt for the fees you paid, and other identification papers. Ask the immigration department in your nation whether extra papers are required.

1. Valid Passport Requirement

In-case you are wondering how to migr ate to Canada from Dubai, the first requirement is to attach a valid passport copy with all other travel documents in the application form. Photos of the data page of your card are required while requesting a Canadian visa. And it includes the following things: 

  • Please provide your passport number in this field.
  • The expiration date and the date of issuance.
  • Name, picture, birthplace, and date of birth are all part of your personal information.


2. Proof of payment for Canada visa application costs.

If you are willing to immigrate to Canada and get a Canadian visa,  you must provide proof of payment and attach the receipts. The fee and cost for this application form depend upon the purpose of applying for a visa. 

Moreover, there are two types of fees for the applicants willing to get a Canada work visa.

  • Fees for submitting an application
  • Biometrics fees

Click here to view the current Canadian costs.

3. Photograph Requirements

According to Canadian rules, you must submit two passport photos. Your application may be denied if the photos do not meet Canada’s Government criteria.

You can find visa photos for Canada on this page.

Bringing the photo specifications with you to the photographer’s studio may be a good idea.

4. Proof of financial means

You must prove that you and any household members accompanying you can afford to remain in the country for the whole time you are there. You may achieve this by following these steps:

  • People can attach their bank statements and records to prove their financial stability.
  •  Or you can also submit a letter from your employer confirming your yearly salary.
  • Provide proof of your financial arrangements for the length of your stay with friends and relatives.
  • Documentation of the Canadian family member’s or host’s income.

Remember that it is not a complete list and that various nations may demand additional evidence. 

5. Attach Your Proofs of Returning on Visa Expiration

Get Canada job consultancy in Dubai to become eligible to utilize your skills in one of the best economies of the world. And for this reason, you must persuade the visa officials that you will return to your country when your visa is up for renewal. You may do this in a variety of ways, including:

Employment verification
  • A letter of contract that defines you as an employee specifies when you are scheduled back to work and outlines your job at the organization must be provided
  • Title documents or lease agreements must be provided if you already own assets in your native country.

You’ll need proof of your duties if you have links to relatives back home or others you must look after, such as the elderly or youngsters.

6. Identification Proofs

Your Canada immigration application requires that you provide copies of your identification and civil status papers. Birth, marriage, and divorce certificates are all included in this category.

National Identification or household registers may be requested in specific instances.

You will need to contact the nearest visa department in your home country to get additional information.

7. Criminal Free Record

Your criminal record proving that you are not a risk to Canadian society must be shown before you can apply for a work permit in Canada. You can accomplish it by securing a police clearance in your country.

You may be asked for police clearances from countries where you’ve resided for more than six months in certain situations.

8. Medical Fitness Documents

Getting a Canada work permit is challenging if you are not in good health. You have to submit a medical assessment and the findings with your application to demonstrate this.

A medical check usually is not required when staying for even less than 6 months unless you expect to work closely with other people.

However, your regular doctor will not be able to do the checkup. A Panel Physician is the only option.

The IRCC website has a list of Panel Members for each nation.

9. Educational Certificates 

Furthermore, attaching the educational certificates with the application form, including proof of your degree, diploma, or other certificates, is essential. In addition, you can also submit your result sheets or detailed transcripts with the application form for detailed education history. 

10. Provide Your Job Offer Letter

One of the requirements to be eligible for a work visa is that you must have an actual employment offer.

  • It includes documentation that you satisfy all applicable legal requirements. 
  • An LMIA must also be submitted with your application for an LMIA work visa.

11. Prove Prior Work Experience

To get a Canadian work permit, a person must submit past work experience details with the application forms. And you can prove your work experience with various work documents such as pay slips from the relevant work company or bank details. 

Moreover, you can also attach the reference letter of your company which includes the duration details and job description with the duties as well. Sometimes, you also have to provide the address and contact number of your previous employer’s company. 


In the field of immigration counseling, OCS is a market leader. If you’re applying for a Canadian visa for the first time, you may rely on the best immigration consultants in Dubai experience and expertise. To name a few, we provide:

  • Your visa applicants’ scores will be evaluated based on their performance on standardized examinations
  • Use the Visa Application Points Calculator to determine whether you are eligible to work in Canada
  • Help in finding a job in Canada using a job search service
  • Fill out the visa application with complete advice and instruction
  • Immigration to Canada from Dubai may be complicated, therefore we provide free advice from our team of immigration professional
  • Our immigration consultants provide free webinars on topics such as working in Canada and immigration, all to make it easier for you to reach your professional objectives.
  • OCS provides step-by-step instructions for finding job opportunities in Canada.
  • Assistance with the acquisition of necessary supporting evidence
  • Preparation for a Visa Interview, if necessary.
  • Consulate updates and follow-ups

Contact the OCS representative to discover more about your employment prospects in Canada.



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